Chapter 447. Lust Demon’s Capital, Lecheri I

The Incubus System Chapter 447. Lust Demon's Capital, Lecheri I

Two dark auras appeared on either side of me before Lord Damon and Lilieth emerged from there.

"Not bad. They don't even show any suspicion on you," said Lilieth. A satisfied smile on her lips.

But Lord Damon said something else.

"You should act more pridefully than this. You are a demon king, not a 19-year-old poor student," he sneered.

I turned to him in annoyance.

"Pardon me for being poor before. But I tried my best to act as arrogant as you," I retorted.

"Great," he said casually despite my annoying tone.

"Just remember. You can't attack Letos. The press is there and all eyes are on us. You have to stay calm and control your emotions well. If you don't know what to say, ask me via Telepathy," she reminded me.

"Got it," I confirmed.

"The meeting will start in an hour. The car and the royal guards are waiting for you in the basement. You must leave now," he reminded me.

"Huh? We will go by car?" I asked in confusion as I got up from my seat. I thought we'd get there with the portal.

"Of course. You are a royal. You have to make a good entrance," said Lord Damon with a frown.

"I know we have to go in style, but isn't that ineffective? Why don't we use the portal?" I told him my reason.

"We still use the portal, of course. Letos' territory is about 4 hours of flight from here. There's no way we can get there by car in no time. But that doesn't mean we can show up in a random place. This is an official visit, not an ambush. So we must appear at a certain location according to the agreement," Lilieth explained.

After her explanation, Lord Damon used his Teleportation and led us to the basement.

Once the dark aura disappeared, we were already in a luxurious garage that looked more like a zoo than a parking lot or a real garage. A headless royal guard in a black suit stood in front of each cage.

On our right and left, huge cages containing huge demons lined up neatly. Most of them were around level 80 to 100. They looked fierce and scary. Even though I had learned a lot about the Dark Dimension, this was something new to me.

"Since this is your first trip, I'll let you choose the car," said Lord Damon. His voice mixed with the demons' growls and the sound of our footsteps.

"What car?" I asked. There was not a single car here.

He clicked his tongue and turned to me.

"Oh right, I forgot. Our cars are different from commoners. Commoners' cars are real ones. While ours are those epic beasts. They are my trusted pets and have done Bloodpact with me. They can go on autopilot, can't be sabotaged, and are very useful in combat," he explained.

"So I'll take one of them to the meeting place?" I clarified. My brain imagined myself riding one of them down the street. Even though it looked cool, somehow it felt so wrong. I meant... A beast in the middle of the street? It sounded like an apocalypse movie.

"Yes, just choose one of them," he said.

I cast my gaze around me. All of them looked cool and strong so this was more difficult than choosing a nice suit at a big store.

Due to my confusion, he finally decided to help me.

"Since this is an important meeting, I would recommend this one." He stopped his steps and turned to a hound demon on our right. That demon made my eyes widen.

"His name is---"

"Cerberus," I interrupted him. My eyes fell on the huge three-headed black Hound. Its height was at least 5 meters with sharp teeth and claws, as well as a tail similar to that of a snake. It was a mythical creature that existed in folklore. Many games used this figure as a villain but the real thing looked different.

His appearance looked fierce and scary, but also majestic and elegant. He took the form of a hound but he had the aura of an alpha wolf. His fur was shiny. His level was quite high and he had extraordinary strength.

"Can I ride him?" I asked in excitement.

"Of course." He snapped his fingers and the cage door opened automatically.

"Cerberus, this is my son. Damian. Serve him well. Understand?"

And Cerberus answered him with a bark.

I opened my arms to greet him. My eyes locked on that cool beast. A smile on my lips. He came out of his cage and approached me with vigorous steps. I thought he would act like a normal big dog, but I was wrong.

As he got closer, his body slowly shortened and turned into a black luxury car with the demon kingdom hood ornament.

I lowered my arms awkwardly. My smile disappeared.

"Ah... I see. Of course, he is a car..."

"He has eaten a lot today, so you don't have to worry. Just get in and do your mission. Since you have never been to Letos' place, I will open the portal for you in the courtyard," he added.

"What's his food?" I asked spontaneously due to my curiosity.

"Fresh and lively criminals. I ordered the guards to give them a lot of it this morning," Lord Damon said lightly.

"Oh..." I mumbled in shock and regret. I thought they had some kind of dog food or something.

Lilieth's tap on my shoulder dismissed my thoughts.

"Get inside. We should go now," she said with an evil smirk.

After answering with a nod, a headless demon opened the door for us.

Lilieth and I got into the back seat, which was followed by a headless demon as our chauffeur.

As the automatic garage door opened, our car moved and Lord Damon was teleported elsewhere since I was going to pretend to be him today. As our car moved out of the garage and sped through the yard, two other black cars followed us before finally, a huge portal appeared in front of us.

The moment we left the portal, I knew we weren't in Eternal Night City anymore but in the capital of Lust demonkind, Lecheri.

Although I tried to keep my cool, I couldn't help but glance out the window. The lust demon kind had already filled the sides of the streets as if they were watching a parade.

Most of them had beautiful and handsome faces, as well as perfect bodies. Not to mention all of them only wore minimal clothes. Something similar to bikini or lingerie for girls and speedo or shorts for boys. Behind them, were modern buildings with billboards and neon signs of a nightclub or sexy game center. I felt like I was in a bigger version of Ledred District.

Some incubi in police uniforms stood along the streets, making sure our journey ran smoothly. Their police uniform was more like a stripper's police costume than a real one.

"Nervous?" asked Lilieth. Her hand gripped mine tightly.

I turned to her.

"A bit." This was my first time meeting with my killer and nemesis. Also, my first time impersonating Lord Damon in public. So there was no way I wasn't feeling nervous.

"But I'm sure I can pretend to be Lord Damon well. Don't worry," I added.

To which she answered with a smile.

"I trust you, Damian."

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