Chapter 448. Lust Demon’s Capital, Lecheri II

The Incubus System Chapter 448. Lust Demon's Capital, Lecheri II

Our car stopped in front of a large dome building with purple lights. The royal guards that burst out of the two cars behind us prepared to ensure our safety. The usual royal protocol when royalties come.

Once the guard opened our car door, I came out followed by Lilieth. A long red carpet lined from the car to the entrance greeted me. Likewise the camera flashlight from the reporters.

"Oh, it's the king!" said one of them.

"It's the royal couple!" another said.

The flashlight was getting more and more. They clicked their cameras faster since Lord Damon and Lilieth rarely attended an event together due to their tight schedule.

But rather than them, my attention was on an incubus in the black suit standing in front of the entrance. With an overcoat covering his shoulders and his slicked-back red hair, he looked like a mafia leader in action movies. His wicked red eyes graced his masculine face. His body size and Demonic features were not much different from my Demonic form. A pair of red horns adorned his head.

An undeniable rage welled up in my heart. My adrenaline was racing and my wrath pushed me to kill him at that very second. At the same time, a chill crept on my spines. My inner child screamed that he was my killer and I wanted my revenge right now.

But just like Lord Damon and Lilieth's request, I restrained myself. He was the legitimate leader of the Lust demonkind and Lord Damon had acknowledged his authority 1000 years ago. So until we get enough evidence to get rid of him, I would hold myself back. After all, based on his skills and talent, I was sure he was not an easy opponent for me.

On the other hand, he looked surprised when he saw me since he didn't expect Lord Damon to come along with Lilieth. But then, he turned to the side and whispered to one of his assistants. After that, the assistant left.

Due to that suspicious gesture, I used my telepathy to warn Lord Damon and Lilieth. We didn't know who he was after, for sure we had to be careful.

Without looking at each other, I extended my hand to the side gracefully and Lilieth took it. Then we walked towards the entrance where Letos was. I raised my chin a bit and put on my arrogant expression as Lord Damon taught me. No smile on my lips. My eyes looked down on everyone who was there. Occasionally I glanced at reporters who called me.

Once we arrived at the entrance, Letos, all his assistants and wives bowed.

"Your Majesty. Your Highness," they said. Due to his trust issue, he had no children. He was afraid his son would take over his throne just like how he overthrew his mother.

"You look surprised when you see me," I started our conversation. A smirk on my lips. I didn't want to trigger him, but Lord Damon said this was what he usually did when he made a sudden appearance.

"Indeed, Your Majesty. I never thought you would come just because of a small matter like this," he said politely.

"This is not a small problem, Letos. You have caught too many succubi for no reason. It broke your own laws and disturbed the dark dimension's balance," said Lilieth. Despite her calm tone, her threat was evident in her tone of voice.

"I think you misunderstand me, Your Highness. Please come in, I'll explain everything inside. We can't keep the press waiting for too long," he gestured at us to enter.

Without answering, Lilieth and I moved our legs to get inside. The spacious lobby dominated by dark colors and colorful lights entered my view. Rather than a normal lobby, I felt like entering a concert or a luxury club's lobby.

"I'm sorry I didn't prepare much for you. But I hope you can join me for lunch after the conference," said Letos who walked beside me.

"I mean, we should show to the world that we are okay. A lot of people think our relationship has deteriorated after that last misunderstanding," he added in a friendly tone.

Like what Lord Damon said, Letos would try to lick his boots at every opportunity, especially in front of the press. But he wouldn't hesitate to backstab Lord Damon if he had the chance.

"I'm busy today. Maybe next time," I said coldly. Well, that would never happen. Who knew he would poison our food and drink. So Lord Damon and Lilieth never accepted his invitation.

He sighed in disappointment.

"What a pity. I really wish I could have spent more time with you and Her Highness. Especially since we shared something in common."

His last sentence made me turn to him.

"What do you mean?"

He looked at me with a melancholic expression.

"I recently lost my beloved wife so I can understand how you felt when you lost your son a few years ago."

It was enough to trigger the killing intent in Lilieth's eyes. But I tightened my grip to soothe her and remind her that I was here. I knew this was just his trick.

Still, I looked at him menacingly, signaling my displeasure clearly.

Quickly, he bent his head in regret.

"Ah, my apologies. I didn't mean to dig your old wounds or blame you for my wife's death. Both are my faults. I should have disciplined my wife better and arrived earlier to help you a few years ago. Yet, I can give you nothing but regret. I'm so ashamed of myself..." he said in regret.

'This sweet tongue bastard is a great actor,' I thought. And that was what he needed to lead public opinion. Now, I understood why Lord Damon handled him with caution. One wrong move, Letos would get many allies just with his sweet mouth and innocent act.

"Save your words, Letos. You'll need them to answer our questions," I said as soon as we arrived in the conference room.

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