Chapter 89 - Chapter 89: The Siblings Reunited

Chapter 89: The Siblings Reunited

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After a month at Ice City First High School, Wen Huai had already become a well-known figure throughout the school. Wherever he went, he would attract the attention of many. This time, being with Wen Xin made him even more eye-catching.

When she passed by the experimental class, Geng Jiao, who was standing by the door, saw them. Her eyes widened. She never expected Wen Xin to actually come to school! She hid at the top of the stairs and watched them.

Wen Xin lazily leaned on the staircase railing, a faint smile at the corners of her eyes. She appeared casual and carefree. “What’s this? My little genius from home is coming to school too? Weren’t you going to the lab with Uncle Ma?”

“I need a legitimate opportunity to enter university. What about you? Why are you coming to school now? Uncle Ma Wenyuan wanted you to go to the lab, but you didn’t!”

Wen Huai looked at Wen Xin, his inner excitement a bit difficult to contain.

However, he made a great effort to control his emotions so that Wen Xin wouldn’t sense them.

“It’s good. Tan Xingyue said we should do things according to our age. It’s great that you’re coming to school!”

With that, Wen Xin stood straight, stepped forward, lightly patted Wen Huai’s shoulder, and smiled. The little boy had grown taller and was already a big boy.

Wen Xin looked at Wen Huai with a pleased smile, opened her arms, and hugged him.

“Little genius, I neglected you before, and in the future, I might not be able to take care of you too much. But I’ll still try my best to look out for you!”

Wen Xin’s hug caused Wen Huai’s eyes to turn red. He hugged Wen Xin tightly with both arms.

He had never blamed Wen Xin. He knew that she had lived a tougher life than him over the years.

But when he heard Wen Xin’s words, Wen Huai found it challenging to control his emotions. He bit his lower lip stubbornly to prevent the tears from falling.

He had lost his parents at a young age, and his only family wasn’t by his side either. He had felt helpless and lost, and his personality had become somewhat introverted. When Wen Xin found out, she took Wen Huai to the ancient town of Gu Fang.

Later, many unidentified people arrived, and Wen Xin, fearing that his identity would be discovered, had no choice but to send him away.

Wen Xin gently patted Wen Huai’s back and soothingly comforted him in a rare soft tone. “Alright, now that Xingyue has recovered, we can all live a normal life. From now on, your sister will take care of you more!”

Wen Xin had never been afraid of her family being her weakness because she knew she had grown strong enough to protect them.

From her hidden position, Geng Jiao saw them hugging each other. The corners of her mouth curled up into a triumphant smile. Wen Xin was really bold. She had just arrived at No.1 Middle School and had already done this. She must use this opportunity to chase Wen Xin out.

Geng Jiao took out her phone and took many photos before leaving quickly.

The bell rang. Wen Xin patted Wen Huai and the two walked to the classroom.

Back in class, everyone noticed that Wen Huai’s eyes were red and his long and thick eyelashes were wet. He looked like he had just cried.

Wen Xin returned to her seat. After enduring silence during the entire class,

Zhao Yuyao couldn’t hold back any longer. He leaned on his desk and whispered, “Little Miss, did you make Wen Huai cry? We haven’t seen each other for two years, and you still haven’t controlled your temper? Although he touched you, he’s still the darling of Ice City First High School, scoring perfect grades in all subjects, did you know? Do you understand what it means to score perfectly in all subjects? If you injure him, I won’t be able to protect you!”

As Zhao Yuyao spoke and sighed simultaneously, Wen Xin, in a rare good mood, couldn’t be bothered to argue with him. She just looked at him with a look as if she were looking at a foo!.