In the hall.

Guo fan and Miao Zhen are completely immersed in the feeling and understanding skill.

It can be seen from the skill left by the Lord of hell that his body, mind and spirit have reached a certain transcendent state.

Immortal, immortal!

The only restriction is Shouyuan, but he has lived strangely for thousands of years and still hasn't died.

If you don't know the method and rush to be the enemy, there is almost no possibility of winning.


After watching Jiuyou immortal formula and Yama Dharma body, there are more ideas provided by many sages in Tiangong, but they can find flaws.

No wonder the Lord of hell once said that those who can defeat him must come out of the heavenly palace. It's true.


The secret door of the hall opened and two bottles of purplish red liquid medicine were sent in.

This is the elixir condensate, the most precious treasure of the heavenly palace. It is refined from various animal internal elixirs and many miraculous medicines. It has all kinds of miraculous effects.

A drop is hard to find.

I don't know how Zhu Fu did it, but he was able to let the heavenly palace provide two bottles of precious medicine to them every day.

During this time, I'm afraid I've squeezed all the hundred year savings of the heavenly palace.

But the effect is amazing.

Guo fan has now begun to connect his spirit, which is almost a step away from integrating his spirit into the flesh.

Progress can be described as thousands of miles a day.

Miaozhen also reveals the two great God collections again. If it is successful, it is the cultivation of tongxuan five layers, and its strength increases sharply.

"Yama Dharma body!"

"Yu Lei Qi Dao!"

In xuanxinmiao territory, Guo fan's eyes flashed, and a huge and strong figure appeared in front of him.

The figure looks the same as him, but its body size is about twice as large, with wide shoulders, wide body and burly body.

Standing in the field, his breath is boundless, just like a god standing steadily between heaven and earth.

That power can suppress the quadrupole and exert boundless pressure.

When the thought moved, the figure was sitting cross legged in the void, silently practicing the method, and the halo on his body showed his magic.

It is the virtual image of Yama Dharma body evolved with the help of the wonderland.

However, different from the Dharma body of Yanluo, the Lord of the underworld, on this basis, Guo fan added Xuanwu Bati and qinglongbian.

The road is open, and how to evolve has become the key.

After many days of hard thinking, you have finally achieved a little. At present, this virtual image is the expression of the success of the cultivation method.

Not long.


As soon as the shadow opened his eyes, there was a flash of thunder in his eyes. His body was just a flash, and he suddenly flashed several miles away.

Although the world evolved by Miao Zhen Xuan Xin Miao Jing is not real, everything that emerges inside is no different from reality.

In other words, even in the real world, his speed will be so amazing.

Spring thunder burst!

The knife light flashed in the distance, and the figure was immediately covered with thunder. The thunder light spread to the blade, and then exploded.

All the land of Lishu was wrapped by thunder.

After the thunder, everything disappeared, and a huge mountain turned into nothingness.

This is different from splitting the mountains. It is obviously more difficult for all the rocks to collapse.

The face of the figure remained unchanged, but the figure moved again. The body was ugly and turned into a ray of thunder, penetrating downward.

Thunder hell!


The roar echoed in consciousness, and the thunder went deep into the ground and directly blasted out of the dark cave where it was difficult to distinguish the depth.

Around the cave, there are ferocious cracks, which are frightening to look at.

Guo fan's eyes flashed, and the figure turned slowly, turned into a thunder and split a figure in the distance.

God thunder!



The roar shook the sky and stirred in the air. Its sound was like the beginning of heaven and earth, and even made the illusion unstable.

And the thunder light is connected to the sky and the earth, falling boldly, with an amazing momentum.

"Seven sabres against thunder." Miaozhen sat in the void, raised her head and looked at the incoming thunder. Her eyes were full of strange light and her face was indifferent.

But in my heart, I was a little surprised after all.

Yu Lei Qi Dao is a secret Dharma of the heavenly palace. It was created by the Lord of the heavenly palace. It has been handed down from generation to generation for thousands of years and has been improved from generation to generation.

Now it has almost reached the extreme.

In particular, power can tear the sky and the earth, open mountains and the sea. Even from her point of view, it can be called terrible.

However, the practice is extremely complicated. It requires the Dao to enter the realm, and the control of the flesh body and Zhenyuan should also be extraordinary.

But I don't want to. In less than a month, Guo fan has mastered this Sabre technique.

And with their own verification, there are other benefits.

She is ashamed of her martial arts talent!


With an indifferent smile, Miaozhen raised her one hand falsely in the face of the thunder, and the strength of her palm was nothingness, like an invisible curtain wrapped up.

The way of forgetting love -- covering heaven's hatred.

As soon as the halo turned, the thunder disappeared.

On the control of martial arts, the wonderful truth is not as good as Guo fan, but the perception of realm Dharma is far beyond.

And her cultivation is higher!

"OK." Guo fan's eyes brightened, his fighting spirit rose, the giant stretched out his big hand, and a long knife had appeared in his palm.

Then countless thunders appeared from him, waving their teeth and claws like living creatures, and their prestige shrouded one side.

be struck by lightning and split into two halves!


In the sky, the thunder turned into red in an instant, filled with thunder and fire, disorderly and crazy surging, and the head fell.

Thunder and fire soar to the sky. This is a method that combines the flame knife with the thunder knife.

More powerful!


As soon as Miaozhen's face changed, she got up slowly and bent her fingers in the air.

With her action, the void in the field seems to be distorted, and countless virtual shadows emerge at the same time.

Just like thousands of wonderful real hands, thousands of fingers are right in the middle of the thunder fire.

In the finger power, there is a sharp sword meaning. When they touch thunder and fire, they will disappear immediately.


The void trembled, and the thunder and fire disappeared.

But at the same time, there is a virtual shadow that penetrates the void. Hold the knife and force Miaozhen to come near. Wave the knife and cut it.

The shadow of a knife is like a volcanic eruption, with terrible strength; Its speed is as fast as thunder and lightning, and its speed is amazing.

Just a flash, thousands of knife lights have scattered in front of us.

Guo fan is fast, Miao Zhen is not slow.

Her body is like a stream shadow. She shuttles back and forth in the field. Her hands sometimes use sword technique, palm strength and printing formula. She also uses magic tricks to confuse people and distort the attack blade posture from time to time, which is equivalent to the fight.

"Thunder kills the world!"

As soon as Guo fan's eyes contracted, the mysterious skill in the figure turned sharply, and the power of terror compressed a little and burst out.

In the battle field, a nothingness suddenly appeared.

This Sabre is beyond the seven sabres to resist thunder. It is really better than blue.

As soon as Miao Zhenmei's eyes shrink, his face shows a solemn look, and his body shape changes accordingly.

"Ten sides kill the world!"

Thoughts and feet moved together, and countless virtual shadows like fragments of the void appeared around her.

In the virtual shadow, some people hold knives, others hold swords, long guns, heavy axes, tomahawks, hooks, forks, and even bare hands.

Everyone showed different exquisite martial arts skills, and then roared towards the thunder virtual shadow in the middle.


A dull sound, like a broken bubble, rippled the void in perception, and the mysterious and wonderful realm immediately collapsed.

A flower in front of us has reproduced the view of the heavenly palace hall.

Even in the mysterious and wonderful realm, it is difficult to support the competition between the two.

"Ten sides kill the world." Guo fan smiled lightly:

"Miaozhen finally realized this method. It's really gratifying to see her strength rise to another level."

"Thanks to Brother Guo's advice." Miao Zhenmei's eyes flashed and agreed that the tape was also excited, saying:

"This idea has a long history, but without this exchange with Brother Guo, I'm afraid I don't know when it will come into being."

"It's too much." Guo fan shook his head:

"Even without Guo, it's just a matter of time for you."

"Ask ruthlessly, kill the world in ten directions, and forget your feelings. The wonderful and true realm is high and admirable."

"If you can really forget your feelings in the future, I'm afraid even the Lord of the hell is not your opponent."

"Not exactly." Miaozhen smiled and shook her head gently:

"The closer you are to the man, the more you can understand his horror. Even if you are too forgetful, what can you do?"

"The rootless source is ultimately invincible to the present world."

Although her realm is high, her mind is strong after all. If the other party is not confused by the mysterious and wonderful realm, there is nothing she can do.

"But..." thinking of this, Miaozhen looked at Guo fan with an exclamation in her eyes:

"Brother Guo is really gifted. He is good at fighting. He may not be able to surpass that man."

"Me." Guo fan shook his head gently:

"After all, cultivation is too low!"

It can be seen from the skill contained in the black stone that the Lord of the hell is at least the cultivation of the fifth floor of the Xuan.

He is proficient in Yama Dharma and Jiuyou immortality. He also has several top wonderful skills and an immortal weapon.

What's more?

It was five hundred years ago when he left his kung fu. How powerful should he be after five hundred years?

It's desperate to think about it.

Guo fan has his own strengths.

Tianlong cut, Jingyun ten ways, and even the Dharma body and sabre skills now understood, but the cultivation is too low after all.

If he can have wonderful and true accomplishments, he is estimated to be able to fight with the Lord of the underworld 500 years ago.

But there is no chance of winning.

Miaozhen sighed.

She is an expert in the realm, and her accomplishments are not weak, but compared with Guo fan, she is not good at killing.

Ming Ming is two levels higher than that. At this time, even Guo fan has no chance of winning, let alone compared with that man.

As for immortal tools

The immortal weapon of Xuanxin sect was taken away by the underground government as early as she was captured.

"There is hope after all." Miaozhen calmed down and said with a smile:

"We have found the flaw in his kung fu. As long as we do it according to law, we can make contributions."

"But it needs to hold him for a moment, and without defense." Guo fan shook his head gently:

"It's not easy to do this."

"It's enough." Miaozhen seemed very satisfied and waved to take the Danning liquid not far away.

Before that, she had almost no hope of defeating the Lord of hell.

After chatting with Guo fan, especially after talking about the three souls and seven souls, he was vaguely touched and felt a glimmer of hope.

Now when I entered the heavenly palace, I saw the skills left by my predecessors, and finally saw the real victory.

Even if it is slim, I know the gap is great, but I have a definite goal.

And with companions, it's much better than before!


When she opened the medicine bottle, she drank it all in one gulp, silently operated the skill and tried to open two more shenzang.

Guo fan took the Danning liquid and looked at Miaozhen.

These days, they have the same mind and know each other's cultivation realm very well.

In the world, I'm afraid there is no one who knows each other better than the other.

In his opinion, Miaozhen is a three-tier cultivation through the metaphysics. The soul entering the body should be spirit, spirit and sky Chong spirit.

It didn't involve the three souls, which was somewhat unexpected.

The two souls that manifest again should be the British soul and the central soul, and there is little chance that they are the British soul and the human soul.

If you are a human soul, your strength will be improved by leaps and bounds according to the ten ways of startling clouds.

We still need to see how it is.

When his mind turned, he also opened the medicine bottle and drank the liquid medicine in it.


With the rapid operation of the real element in the body, the already manifest spirit becomes more and more clear, and almost every thought can be linked.

However, Guo fan did not act rashly, but his ideas slowly penetrated, so as not to hurt himself instead of being rash and impulsive.

"Hua la..."

Zhenyuan is like the surging tide. Through the ten secret methods of startling clouds, it integrates with the mind and slowly contacts with the spirit.

Every time we meet, Zhenyuan will grow, and the soul will become more and more obvious until it integrates into the flesh.

Progress, visible to the naked eye.

It is not far from success.


When the dome shook, smoke and dust rustled down.

The two in the hall subconsciously frowned, but none of them got up. It seemed that it was a critical time.


The walls of the hall cracked and cracks appeared.


Loud noise echoed in my ears, and the whole hall shook violently.

Miaozhen opened her eyes and looked at Guo fan, who was practicing self closing eyes. After a little meditation, she fled out of the hall.

Her body was like a virtual shadow. It was unhindered to enter the wall. She appeared in the outside world in a gentle flash.


This is similar to the rumored five element evasion, which can only be performed by living immortals.


"Found it."

In the sky, the beautiful young man's eyes moved and fell on a lake in the distance.

Dilang lake.

As his eyes moved, an invisible force suddenly appeared and pressed hard against the lake.


With the roar of the loud noise, the water of the lake was lifted high, swept into the air by the strong wind, and penetrated like a dragon again.


The earth cracked, the mountains trembled, and a place full of spiritual light was forced out.

"Lord of the underworld." Nangong Xue's cold and solemn voice sounded:

"The heavenly palace is no longer in the world. Do you want to trouble us? Are you determined to be the enemy of the heavenly palace?"

"Oh!" the young man shook his head and smiled:

"Your ancestors told me that it's enough. I don't know how many generations of descendants..."

"You are an elder. That's how you treated the ancients." Nangong Xue's voice slowed down and said:

"Tiangong has no intention of being your enemy."

"I can swear that when you come to this world, the heavenly palace will never come to this world and will never be against you."

"Be the enemy of me?" hearing the speech, the young man was lonely in his eyes:

"I hope there will be people who are my enemies in the heavenly palace, but this time I'm not looking for you."

"Hand over the people who entered the heavenly palace a few days ago and bring what I left. I'll leave immediately and never break my promise."

His voice was slow and leisurely. Although he looked young, he looked like an old man.

"Senior." Nangong Xue's tape was surprised:

"The heavenly palace has been closed for hundreds of years, and no outsiders have come in."

"As for your things, I don't know what the elder said. We don't seem to have them here."

"...." the young man's eyes fell:

"That's all!"

"Since you don't want to hand it over, I can't take it myself."

Yinluo didn't give Nangong Xue a chance to explain. He stretched out his big hand and grabbed it downward.

Wonderful skill - Wuzhishan!

The most powerful and wonderful skill in this world is displayed by the most powerful person, and then shrouded in the sky.

Guo fan's three men wasted a lot of energy to open a gap in the heavenly palace array, which was suddenly out of support.

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