Chapter 44

Name:Virtual Alpha and I Author:コオリ
Extra Chapter – Condom recommendation (1)

“Hey, Sou. Do you have any condom recommendations?”


I froze for a good five seconds at the sudden question from Narumi.

Just in case, I tried to ask back, but my head was still not working yet.

“Ahaha. Your reaction is just like what I expected.”

“…Narumi, please don’t tease me.”

“I’m not teasing you. I’m really looking for a good condom.”

—Still, I think it’s definitely wrong to ask that question to me.

Even though he knew that I don’t really like to talk about that kind of thing, why would he go out of his way to ask that question to me, I wonder.

—I mean, it’s not the kind of topic to talk about in this place.

Narumi and I were at a fast food restaurant in front of the train station.

I followed him because he offered to treat me to a hamburger on the way home from futsal.

—I didn’t think it would be because he wanted to talk about this thing.

Maybe I shouldn’t have come here with him.

When I sighed without hiding my fed-up expression, Narumi casually said “sorry” and apologized to me.

He was definitely not taking this seriously.

“Just for reference… Can I ask what kind you usually use?”


“Ugh… So it’s a no.”

It looked like Narumi immediately gave up after I glared at him silently.

He dropped his eyebrows dejectedly, took the straw to his mouth, and sipped his cola noisily.

“…Why did you suddenly bring up this talk?”

“You want to know why?!”

“I’ll pass, after all.”


I knew it, I really shouldn’t have asked him about it.

I avoided his arms that were outstretched as if to cling to me, and I took a bite of my half-eaten hamburger.


—Because he asks about something like that, it makes me curious.

That night, I was in Yuugo’s bedroom.

Yuugo was inside the bathroom now. He had just gone inside, so he wouldn’t come out for a while.

“Where does he keep them, I wonder…”

I didn’t even know about that.

When we were doing it, I didn’t have the leisure to look at my surroundings. I thought I would get used to it as time passed, but there was still no sign of me getting used to it.

For starters, I tried searching the sideboard next to the bed.

I pulled out the uppermost small drawer, the one with the largest probability I could find it, but I found nothing that looked like it.

I also searched the second and third drawers below it, but I couldn’t find anything.

“…Where else would he keep it?”

In the first place, there weren’t many things placed around the bed.

There was the headboard, but it was just to put things on top, so there was no place to stash things inside.

“The only place left is under the bed, I guess…?”

It seemed very unlikely, but I decided to check that place just in case.

I lay face-down on the sheets and peeked under the bed.

“It’s not here…”

“What is?”


The spring of the bed sank with a creaking sound, and at the same time, Yuugo’s voice could be heard from right behind me.

He was in a distance where I could feel his breath on my ear.

To think I didn’t notice until he got this close to me— I must be too absorbed in my search.

“Did you drop something?”

“Ah… no, not really… It’s nothing like that.”

Lying wasn’t something I could do on the spur of the moment.

I should have just nodded to his question, but I ended up saying no.

“Then, are you looking for something?”


I knew he’d ask that question. I think I would do the same if I were him.

Anyway, how long are we going to stay in this position?

I was still lying face-down on the bed just like before, but Yuugo was covering me from above.

He didn’t put his weight on me, so I didn’t feel suffocated. But his body temperature which was higher after he just got out of the shower and his breath that hit the nape of my neck made me couldn’t calm down.

“Can I ask what you were looking for, if that’s okay?”

“Don’t ask about it if you can…”

With this, he could tell that I was looking for something, but it was probably already obvious from the start— I’m hoping that he wouldn’t ask me what I was searching for, at least.

“Is it something you feel guilty of? Or is it something lewd?”

It seemed that Yuugo wouldn’t let it slide, he whispered that to me in a way that tickled my ear.

This felt like he had mostly found out about it. No, maybe he hadn’t found out everything?

I wonder.

“Your ears are turning red, so I guess it’s something lewd?”


It looks like my body was more honest than my mouth.

Yuugo chuckled while lightly biting my ear.

Perhaps he was having fun seeing me reacting by twitching my body, he started to slide his hands over my waist and butt.

“Wait… Yuugo. Stop it.”

“No. I’ll tease you until you tell me.”

“Tease, you say…”

Even though Yuugo’s appearance looked so handsome and gentlemanly, he had this kind of childish side to him.

Yanagi told me before that Yuugo was like this only with me— But this side of him is the default for me, so it was a bit hard to believe.

“…ngh, wait… ahh”

“Your voice when you’re feeling good is so cute. I like you, Sou.”

“Ah… stop it already.”

Yuugo relentlessly attacked my weak spot. Even though I had always told him that the bite mark on the nape of my neck is a no-no.

Even when I frantically shook my head to the side, he still didn’t seem to want to stop.

If anything, this time he started moving his hand on the side of my body to tickle me.

“Eek, ahahahaha, stop it. I can’t stand it!”

“It looks like you’ll surrender faster this way.”

Rather than the nape of my neck, I was weaker being tickled on the side of my stomach.

I couldn’t stand it even for a second.

“I- I give up! I give up, so stop!”

I couldn’t help but shout that out right away.