Chapter 43

Name:Virtual Alpha and I Author:コオリ
Extra Chapter – I want to eat those lips

—I wonder why. Yuugo’s lips are kind of bothering me.

It wasn’t that there was something on his lips or anything like that.

If anything, it was no different than usual, but I found myself following his lips with my eyes today.

There was no mistake, I was definitely the weird one here.

—Could it be… that this is something called the omega’s instinct again?

I had a bad feeling about this, so I quickly typed “omega instinctive behavior lips” into the search bar, and soon found the discussion of other people worrying about the same sensation as me.

When I saw the answer written below it, I couldn’t help but let out “ugh…”

Noticing my voice, Yuugo looked at my face and tilted his head.

“Sou, what’s wrong?”

“Ah… No, it’s nothing.”

While glossing it over, I closed the screen of my phone with a natural motion so as not to look suspicious.

Still, the texts that I had seen wouldn’t leave my mind.

—It was said that it’s an impulse that occurs when an omega desires for alpha’s pheromones… What does that mean?

Is that really what it means, after all?

Even though there was still a while until my heat came, my body desired Yuugo’s pheromones and it made me become like this.

—I mean, what is omega’s instinct anyway? Seriously.

Every impulse that came from my instinct was all embarrassing things.

Moreover, I was always the only one who became weird.

For Yuugo, even when he told me “you’re mine” and pulled me by the arm, or when I pulled him to the bed in my room when he came over— he was always just like usual.

“…Alpha is not fair.”

While blurting that out in a very quiet voice so Yuugo wouldn’t hear it, I sat back down and hugged my knees.


It seemed that the impulses that came from omega’s instinct weren’t something that could be suppressed in any way.

I tried to cover it up when I finally knew the reason for that impulse, but I reached my limit soon enough.

And then, it wouldn’t be long until Yuugo noticed it—

“Sou, if there’s something you want to do, you can just do it.”


Yuugo seemed to notice right away that something was wrong with me. He also knew that the reason for it was because of omega’s instincts.

But even if he said that, it wasn’t easy to just do what my instinct desired.

Because I had learned earlier that this was an urge caused by my desire for alpha’s pheromones, my reasoning stopped me even more than before.

“Won’t it be harder on you if you forcibly suppress it?”

Even if he told me gently like that, I still couldn’t do it.

Yuugo, sitting next to me, put his arms around my shoulders as if to hold me close, and touched me gently. But I still couldn’t raise my face which was buried in my knees.

The twitching in my lips wouldn’t stop, so I rubbed my mouth with my hand and shook my head to the side to cover it up.

“But… it’s embarrassing.”

“You want to do something embarrassing?”

“—gh, like I said! It’s about that kind of thing, so don’t just ask it nonchalantly.”

Yuugo really wouldn’t read the air at all at times like this— Wait, or maybe he did it on purpose?

I turned my face, which I had cast downwards to hide it from Yuugo, a little bit to the side. I sneaked a peek to see what kind of expression he had on his face.

There wasn’t really a teasing look on his face— If anything, he had a look of concern or pity.

“Sou, are you okay?”

“…I’m not okay at all.”

Because I accidentally ended up seeing Yuugo’s lips, my omega’s instinct started to react strongly again.

My breath became ragged on its own.

“If you need to consult with your doctor about it, I can-”

“I don’t need it… Hey, Yuugo. Open your mouth.”


“Yeah. Open wide.”

My rationality had crumbled in an instant.

I raised my body and wrapped my arms behind Yuugo’s neck as if to cling to him. I brought my face closer to his and stuck out my tongue to lick his mouth, which was open and waiting for me.

The mere touch of Yuugo’s saliva on the tip of my tongue made my body tremble in delight. I closed my eyes and savored the taste.

Yuugo’s tongue reached out and touched mine. He followed my tongue playfully and kissed me deeply.

“mn, ah…”

Yuugo’s saliva, which was filled with alpha’s pheromones, tasted delicious as expected.

Before I realized it, I was being held up on top of Yuugo’s lap, and I was tasting his tongue as if I was devouring it.

His tongue was bigger and thicker than mine.

While sucking on that tongue, I slowly opened my eyes. My eyes met with Yuugo’s, which were also looking at me at a close distance.

“Is this what you wanted to do?”

Yuugo asked me gently as he pulled his lips away from mine.

Rather than answering that question, I wanted to taste him more.

I dazedly licked the saliva off the corner of his mouth. Yuugo’s fingertips reached out from the side and touched my lips as if to push me back, so this time I took his fingertips into my mouth.

“Did I taste good?”

“Mm… But, the mouth tastes better after all.”

“Okay. Come here.”

I could feel the pheromones from his skin too, but I wanted to enjoy a thicker taste of Yuugo now.

Once again, I sucked on Yuugo’s lips.

When he stroked the nape of my neck, it felt so good that I couldn’t stand it. I could feel the heat rising in the depths of my body.

Yuugo’s pheromones were getting thicker and thicker. The pheromones I felt from his saliva were also much thicker than before.

Because of that, this time my rationality returned at once.

“…Wait, that’s enough. Yuugo.”

“Hmm, I can’t do that.”

“mn, ah…, I said wait… nngh”

Even though I had just come to my senses, it seemed that Yuugo had no intention of stopping.

Just like that, he pushed me down on the sofa and dropped kisses in various places of my body.

Perhaps because my body was more sensitive than usual after taking in a lot of Yuugo’s pheromones, every time his lips touched me I couldn’t hold back my voice.

“No, stop… gh, ngh”

“I want to feel good with you, Sou. Can I?”

I think it was unfair of him to say it that way.

He buried his face in my neck as if wanting to be spoiled, then I stroked his hair roughly with my hands. So that it sounded reluctant, I replied “just once, okay?” in a small voice.

—Though, I know it definitely won’t be enough doing it just once.

Even if he actually only did it once, it probably wouldn’t be enough for me.

Yuugo looked up at me and kissed me on the lips as if to say he agreed. When I also bit his lips in reply, Yuugo shook his body in delight.