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The dragon race was one of the most powerful races after the game had arrived. It could be said that they were an existence that could do whatever they wanted on the entire continent. Fortunately, they did not kill.

As a neutral race, other than the Evil Black Dragons, they usually lived on Dragon Island and rarely appeared, so few people had seen a real dragon.

This giant dragon was only a phantom, but it already gave off a huge pressure. One could imagine how terrifying it would be if it was facing its true form.

“It’s been so many years since I’ve seen the Dragon God Knight. I didn’t expect to see one again today.”

An old man had unknowingly appeared beside Dean Blake.

He looked like an old man without any cultivation, just like an ordinary citizen of the continent. The strange thing was that even when he stood there, he did not attract anyone’s attention. It was as if a pair of invisible hands had erased his existence.

The only thing that stood out about him was his eyes, which had been washed by history and shone with wisdom.

Blake was very surprised to see him. He said respectfully, “Why are you here?”

Blake was the dean of Acacia Academy, and he had the strength of a Grand Magister. His status was high and mighty, and he was respected wherever he went.

For him to show such respect to such an ordinary person, it was obvious that this old man’s identity was not simple.

“You don’t have to be surprised. I just felt the dragon’s breath that I haven’t felt for a long time, so I came to take a look.”

From the old man’s tone, it seemed that he had seen a real dragon before.

The Dragon God Knight was an extremely rare Class. It could be said to be a limited edition even among the Hidden Classes. For the past hundred years, this Class had only been heard of by name. No one had ever seen it before. Some people had even never heard of it.

Now, there was a living Dragon God Knight standing in front of everyone. How could they not be surprised?

In Acacia Academy, no, it could even be said that in the entire Roland Continent, this was a moment that was enough to be recorded in the history of Class Awakenings.

A transparent panel appeared in the air, and a few lines of golden words slowly appeared.

[Acacia Academy, Abigail, Awakened Combat Class: Dragon God Knight]

“The name Dragon God Knight sounds so cool. I’ve never heard of it before.”

“Oh my god, the Goddess is too powerful. Will she be able to ride a dragon and fly in the future? Wouldn’t that be even more eye-catching?”

“Just imagining that scene makes me a little excited.”

No matter how much the people below praised her, Abigail remained calm and unmoved. She was indeed the eldest daughter of the Victor family. She was born to stand at the peak and be admired by everyone.

The other members of the Victor family were not as calm as Abigail. They were so happy that they could not say anything. Abigail’s Hidden Class made them proud.

The old man seemed to have fallen into some kind of memory, and his face revealed a sigh.

“I remember that it was under the leadership of the Dragon God Knight that we were able to fight for a chance to breathe.”

In some historical records, when the game had just arrived, not all humans could awaken their Classes. Because they were not prepared, the humans suffered heavy losses.

Their homes had been invaded and they had lost their homes. The land had become a paradise for wild monsters, and countless humans had been lost to the hands of various monsters.

At that time, a powerful Dragon God Knight appeared. Under his leadership, the humans counterattacked and recovered their lost territory. This Knight’s contribution was indispensable.

One day, he suddenly disappeared without a trace, as if he had evaporated from the face of the earth. There was no trace of his existence, and he was gradually forgotten in the long river of history. Now, only a few people knew about it.

The old man was one of them.

“Perhaps this little girl can continue the glory of that Lord, but she still has a long way to go.”

This could be said to be an extremely high evaluation.

“Those students have no idea how powerful a mature Dragon God Knight is. In their eyes, they only think that it’s cool to be able to ride a dragon.”

What the old man did not know was that Victor King was explaining to his sisters.

After all, Victor King knew nothing about this world after his rebirth. Therefore, he read many books and accidentally became a walking encyclopedia.

There were no more than three types of Class in all continents, namely Combat, Support, and Life. Even the weakest Life-type could play a vital role.

There were all kinds of Classes, and someone had counted them up to thousands. These were all relatively common and were recorded in the Class system.

It did not mean that all the Classes had been included. In fact, there were many Hidden Classes waiting to be discovered. Just like how a game was constantly updated, new Classes would appear.

The Dragon God Knight was like something that had been deleted because it was too heaven-defying and then came back online.


The dragon let out a low groan, and the originally noisy square instantly became quiet, not even daring to breathe loudly.

The dragon’s roar sounded like human language.

This time, not only Blake, but even the old man was shocked. “This is a real dragon projection!”

Abigail did not understand the dragon language, but at that moment, she understood the dragon language. It was probably because of her Class.

Everyone below the stage could not believe it, and their gazes were somewhat dull.

“Am I seeing things? This dragon seems to be talking?”

“It’s actually not an illusion!”

Everyone thought that it was just a phantom of a dragon. Moreover, Dragon Island was 108,000 miles away from the Roland Continent. It was impossible for the dragon’s true body to really descend.

However, the fact that it could make an illusory figure appear on the distant Roland Continent was enough to prove that this dragon’s strength was extraordinary. This was the first time such a situation had occurred.

The dragon race was publicly acknowledged as one of the strongest races, but there were also differences in strength and size among them. It was just that outsiders did not know about them. After all, they were too mysterious.

“The Class Awakening is successful and some of the Class items can be turned into physical objects. This time, it’s a dragon!”

Due to everyone’s unique characteristics and their different Classes, countless different scenes can also appear.

No one knew what the Dragon God Knight Class Awakening was like. It was too rare, and there were no books left for reference.

“Did Abigail really summon a dragon?”

The crowd discussed animatedly.

The dragon turned into a faint golden light and fused with Abigail’s body along with the giant sword, leaving everyone with endless fantasies.

Even though the giant dragon had already dissipated, the remaining might was still there.

When she walked off the stage, Victor King could not help but ask, “Big Sister, what did the dragon say just now?”

The surrounding people pricked up their ears.

It was not a secret, so Abigail did not hide it.

“It asked me to go to the Dragon Island to meet it.”