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Jiang Mingxu grabbed her hand and frowned. “I didn’t say it because I didn’t want to be teased by you like this.”

Song Wei was still kneading and playing with his face, and her smile grew craftier. “How could this be considered teasing? I’m clearly showing you affection.”

“You!” Jiang Mingxu really wanted to bite her!

However, Song Wei smiled especially comfortably. Her eyes were curved into the shape of crescents. “Jiang Mingxu, do you know that you are usually too cool-headed? You’re like a god that no mortal can touch. I’ve always felt that you are so far away from me…”


“However, when I found out that you could make mistakes and that you would feel bashful, too… I felt that you finally gave me a sense of reality. You’re finally someone I can touch…”

Song Wei’s hand was still refusing to give up on touching his cheeks.

Even though their bodies had already intertwined with each other several times before, she had never felt so close to him before.

So close that it made her heart flutter.

She was like a young girl who had just fallen in love and was holding a boy’s hand for the first time.

It was tender, tentative, and wonderful.

Jiang Mingxu’s eyes lit up. He covered Song Wei’s palm with his broad one, tilted his head slightly, and pressed his face completely against her palm. “Won’t you dislike it that I’m not strong enough?”

Ever since he was young, he had been taught that the weak had no right to make decisions and that the weak had no right to love someone.

The marriage alliance with the Song family was something he had put in so much effort—that he didn’t even know how much—to attain behind the scenes.

He loved her, but he didn’t dare to let her know. He was aware that she had someone she loved, and he was aware that he was just a stumbling block in her path to love.

However, he simply refused to give up and wanted to resist his fate once.

He refused to believe it.

In the end, because of his abnormal training over a long period, his personality development wasn’t all that normal either. His obstinacy and tenacity made it seem like there was always a chasm between them.

When Song Wei heard that, she immediately opened her arms wide and hugged Jiang Mingxu completely. “You fool, you are already strong enough. With your ability, you can even move mountains and fill the seas for me, okay? If you really love someone, you must allow them to have vulnerabilities… It’s because you are too strong that I have always felt that you never let your guard down against me.”

Jiang Mingxu was dumbfounded by the impact of this warm embrace. After a long while, he finally reached out and wrapped his arms around Song Wei’s back with slight uncertainty. “Aren’t you also guarded against me…? Am I the person you love?”

Song Wei leaned her head against his shoulder and nodded as if she was rubbing against him. “It’s you. Right now, I’m absolutely certain that the person I love is you.”

Jiang Mingxu was dazed for a moment.

He had not expected to be able to hear such a frank and direct confession from Song Wei one day.

“You’ve always thought that I still love Yan Zhixing, right?” Song Wei sniffed and continued speaking. “I was really stupid in the past and always believed his honeyed lies. However, ever since he betrayed me with my best friend, I’ve only had hatred for him.”


“Don’t spout some nonsense about how there is hate only because of love. I’m a person who holds grudges; I’m especially vengeful. Whenever Song Hui snatched something from me, I must snatch it back. Even when my father chased me out of the Song Group, I also kept that in mind.”


“When I hate someone, it is pure hatred. I just want to take revenge. I don’t have any unnecessary emotions for these people who hurt me.”


“There was even a time when I felt that I had been betrayed by everyone and that no one would love me. I could only live on for myself… until I realized that… actually, you were always behind me.”


“It’s really great.” As she spoke, Song Wei felt her nose tingle. She buried her head into Jiang Mingxu’s shoulder, and tears flowed out from the corners of her eyes.

“Mhm… It’s great.” A smile appeared on Jiang Mingxu’s frozen, ice-like face as he listened. He leaned over and kissed her hair, revealing a smile on his lips.

“Song Wei, I love you… I’ve always loved you. Thank you for becoming my wife.”

Song Wei raised her head and wiped the tears from the corners of her eyes. Then, she wrapped her arms around Jiang Mingxu’s neck and sat on him. “Young Master Jiang, the misunderstanding has been cleared up now. I feel that the drug in my body has not completely worn off, though…”

Before she could finish her sentence, Jiang Mingxu kissed her lips the next second and said in an ambiguous tone, “I will be your antidote then…”


Fortunately, they did not miss each other in this lifetime.

They would have a very long and very good life together.