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A large group of bats flew out from the darkness. Each of them was the size of an adult male’s fist. When they fully extended their wings, they were as long as their forearms. They looked a little scary.

Their beast eyes stared at Victor King, revealing sharp teeth and biting down hard. Victor King let them bite him.

The bats landed on Victor King’s body and surrounded him. From afar, they looked like a black cocoon, which was disgusting and scary.

The red light burst out and shook the bats away. Many of them fell to the ground, and even a few of their teeth were broken. As for the rest, Victor King cut them up as easily as cutting melons and vegetables.

Even with the most ordinary weapon, Victor King could easily mow through the bats.

Soon, the corpses of the bats on the ground piled up into a small hill.

Just as Victor King was in the midst of killing the bats, a system notification rang in his ears.

[The monster sleeping in the depths of the Howling Caves has been awakened by you. It has been contaminated by demonic energy and has powerful strength. At this moment, you have been targeted. The footsteps of the God of Death are approaching you.]

Victor King could feel an extremely cold and malicious gaze.

At the same time, deep in the cave, a pair of green eyes suddenly opened. With an extremely powerful pressure, they looked at Victor King.

Although he had not seen the monster yet, Victor King’s initial prediction was that this aura was definitely not something he could deal with at his current level.

“Looks like I can have no choice but to find help.”

The ring was a divine equipment. Although its functions were indeed heaven-defying, it was not really omnipotent. For example, he was less than level 20 now. He could fight monsters that were higher than his level, but he could not be too ridiculous.

For example, how could a level 1 go to fight a level 100 monster? It was not a real loophole in the game.

Although Victor King was confident, he was not blindly impulsive. He would not really think that he was the best in the world and run to the Boss to challenge him.

“I wonder what the Divine Summoning Spell will summon.”

Victor King thought of the summoning spell he had obtained last time.

Before the Boss appeared, he could use the summoning spell. If the summoned creature did not work, he planned to leave the Secret Realm.

Although the experience points would be reduced by half if he quit halfway, it was not a big deal compared to his life. At most, he could just come back with his sisters next time.

A huge magic array appeared under Victor King’s feet, and he was surrounded by light beams. He could vaguely hear someone calling his name.

It was an ancient raving language. Because it had been lost for a long time, no one could understand it. It probably dated back to ancient times.

“What language is this? It’s so strange. It doesn’t belong to any of the common languages of the continent.”

Victor King thought of himself as an encyclopedia, but he had never heard of it before. However, he was sure that this language had not been circulated on the continent for a long time.

The magic array turned from transparent to red, and an ancient and powerful pressure enveloped the secret realm. It was as if an indescribable existence in the void had been awakened.

The color continued to darken, and at the same time, the pressure in the air was increasing. Victor King could even feel the ground trembling. It was as if the space could not withstand the creatures summoned through the magic array.

The array had already turned scarlet, filled with ominous and strange feelings.

Victor King was dumbfounded. What kind of creature did he summon?

Black fog emerged from the magic array, and the surrounding environment became even darker. A cold and evil aura surrounded the surroundings.

He could vaguely see a pair of cold eyes, as if an abyss had descended, making him shudder. When he wanted to see it clearly again, the creature had already completely hidden itself and could not be seen clearly at all.

The black fog wrapped around the unknown creature and almost occupied the entire Secret Realm. Victor King had a feeling that this was not its true body. The Howling Caves was quite big, but it was still a little small for it.

He could not see what the creature looked like at all. He couldn’t help but mutter to himself, “What exactly is this…”

There was no record of this creature in his mind. The black fog shrouded everything.

Since Victor King was the one who summoned it, he could also see the information of the summoned creature. The first thing he did was to check the summoning panel, but he couldn’t help but widen his eyes.

[Name: unknown]

[Race: unknown]

[Level: unknown]

[Constitution: unknown]

[Strength: unknown]

[Spirit: unknown]

[Agility: unknown]

[Skill: unknown]

Damn it, after reading a long list of information, the result was all unknown. It was as if he had not read it.

Victor King was dumbfounded. For the first time, he felt a little pressured.

Everything was unknown? What kind of creature was this?

There was no way there would be a bug on the interface, unless the creature was too powerful, so even if Victor King was the summoner, he was not qualified to check it.

What kind of creature could have such powerful abilities?

From the corner of his eye, Victor King saw the monsters in the Howling Caves hiding in a corner, not daring to show their heads under the pressure.

Divine Summoning Spell…

Victor King thought of the name of the skill. Could it be that the creature he summoned was a type of divine-tier creature? Of course, this was just a guess.

However, judging from the pressure coming from its body, even if it was not a divine-tier creature, it was probably still extremely strong.

It was completely different from the pressure he felt from the Boss of the Howling Caves. It was like heaven and earth.

There was also a countdown below the summoning bar, showing three minutes.

“Three minutes?” He could not help but complain. “Isn’t that too little?”

He was not surprised. If the summoned creature did not have a time limit, with such a powerful existence, he would be able to do whatever he wanted on the entire continent, right?

The real world would not allow such an existence that destroyed the balance. Therefore, all summoned creatures had a time limit, which was determined by the summoner’s level and strength.

If one’s level and strength were very high, and one’s spiritual power was high, then the longer the summoned creature could stay. The opposite was also true.

With Victor King’s current level and strength, three minutes was actually not bad. As long as he continued to increase his level and strength, the time his summoned creatures could stay for would become longer.

“I hope I can clear the Howling Caves in three minutes.”