The young man stretched out with one hand, his five fingers glittering like jade and shining like top-grade gemstones.

Just press it down, there is great power between your fingers and palms, born out of thin air.

The void seemed to sink downward at this moment, and a big hand with a touch of Zen appeared in the air.

The palm covers several miles. The thumb is slightly bent and the four fingers are pressed down. The palmprint on it is as clear as the ups and downs of mountains.

Zhetian raised his hand and gently pressed it, the surrounding mountains trembled, and the water below burst.

With infinite power, Dilang Lake sank at a speed visible to the naked eye.

The aura of the heavenly palace array was also revealed, and it trembled slightly, as if it had become unstoppable.


It is known as the most powerful and wonderful skill in this world.

Once applied, the palmprint of the five fingers will merge with the Qi of heaven and earth, and absorb the power of the mountains between the five fingers.

Everything is invincible and everything is invincible.

The power is great and powerful.

It is even more powerful and frightening to cast it in the hands of young people. Even the living fairy will die as soon as it is patted.


Underwater, a Jiao drink suddenly sounded.

The next moment, the surrounding 300 Li boundary shook together, and countless breath like blood quietly emerged.

Earth atmosphere!

The heavenly palace array, which linked hundreds of miles of earth atmosphere, turned into an aura and stopped in front of Wuzhi Mountain.

The five finger halo flashed and the array was in full bloom. For a time, he was almost dazzled.


The deafening roar sounded from the ground, and the violent tremor could reach hundreds of miles away.

"Jiuqu array!"

The young man's eyes moved and seemed to miss: "after many years, I finally saw this array again."

"What a pity..."

At this point, he shook his head gently: "it's a pity that the people in the main array can't do it."

When the sound falls, the five finger mountain in the field blooms, and the halo surges downward layer by layer, rolling with infinite force.



The heavenly palace array is linked to the atmosphere of the earth for 300 miles. However, the people who are in charge of the array can't give full play to their power.

In an instant, there is no support.

In the heavenly palace.

As soon as Zhu Fu's face changed, he suddenly pinched his hands and gently touched Nangong Xue beside him.

The secret of three-phase chemical generation of small runner.

This is the secret Dharma of Lanke temple. It is said that it can let people enter the reincarnation of three thousand worlds without perplexing their wisdom.

Of course, this is an exaggeration, but it is true that this function can change thousands of machines and even change the nature of truth elements.

There are wonderful uses for crossing skills and passing on dharma.

Zhu Fu had such accomplishments when he was young. He once received several eminent monks to pass on the Dharma.

This is what he showed himself. Zhenyuan Taotao disappeared into Nangong Xue's body, which also shocked the other party's spirit.

The two are husband and wife and share the same breath.

This is the combination. Nangong Xue's power is doubled, and the power of the array is also increased.


Still of little use!

The heavenly palace defense array collapses at a speed visible to the naked eye.

Water even broke through the array and rushed towards the inner part of the heavenly palace.

The women of the heavenly palace are even more surprised.

"Not good!" Nangong Xue raised her hands, and her pretty face was red:

"I can't stand it. He knows the changes of the Jiuqu array clearly and is restrained first almost everywhere."

"I went out to distract him, and you took the opportunity to escape." Zhu Fu made a quick decision:

"Wake up elder Miaozhen and Brother Guo. They are the hope of this great disaster. We can't lose anything."

"No!" Nangong Xue's face changed:

"You leave with me and use them as a lead. It has nothing to do with us."

"If it weren't for them, would there be such a robbery in the heavenly palace?"

"..." Zhu Fu was silent and then shook his head gently:

"Xueer, this disaster is not alone. Tiangong can't stay out of it. That person is coming to Tiangong."

"You have wonderful skills and three small movements. Even if you take a few people, I believe you have a chance to escape."

"Let's go together!" Nangong Xue's voice was cold:

"There is a secret place near the heavenly palace, which connects underground canals. We can go from there."

"You don't have to worry about others. People like the Lord of hell disdain to fight others."

As for Miaozhen and Guo fan, who are shutting down, they just attract their attention. Naturally, she won't care.

When she thought of doing it, Nangong xuesu stretched out her hand and was going to grab Zhu Fu's wrist and prepare to take him away.

"Cher, don't do that."

But Zhu Fu refused. He stepped on his feet and gently avoided the past.

The divine walking step is a wonderful skill. Although it is not as fast as the small movement of the three worlds, it is better at moving around in small places.

Seeing that Nangong Xue couldn't catch him, her face was full of anxiety.

"Don't argue." Miaozhen's voice sounded quietly, and the virtual shadow shook in the field to show her figure.

She looked up at the sky. Her eyes flashed and fell on the young man through the soil, water and light.

The young man seemed to feel it, his eyes moved slightly, and his head looked down at the same time.

The four eyes were opposite, and Miaozhen's heart sank immediately. The young man smiled and nodded gently.

"Good, good!"

The young man opened his mouth leisurely: "but for just a few years, he has opened three God collections. It seems that he has found a way forward. He really deserves to be you."

"Senior." Miaozhen's voice was solemn:

"You must kill me?"

"I didn't want to pay attention to you, and I didn't pay attention to the heaven." the young man sighed and said:

"But you can make trouble and chatter in your ears all day. It's better to get rid of silence."

"Of course, the choice I once gave you is still valid. As long as you join the underground, everything is easy to say."

Miaozhen shook her head and said:

"Master, you are the real God in the world. Why..."

"What a God in the world?" the young man looked up and his beautiful face was full of loneliness:

"Even if the world is invincible and immortal, there are some things I can't do, especially everything has changed."

He shook his head. He seemed impatient. With one hand down, he continued to press, and the five finger mountain sank for Zhang Xu again.


The array keeps cracking.

"Look around here, Brother Guo, it's a critical moment. You can't disturb." Miao Zhen's face changed and looked back in a hurry:

"I'll meet him first!"

"Senior." Zhu Fu shrunk his eyes:


However, before his voice fell, the wonderful truth had turned into a virtual shadow and disappeared into the sky above.

Forgetting love - Wanjie finger!

The void behind Miaozhen's head splits, and countless virtual shadows emerge. Everyone bends his fingers and flicks here.

The fingers of thunder and rainbow run through the sky.

One halo after another emerged from the fingers and palms. In an instant, it merged into a surging trend of the river and sea and rushed forward.

The halo bypasses Wuzhishan, like an open giant net, wrapped around young people.

The rainbow all over the sky is sharp and overwhelming. It is almost as powerful as Wuzhishan.

"Is this your own way of forgetting feelings?" the young man looked sideways, his face unchanged, and just nodded gently:

"Pretty good."

Before the sound fell, a layer of invisible true gang had appeared around him, and no ripples could be caused by the bombardment of rainbow Mans.

The offensive, which could easily destroy the mountains and split the sea, was like a breeze rolling the ground, which was of no use to him.

Although I knew there was a big gap between them, Miaozhen was still depressed.

Just like going back to a few years ago, I tried my best, but I couldn't resist the other party's fingers flicking.

Be shot and suppressed!

Seeing the indifferent young man on his face, Miaozhen couldn't help showing her hate on her face, which had never changed much.


With a low roar, the mysterious and wonderful realm suddenly shrouded in the four directions, and countless real and illusory worlds emerged in the sky.

In that world, some people carry heavy axes, some are proud of their swords, some are cold, and some are crazy about their swords

Different feelings and different martial arts skills were controlled by her and turned into one killing move.

Kill the world!


The void where the young man was suddenly turned into darkness, and the invisible real Gang also quietly collapsed.


This time, the young man finally looked surprised: "yes, this killing intention has almost condensed into essence. No, I'm afraid it can turn emptiness into reality."

"It seems that you still have a grudge against me for killing your daughter."

"Go to death!" Miao Zhenmei's eyes shrunk, his sense of killing the sea condensed, and a blood shadow flashed out.

Killing intention.

She thought of killing in her heart. At this moment, she really turned into reality and took ten sides to kill the world and cut off each other.


The halo exploded, and the young man narrowed his eyes slightly, reaching out to gently sweep away the hair in front of him.


He whispered: "turn emptiness into reality and make falsehood come true. Your girl's perception of truth, falsehood and reality is extraordinary and can be called the first person since ancient times!"

"Melt the vitality of heaven and earth with your own thoughts, turn into something similar to the ghost, and grow by yourself."

"This... Is a method learned from frightening God and silencing Taoism? But green is better than blue."

He could see the secret of each other's skill at a glance.

Miao is so silent.

On her side, more than a dozen figures with dull eyes quietly emerged, each holding a knife and gun.

These figures are no longer completely illusory products!

It's her mind!

Jingshen jimie Tao can hide his thoughts in others, gradually devour others' thoughts, and finally replace them until there is an incarnation.

But Miaozhen doesn't find a way to manifest his thoughts directly and incarnate the essence of existence.

With the increase of her strength and cultivation, these ideas will become more and more real, and finally be the same as living people.

At that time.

As soon as you read and live, you can live forever, which is comparable to what Guo fan once said that the Dharma has the realm of Yuan spirit.

This method is unimaginable. Even the Lord of hell has to marvel at it.

"What a pity." he looked at Miaozhen and shook his head gently:

"No matter how strong it is, it is rootless duckweed and will eventually disappear."

For thousands of years, he has seen too many amazing people. In his early years, there were even people stronger than him.

But so what?

Shouyuan is their deadline. When the deadline comes, you can't escape death even if you have amazing powers. No one can escape this disaster.

"As long as I can kill you, it's enough." Miao Zhenmei's eyes shrink, and countless figures emerge again.

Kill the world!

This time, the offensive was more fierce and crazy than before, as if he had completely ignored his own safety.

"Oh..." the young man smiled lightly:

"It's no use."

His eyes were full of magic light. Under the strange light, everything in heaven and earth seemed to fall into stillness, and then he bent his fingers and flicked.


The cold awn startles the sky, twinkles and jumps in the air, and easily penetrates into these incoming virtual shadows.

When the halo stopped, a flying sword the size of a palm and the flow of divine light appeared in the field.

Immortal killing sword!

Everything that this sword passes through will be cut off.

In those years, a generation of the Lord of the heavenly palace held this sword and hurt the Lord of the underworld. Finally, he took it.

When the sword passed, even if it was the embodiment of the idea, it burst in an instant.

Countless cracks appear on the avatar.



The scattered ideas sweep the four directions like a wave, distort the perception and cover the line of sight, and the world seems to fall into chaos.

The young man turned his head slightly. He had been practicing Xuangong for thousands of years, which made him feel uncomfortable for a moment.

Someone is approaching!

His eyes flickered, but he still didn't move and looked ahead.

His invincible strength gives him enough confidence to face any sneak attack.


The void broke open, and a stream shadow appeared in his sight at an amazing speed.

Under the light of the celestial spirit, the breath on the comer is clear and distinguishable.

I'm not old, but I have opened two God collections. One of them has just been opened. It takes no more than half a cup of tea. It's a good talent.

The physical body is not weak, Zhenyuan condenses. Is this the Dharma body of Yama?

The whole body is full of thunder, and the intention of the knife is calm. This Sabre technique has exceeded the previous seven types of thunder control.

The wings behind

As soon as the young man's eyes shrink, his face shows dignity for the first time. With the help of wonderful skills, he can't see through.


Guo fan, holding a sinking star knife, turned into a lightning explosion and cut away. He cut the young man's eyebrows with a knife.


A jade like finger suddenly appeared in front of the light of the knife. With just a flick, infinite force blasted him several miles away.

It's like bouncing a fly.

The star sinking Sabre of treasure quality is even more fragmented at the moment of contact.

But also at that moment, the Tianlong chop behind Guo fan suddenly shocked, and thousands of knives were shot out.


Emptiness seems to suddenly stagnate.

The young man stretched forward with one hand, hooped the void with invisible force, and fixed more than 1000 blades in place.

"Strange?" he frowned:

"Why have I never seen such an immortal instrument?"

For thousands of years, this world has no secrets for him, especially the top experts and immortal tools.

He knows it all the more.

However, the mystery of the Dragon chop was almost beyond his imagination, and the cold awn on it made his flesh tense, but it was strange that he had never heard of it.

In doubt, the two people opposite had action again.

When Miaozhen stepped on it, the void split into countless fragments, and thousands of virtual shadows swam among the fragments.

Three thousand worlds!

Kill all ten!

Just for a moment, her black hair had turned green, and the power of terror also made the young man look up and dignified.

Guo fan stood in the distance and pinched the formula with his hands.

Eight seal!

The secret method recorded in the ten breaths of startling clouds can stimulate Yuan energy and multiply one's own strength.

Just now, he has successfully integrated his spirit into the flesh and successfully advanced to the second level of tongxuan.


A drop of real blood exploded in the heart.

The power of terror pervaded around him, and finally condensed into a Dharma phase as high as ten feet through evil Qi and secret Dharma.

Dharma phase heaven and earth!

With the increase of cultivation, the power of this strange skill becomes more and more terrible.

When the Dharma minister stretched out his big hand, an illusory long knife appeared immediately, and the whole body was in full bloom.


The thunder roared in the body and shook the strength.

The thunder leaped and flashed outside.


With a flash of lightning, Guo fan rushed to the young man.

One knife, blast and cut.

Tianlong chop with more than a thousand handles, like a thousand drill bits, stabbed forward.

When the electric light leaped, time seemed to stagnate, and only the boundless offensive emerged young people.

In Guo fan's perception, he has tried his best, and the thunder long knife points to each other's forehead.


In the static space-time, the young man's eyebrows flickered slightly, and pieces of armor like fish scales spread downward from his eyebrows.

Seemingly slow, but wrapped all over before the attack.


Void explosion.

The two figures tumbled to the ground and were immediately involved by the heavenly palace array.


With a soft drink, several people immediately moved ten miles away and fled along the underground canal.

"Interesting." in the air, the young man stroked the middle of his eyebrows, and the slight pain was like being stung by ants.

Even so, it still makes him feel the feeling of hearing for a long time.

On his face, he couldn't help smiling.

"That's interesting!"

New books don't seek fairy fate, seek collection!!!