Chapter 105 - The Misunderstanding Was Resolved

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Jiang Mingxu looked at Song Wei and thought for a moment before saying slowly, “I don’t know if you still remember that you went to the Maldives for a vacation once… when you were young.”

“… Ah…” Song Wei searched through her memories carefully before remembering the past. “That was when I was already 10 years old. Grandpa had clinched a big project and gave my dad time off for a vacation. It was rare for him to get to take half a month off for travel…”

Jiang Mingxu continued, “Then, do you still remember saving a little boy when you were surfing?”

“You mean ‘Chocolate Bean’?” Song Wei was guided by Jiang Mingxu in recalling her memories. “I remember him. He wasn’t wearing any protective equipment at that time. He had actually swum back from the vast sea. When he bumped into me, he was already so exhausted that he almost drowned…”

“Chocolate Bean?” Jiang Mingxu’s focus was starting to deviate.

“He was too black from the sun and also very skinny. He should be the child of a local fisherman. I asked him what his name was, but he refused to tell me either.” Speaking up to this point, Song Wei turned around and looked at Jiang Mingxu. “How did you know about him? Were you there, too?”

Jiang Mingxu’s face was a little dark. “I am that ‘Chocolate Bean’ you are talking about.”

“Cough…” Song Wei instantly choked on her own saliva and started coughing. “What did you say?! Aren’t you the heir to the Jiang family? Why would you get that sunburned in a place like the Maldives, and you even looked like you had been abused…?”

Back then, Song Wei saw that this child was too skinny and pitiful. She was sure it was because his parents were impoverished that no one cared about him. Moreover, she even gave him food behind his parents’ backs every day…

That dark and skinny child was actually Jiang Mingxu?!

Jiang Mingxu said calmly, “The children of the Jiang family were all brought up under special training. Grandfather and Father were very strict. I also have an older brother who was much more outstanding than me. Hence, they didn’t allow me to be thin and weak, so they took me to sea for special training. When I met you that time, I had been thrown into the sea directly from the yacht by the military instructor, and he demanded that I swim to the shore by myself.”


“Those instructors hated our family from the bottom of their hearts for ordering people around with money, so they projected the anger they suffered from my father’s generation onto me. They strongly wished that I wouldn’t be able to make it through the training and die there. During that time, I witnessed the most repulsive part of human nature.”


“If you hadn’t saved me, I think that it would have been pretty good for me to die in the sea like that, too. Anyway, I’m not as outstanding as my older brother. To the Jiang family, there’s not much difference whether I’m around or not.”


“You were the one who saved me. You gave me delicious candy and took me to watch the sunrise and sunset. You told me that this world is very beautiful and that I have to eat my fill and live a good life.”

“…” Song Wei was stunned.

She never thought that a child would remember something she had done out of random kindness when she was young for so long.

Furthermore, this child—who had been so dark that she couldn’t make out his appearance at that time—would actually become the director of the Jiang Corporation in the future and even became her husband.

It was simply a fantasy story!

However, this was not fantastical at all for Jiang Mingxu.

“But at that time, you wouldn’t tell me your name or your residence, so after you returned to China, I lost all news about you.”

Song Wei thought about it and coughed awkwardly again. “Because at that time, if Du Xin were to see me playing with a ‘wild child’ like you, she would definitely complain about me to my father. I didn’t want to give her this opportunity. I thought that with our statuses, we wouldn’t be able to meet again in the future, too… so I didn’t tell you…”

“That is why I have been looking for you ever since.” Jiang Mingxu’s expression was calm, but his eyes were shining like lights. He looked at Song Wei as if he was looking at a treasure that he had been searching for all his life. “However, when I ended my training three years later, my older brother passed away due to an accident. I was sent overseas to be groomed once again, so that I could gradually take over the Jiang family business…”

“… So that’s how you knew Fang Can? You thought that Fang Can was me…”

Jiang Mingxu stiffened for a moment before nodding reluctantly.

“Then, why didn’t you tell me earlier…?” Song Wei really felt like crying and laughing at the same time.

In both her previous and current life, she had suspected and misunderstood Jiang Mingxu in all kinds of ways because he wanted to forge a connection through their marriage for no reason.

In the end, the answer was so simple.

However, Jiang Mingxu turned his face away somewhat awkwardly. “I recognized the wrong person. It was embarrassing.”

She saw the blush that appeared on Jiang Mingxu’s face unconsciously… and that expression of embarrassment and anger.

Song Wei thought that he was too cute, so she couldn’t help but pounce on him and pinch his face. “Director Jiang, you’re too cute!”