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Roland Continent, Acacia Academy

The Academy’s square was already filled with students. People were all huddling together, and everyone’s faces were filled with excitement.

For the students of Acacia, today was destined to be a special day.

A hundred years ago, the game merged with the real world. Since then, everyone’s lives had undergone earth-shaking changes.

When humans turned 18, they could use the Class Change Crystal to stimulate their Class Talent and successfully change their profession. Countless Catacombs Secret Realms appeared in the wild, and they could level up by killing monsters.

It was like killing monsters and clearing dungeons in a video game, arousing everyone’s adventurous heart. Of course, the prerequisite was that you had the ability to do so.

Otherwise, if someone really died, it would not be like a video game, where players would respawn. There was no second chance.

A huge crystal stone stood in the center, emitting a dazzling glow under the reflection of the sun.

“Oh, I’ll definitely be able to become a full-time Berserker like Chancellor Wilson this time.”

The man who said this revealed his bulging muscles, like a lion running in the forest. He indeed had the potential to become a Berserker.

“What’s so good about Berserkers? Elementalists are the most powerful, like Master Rhode.”

When the man heard this, he revealed a disdainful smile. “Elementalists are cowards. They only know how to hide at the back and secretly cast their skills. If someone gets close to them, they’ll be finished!”

“You Berserkers are the simple-minded ones. All you have are strong limbs.”

Seeing that the two of them were about to quarrel, a commotion broke out in the crowd.

“Oh! Guys, look!”

Five women and one man walked towards them.

The girl in the lead had brilliant blonde hair, as if the sunlight from the Fossilia Forest shone down on her, but her light blue pupils were like the lake water of Gurten Island, rippling slightly. Looking at her, people could not help but feel intoxicated.

The few women behind her also had their own unique features. They were sweet, cute, and mature. One could not take their eyes off them. One had to admit that God was sometimes biased.

For a moment, all the students’ attention was attracted.

“Oh my god, Miss Abigail is still as beautiful as ever. This appearance is simply the most meticulous masterpiece of the Creator.”

” I really want to kiss Miss Catherine’s hair and become her exclusive knight.”

“Dream on! If you want to become Miss Catherine’s knight, you have to ask for my permission first.”

These girls were the most influential figures in the Academy, and they were the Goddesses in everyone’s hearts. Therefore, the only man walking behind them was an eyesore.

Many people revealed envious gazes, wishing they could challenge him right now.

“Who is that man? How can he be qualified to walk behind Miss Emma?”

“You don’t even know him? That’s Victor King, the Goddess’s younger brother.”

“From now on, I announce that Victor King is my brother. The light of my Holy Sword will shine on him.”

“With your ability, I’m afraid you won’t even be able to pull out the Holy Sword. Don’t use counterfeit goods to make up the numbers.”

It turned out that these people were from the Victor family. They had five daughters: The eldest sister Abigail, the second sister Bella, the third sister Catherine, the fourth sister Doris, and the fifth sister Emma.

The youngest was Victor King, and he was also the youngest son in the family.

“Everyone, quiet down.”

As Dean Blake stepped onto the stage, the crowd gradually quieted down.

He looked kind and benevolent, and his eyes were filled with wisdom.

“My good children, congratulations on finally turning 18 and welcoming the most special day of your life. Here, I wish you all the best in obtaining the Class you want.”

“Go forth, aspiring youths. A new adventure awaits you!”

Blake’s words made everyone’s blood boil. It was as if the door to a new world had been opened.

Abigail was the first to walk up to the professional crystal.

“Big Sister, don’t be nervous. No matter what your Class is, I believe that with your ability, you will be able to achieve great things.”

“Yes, Big Sister. You will always be our pride.”

The others cheered for Abigail.

Although that was the case, everyone wanted to get a Hidden Class. The rarer the Class, the more powerful it represented.

Abigail nodded. Her expression was calm and composed, without any signs of panic. As the eldest daughter of the family, no matter where she went, she paid great attention to her appearance.

She walked in front of the crystal and slowly placed her hand on it. Her every move was filled with the bearing and elegance of a noble.

In an instant, the golden light shot into the sky, illuminating most of the sky. It was so piercingly bright that everyone could hardly open their eyes, so much so that everyone raised their hands to block it.

Blake muttered to himself, “Such powerful energy. I haven’t seen it for many years.”

“This light is so bright. What Class is it?”

A huge silhouette of a sword appeared behind Abigail and gradually materialized in the air. Even the complicated patterns on it could be seen clearly.

Such a symbol meant that Abigail’s Class was related to Knights.

“I-it’s a Paladin.”

Although the Paladin Class was not bad, it was not a Hidden Class. The members of the Victor family could not help but feel disappointed.

Bella comforted her. “It’s okay. Even if it’s a Paladin, Big Sister is still the best.”

However, the golden light was still soaring. It was as if a radiant sun was rising slowly, and the wonder of two suns actually formed in the sky.

Blake, who was knowledgeable, soon discovered that something was wrong.

“No! This is not a Paladin.”

He was too excited, and his voice changed slightly.


A deafening dragon’s roar shook everyone’s hearts.

The pressure pervaded the entire square, as if it was an insurmountable chasm. Everyone’s eyes widened. It was really too powerful!

A huge shadow covered everyone’s heads.

Behind the sword shadow, a giant golden dragon appeared. The sword and the dragon were clearly contradictory, but they strangely fused together.

The dragon was just like the real thing. The scales on its body were shining with golden light, similar to Abigail’s hair. The pressure in its eyes made people dare not look at it directly, as if it was blasphemy to look at it too much.

“Th-this is a Dragon God Knight–”

The voice of the person who said this was trembling.

A Dragon God Knight was a rare sight to see, even in a hundred years. It had been a long time since a Dragon God Knight had appeared on this continent. Therefore, no one noticed it at first and thought that it was just a Paladin.

At this moment, Abigail was basking in the sunlight. Although it was just an ordinary square, she had the aura worthy of a red carpet. She looked like a queen, looking down on everyone.

The giant dragon submitted to her, and wherever the sword pointed, the dragon’s breath would reach.

This was the power of a Dragon God Knight!

At this moment, everyone held their breaths, as if they had seen the birth of a peerless expert.