Chapter 193 - Chapter 193: Why Is Xu Yanxi Here?

Chapter 193: Why Is Xu Yanxi Here?

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“So, Yanxi, I am… married now. In the future, you’ll find your happiness,” Xiao Yichen said as he gazed at Xu Yanxi. He sincerely wished her well.

“No, no, 1 can’t believe it.” Xu Yanxi suddenly stood up and vigorously shook her head. Her entire body was trembling.

“Yanxi,” Xiao Yichen called out as gently as possible, hoping to calm her.

“Who is Lin Wan?” When Xu Yanxi asked, a person immediately came to her mind. She continued, “Is it that woman from the night before last? The woman who claimed I was Sister Ruiling?”

Xiao Yichen nodded. “Yes, she’s… my wife.”

“Wife?” Xu Yanxi repeated and then let out a helpless laugh. “Hehe, Chen, other than me, no one else has the right to be your wife.”

After Xu Yanxi finished speaking, she glared at Xiao Yichen for a moment, picked up her bag, and turned to leave.

“Yanxi…” Xiao Yichen called out from behind, but Xu Yanxi had no intention of stopping.

Once Xu Yanxi had left, Xiao Yichen also got up and departed.

Although he wasn’t entirely certain, he had a feeling that after revealing the truth to Yanxi, she wouldn’t cling to him.

Xiao Yichen drove back home. On the way, he received a call from his father.

“Yichen, if you have some free time, return home now. 1 want to discuss a few European projects with you.” Xiao Shengdong’s voice came from the other end of the line.

While he may not be involved in the day-to-day operations of the Eastern Empire, he still paid attention to some of the company’s projects. He would communicate directly with his son when he had thoughts about them.

Upon hearing his father’s request, Xiao Yichen pondered momentarily and agreed, saying, “Alright, I’ll head back now.”

Before leaving, he told Lin Wan to have lunch at home in the morning. After discussing work matters with his father, he planned to return home to be with her.

After ending the call, Xiao Yichen made a U-turn at the next intersection and headed toward the Xiao residence.

Meanwhile, Xu Yanxi was speeding toward the Blue Bay villa.

Lin Wan? Yichen’s wife? Is she truly deserving of him?

Her hunch was correct. She must be at the Blue Bay villa right now. Xu Yanxi wanted to see what kind of allure Lin Wan had used to captivate Yichen and lead him to marry her.

Back at the Blue Bay villa, having had lunch, Lin Wan sat on the sofa, watching a variety show. Auntie Li left the villa upon finishing her kitchen duties.

Lin Wan then dozed off on the couch.

Lin Wan only stirred from her slumber when she heard a knock at the door.

As she rubbed her eyes, Lin Wan slipped on her slippers and went to open the door.

As she swung the door open and caught sight of the person standing before her, Lin Wan’s grogginess swiftly faded. She recognized the person.

“You…” Lin Wan was taken aback. Why is Xu Yanxi here?

Upon seeing Lin Wan, the anger in Xu Yanxi’s twisted expression surged once more. Without a word, she reached out and slapped Lin Wan.

Lin Wan, unprepared for the assault, received a hard slap from Xu Yanxi. She stumbled a few steps back to regain her balance.

A fiery pain throbbed on her cheek. Lin Wan’s mind cleared instantly as she gazed at Xu Yanxi’s face, her thoughts in disarray..