Chapter 16 - VGB 16: The game is too easy. (2)

Han Dongsoo had his own plan.

The reason behind the notoriety of  AOA’s tutorial stage was simple. Gruesome traps and enemies lay in wait right from the very beginning.

Even gamers who were famous for their playstyle were tied up in knots.

No matter how impressive Kim Chansik had been in <Excalibur>, Han Dongsoo believed he would struggle here.

So he tried to make the broadcast fun by offering advice to Chansik when he struggled with traps.

Irritating a guest with a barrage of hints had always been content his viewers enjoyed.

However, events did not play out in the manner Han Dongsoo wanted.

After plunging into the tutorial, Chansik had been showing viewers the shocking sight of him speeding through the tutorial stages.

AOA’s tutorial had a total of five stages.

From stages 1 to 3, there would be various traps which would be encountered in the rest of the game, while in stages 4 and 5, players would need to use weapons to kill their enemies.

The main reason AOA’s tutorial was considered so extreme was because of the traps set up in the first three stages.

Arrows would fly out from unexpected angles, or a spear would shoot out of the floor without warning.

There were countless pitfalls that couldn’t be evaded, even if you knew about them.

It wasn’t easy to clear even the lowest level of difficulty, <Tranquility>, without dying.

Moreover, the current difficulty was <Nightmare>.

It was an extremely treacherous level, and most people weren’t able to challenge it.

However, the nutcase in front of him was crushing all of those beliefs.

As time went by, the viewers got more and more excited.

Those who had originally ignored Chansik had already disappeared.

The chat window was filled with cursing from the shock of witnessing Chansik in action.

Han Dongsoo looked at Chankik’s performance and briefly closed his mouth.

The audio would be empty, but it didn’t matter.

In this situation, if he said something, he would only be cursed at by his viewers.

‘The best record for clearing AOA’s tutorial was 29 minutes, right?’

He might pull a lot of money from this broadcast.

Han Dongsoo quietly decided to watch Chansik play.

At that moment, Chansik had just entered the second stage of the tutorial.

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