Chapter 88 - Chapter 88: All Acquaintance

Chapter 88: All Acquaintance

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After both of them finished introducing themselves, the classroom remained very quiet. Yang Jingting was a little surprised. He did not expect Wen Xin to have such a big impact on them.

“F * ck, isn’t this too beautiful? Those legs. .Ah…” The boy with the watermelon head leaned on the table and sighed weakly.

However, before he could finish his sentence, he was lifted off his seat and fell heavily to the ground.

Yang Jingting knew that Wen Huai had a bad temper but, other than fighting with Zhao Yuyao, he had never fought with his other classmates. He did not know why he did it this time.

Wen Xin stood in front of the lectern and leaned lazily against Tan Xingyue’s wheelchair. The corners of her lips curled into a faint smile, and a hint of gentleness appeared in her cold eyes. She had not expected this brat to attend this school.

“What’s the matter with you two? How come you can’t control your inner restlessness as new students? Quickly check if there are any injuries and see if you need to go to the infirmary?”

Yang Jingting walked to the boy with the watermelon head and pulled him up. After checking that he was fine, he let the boy return to his seat.

“Student Tan, you can sit next to Gu Yifei. Student Wen, can you take a look at the seat in the last row?”

Following Yang Jingting’s guidance, Wen Xin saw another familiar face. The faintly smiling expression on her face turned slightly serious, and her whole demeanor changed.

Wen Xin did not expect to see two familiar faces as soon as she arrived. Class 20 was full of crouching tigers and hidden dragons. It was lively!


Wen Xin then pushed Tan Xingyue to an empty seat while she carried her books and backpack to Zhao Yuyao’s side.

Wen Huai, who was sitting in the front, looked a little unnatural. His body was obviously stiff.

Zhao Yuyao also froze. He would never forget how he was beaten by Wen Xin till he was hospitalized and had to stay there for more than a month. Why was this little devil here?

After Wen Xin took her seat, Yang Jingting began the class. However, the students of Class 20 couldn’t concentrate on the lesson. They were still in a state of shock from their first glance at Wen Xin.

After class, Wen Xin had an extra school uniform jacket draped over her shoulders. She looked up at the boy standing by her desk, but before she could say anything, he grabbed her wrist, pulled her up from her seat, and dragged her out.

“F * ck, Brother Huai is wild! That girl’s aura was so strong, yet Brother Huai dared to grab her? It’s truly amazing!”

Wen Huai’s actions elicited a chorus of surprised exclamations from the boys, and it made some of the girls in the class envious.

During this past month, Wen Huai had never spoken to girls, and even when girls approached him, he never gave them a second glance. But now, he had taken the initiative to hold someone’s hand and lead them away!

“D * mn, I was just wondering why Brother Huai suddenly attacked me. It turns out that I offended Brother Huai’s goddess and made him unhappy!”

The boy with the watermelon hair looked in the direction of Wen Huai’s seat, but he kept feeling that something was wrong. Wen Huai’s personality was so cold. Why would he do such an impulsive thing?

“Brother Yao, do you feel that something is wrong? Brother Huai is not one to do such an impulsive thing!” The boy with the watermelon hair elbowed Zhao Yuyao.

At this moment, Zhao Yuyao’s thoughts were not focused on the current situation. He still couldn’t understand why Wen Xin had suddenly started attending school!

Wen Huai led Wen Xin to the top floor of the school. Everyone who saw this couldn’t help but whisper and gossip..