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“Oh god, this is truly unbelievable!”

Winnie looked at Mr. Dunne who was standing in front in shock and cried out in surprise.

She believed that no one among so many people present could believe this.

Mr. Dunne was the person who had been suppressing the Rolle Corporation!

“Oh, Dunne, you’re the CEO of the Enbrel Corporation?” The Duke of Rolle looked at Mr. Dunne with a pale look.

“Yes, Father. Astonishing, isn’t it?” Mr. Dunne looked at the Duke of Rolle and said, “I’m the founder of the Enbrel Corporation.”

“This is impossible!” Aries was stunned by everything that was happening in front of his eyes. He stood up from the chair and reached his finger out to point at Mr. Dunne, shouting, “Dunne, are you kidding me?”

Aries couldn’t accept this. He had been humiliating Mr. Dunne for a long time and he even insulted him!

But Mr. Dunne had never resisted. He endured all the humiliation that he suffered silently.

To Aries and even the whole Rolle family, Mr. Dunne was just a coward, but now, he suddenly became the CEO of a company.

This company even started suppressing the Rolle Corporation a few weeks ago. Aries found everything that had happened too unbelievable. He didn’t connect Mr. Dunne to the founder of the Enbrel Corporation.

“Shut up!”

The Duke of Rolle looked at Aries and shouted furiously.

“Okay, Grandpa…”

Aries looked at the Duke of Rolle in shock, then looked at Mr. Dunne. After that, he could only shut his mouth.

He needed some time to think about how did things end up like this.

The Duke of Rolle looked at Mr. Dunne seriously and asked, “So, it’s your idea to make the company like this?”

“Yes, Father.” Mr. Dunne nodded and replied, “We can talk about it now.”

“I’m your father. What do you want to talk to me about?!” The Duke of Rolle looked at Mr. Dunne and asked in anger.

The Duke of Rolle had never liked Mr. Dunne, so when he saw Aries bullied Mr. Dunne, he didn’t care about it. What was surprising was that the son that the Duke of Rolle liked the least had such an identity.

The other members of the Rolle family were already so stunned that they had no idea what to say.

Seeing how the Duke of Rolle treated Mr. Dunne, they were extremely anxious in their minds. Even though they found this crazy, they also understood that the fate of the Rolle Corporation was in Mr. Dunne’s hands.

So, Mr. Dick quickly reminded the Duke of Rolle with a low voice, “Father, you must have had some kind of misunderstanding with Dunne.”

The Duke of Rolle took a deep breath. He certainly knew that things were already no longer under his control.

So, the Duke of Rolle looked at Mr. Dunne and said in a much gentler tone, “Dunne, I know that I indeed did something wrong in the past, but the Rolle Corporation was also founded by us with hard work. You can just tell me what conditions you have.”

Mr. Dunne told the Duke of Rolle his conditions, which were all related to his mother, such as asking the Duke of Rolle to recognize his identity.

While Mr. Dunne was discussing with the Duke of Rolle about their conditions, Winnie covered her mouth as she looked at Alger and said, “Oh god, this is crazy. Alger, tell me, these are all real, aren’t they?”

“Yes, they’re all real!” Alger looked at Winnie and said with certainty.

Winnie looked at Madam Bella. “Mom, did you know Dad’s identity?”

Madam Bella was completely dumbfounded. She shook her head and said, “No, Dunne has never told me about it.”

Mr. Dunne seemed to have turned the tides right now. His identity and status were both different from before.

Aries and the others, who had insulted him before, all lowered their heads and dared not to look at Mr. Dunne right now.

Winnie didn’t pay attention to what Mr. Dunne said to the Duke of Rolle. When the two of them finished negotiating, Mr. Dunne got up and walked to Madam Bella as he said with a smile, “Bella, let’s go.”

“Oh god, you…” Madam Bella covered her mouth as she looked at Mr. Dunne, not knowing how to treat him all of a sudden.

“Shocking, isn’t it?”

There was a smile on Mr. Dunne’s face. He looked at Madam Bella and Winnie. “But everything is real. We don’t have to be bullied by them anymore from now on.”

“Hm!” Madam Bella cried emotionally and nodded heavily.

After Mr. Dunne left the conference room with Madam Bella, Winnie and Alger followed behind them.

After Mr. Dunne left, Aries and the others in the conference room finally started discussing in shock.

“Oh god, what happened? Why is Dunne the CEO of the Enbrel Corporation?”

“Father, what exactly is going on?”

“This is too crazy. He’s just a loser. How could he be able to start a corporation?!”


The Duke of Rolle remained silent. This was the first time in his life he felt like things were beyond his control.

The son that he liked the least was the most capable. However, ever since Mr. Dunne was born, the Duke of Rolle had never wanted to recognize his identity and he had never even given Mr. Dunne any fatherly love.

How ridiculous was that?

Mr. Dunne and Madam Bella had gone home. As for Winnie and Alger, they were thinking about everything that happened just now on the way.

Up till now, Winnie still thought in her mind that everything that had happened was too unbelievable.

“Oh, Alger, did you know that I’ve always thought my father is just a weak person, but… but…” Winnie looked at Alger in excitement. She didn’t know which word she should use to describe her feelings.

“I know.” Alger grabbed Winnie’s hand as he looked at her with a smile on his face.

Winnie took a deep breath as she looked at Alger. “I finally realized that my father isn’t weak. He’s only tolerant. Oh my god, I can’t imagine how he made it through all these years.”

Alger could only put up a smile on his face to react to Winnie’s shock and listen to her speak quietly.

“My mom must be very happy.” Winnie looked at Alger and said, “She can finally live a life that she likes.”

While the two of them were on their way home, they didn’t notice that someone had been following them secretly nearby.

Just when Winnie was about to talk to Alger, a motorcycle suddenly accelerated towards them from afar.

Winnie was immersed in the shock brought by Mr. Dunne so she didn’t notice this. However, Alger immediately saw this and quickly pulled Winnie behind him while she was talking.

“Oh god!”

Winnie was startled by what Alger did. She covered her chest and said in shock, “What’s going on, Alger?”

“Winnie, we’re in danger,” Alger stared at the man who got off the motorcycle and said seriously.

“What?!” Winnie looked at Alger in panic. “Why?”

As soon as Winnie finished talking, she saw a man walk towards them in front of them from afar with a dagger in his hand!

After seeing that dagger, Winnie was extremely frightened. “Oh god, Alger, is he trying to rob us? What should we do? Oh! God!”

“Don’t be afraid. Stand behind me!” Alger pulled Winnie behind him and stared at this man seriously..