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Since the summoning only lasted for three minutes, Victor King had to speed up. His gaze fell on the depths of the cave. “Go.”

As soon as he finished speaking, the black fog began to move. The monsters in the depths of the cave grew more freely, which also meant that they were more powerful and were all above level 15.

The black fog spread silently and covered them all in an instant!

He did not even hear a wail. Those monsters had already dissipated into the air, not even leaving behind bone fragments.

Victor King’s pupils constricted. He finally realized how terrifying the black fog was. He could not help but swallow his saliva. He could see that the creature in the black fog did not move. Just the black fog was already so powerful. If it attacked directly, what would happen?

The cave was dark to begin with. At this moment, creatures that were even more powerful than them descended on this land. It was as if an abyss was devouring everything. It was silent.

[Your summoned creature has killed a Wailing Monster. Due to the huge difference in level between the summoned creature and the monster in the Secret Realm, the experience gained is only 10 percent of the usual amount.]

[Your summoned creature has killed a Wailing Monster. Due to the huge difference in level between the summoned creature and the monster in the Secret Realm, the experience gained is only 10 percent of the usual amount.]

The sudden notification from the system stunned Victor King.

He only enjoyed 10 percent of the experience points! He did not even have half of it! Was he wasting his energy?

Victor King was a little speechless. He thought he would hear the notification sound of leveling up, but who would have thought that it would only be so little?

“How much difference is there?”

Victor King could not help but sigh. It seemed that he had thought too simply.

However, it did make sense. Otherwise, if there were no restrictions on summoning powerful creatures, all the Secret Realms on the continent would be easily crushed, right? What was the point of that?

Victor King was no longer depressed after he understood the reason behind this.

Having 10 percent experience was better than nothing.

Wherever the black fog passed, everything was drowned in silence. It was as if nothing could stop them. Before the monsters realized what had happened, they had already welcomed death.

It was like a walking monster killing machine, and it was the kind with a huge range of damage. Victor King had a feeling that he was lucky to be the person who summoned it. Otherwise, with the black fog’s disrespectful behaviour, he would probably be devoured too.

Two minutes later.

In just a minute, all the monsters were cleared. The speed was too fast. With the black fog in front of him, Victor King was almost unstoppable.

At the same time, the anger of the Boss in the lower right corner reached its peak.

A sharp howl came from the deepest part of the cave, and his eardrums were in intense pain.

[You have been attacked by the Lord of the Howling Caves’s sound wave.]

Victor King saw that he had a buff that caused him to lose HP continuously.

This was the troublesome part of the Howling Caves Boss. Anyone who was attacked by its sound waves would continuously lose HP.

Moreover, this buff could be stacked, and the speed of the HP loss would become more and more intense. Even the Warrior with the thickest HP would not be able to withstand it. The speed of consuming potions could not keep up with the HP loss.

A huge cold wind blew from the depths of the cave, slashing his face like a knife. It was as if there was a huge creature flapping its wings.

“Looking at the commotion, the Boss monster shouldn’t be small.”

Victor King saw a pair of dark beast eyes. Its sharp fangs gleamed coldly in the darkness. Its fur was like the sharpest barbs, and it was covered in a layer of armor.

It was a large bat, and its size was beyond common sense. This was the Lord of the Howling Caves.

The beast’s eyes were filled with anger, as if it wanted to tear this audacious human into pieces.

In its fury, it did not realize that the silent black fog had already invaded every corner of the cave, almost fusing with the walls.

Victor King checked the information of the Lord of the Howling Caves. As expected of the final Boss, its attributes were quite good.

However, it was unlucky to have met a true monster like Victor King.

The giant bat’s wings had yet to fully extend. Its intelligence was higher than those of the small monsters. It had just poked its head out of the deepest cave when it felt a powerful and terrifying aura in the air.

The pressure and intimidation that came from its bloodline caused a human-like fear to flash in its beast eyes. It immediately shrank back.

Victor King was dumbfounded. “No way. It didn’t even fight, and it just ran away.”

He had never heard of a Secret Realm Boss running away from a battle, despite all the aggro being on him at the moment. Logically speaking, the Lord of the Howling Caves should have attacked him without hesitation.

However, it ran away right in front of him.

Victor King was getting more and more curious about the creature he had summoned. What kind of existence could make a Boss of a Secret Realm so afraid?

However, no matter how fast this big bat was, it could not be faster than the black fog. Its panicked back was no longer as majestic as before. In the blink of an eye, it was swallowed by the black fog.


A mournful howl echoed above the cave.

Even the final outcome of the Boss of the Secret Realm was similar to those of the small monsters.

At the same time, Victor King’s summoning time had reached zero.

The magic array pattern appeared once again, and the black fog and the mysterious creature inside disappeared, leaving only endless fantasies.

[Your summoned creature has killed the Lord of the Howling Caves. Due to the huge difference in level between the creature and the monster in the secret realm, the experience gained is only 10 percent of the usual amount.]

In the end, it was the system prompt that pulled Victor King back.

He noticed that the Divine Summoning Spell had already turned gray, indicating that it could not be used. It would probably take some time to cool down.

“What kind of creature is it? It’s actually so powerful.”

Victor King was deep in thought. He hoped that the next time they met, he would be able to figure it out.

Although he only enjoyed 10 percent of the EXP, he had killed so many small monsters before, plus the monsters and Boss that died at the hands of the black fog.

All the experience accumulated was still very objective. He actually rose to level 15!

If it was not for the 10 percent limit, Victor King estimated that he might have been able to go even higher.

“Forget it. My leveling speed is terrifying anyway. I don’t have to care about those details. After all, it won’t change anything.”

Victor King was in a good mood, and his gaze was quickly attracted by the light not far away.

The Lord of the Howling Caves was completely devoured by the black fog, and not even a bone fragment was left behind. However, it dropped quite a number of good items.

“I wonder if there will be any good equipment this time. It would be best if there are a few more Skill Books.”

With the divine ring, Victor King could disguise himself as any Class, so he could use any Class skill. Of course, the more Skill Books, the better.