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“Who are you?”

Alger looked at this muscular man and asked in a deep tone, “What do you want?!”

If the other party was just a normal thief, Alger would have nothing to worry about, but it would be a problem if he was an assassin.

This was because Winnie was here and this person might hurt her!


The man stood in front of Alger and Winnie. He stared at Alger and asked in a questioning tone.

Seeing that this man knew his name, Alger was even more nervous.

“Who are you?” Alger looked at that man and asked again.

“Someone who came to kill you!” The man looked at Alger and said.

“God!” Winnie screamed in fear, “Alger, what did you do? Why did this man come to kill you?”


Alger turned around and said to Winnie with a low voice, “His target is me. It has nothing to do with you. Run now!”

“Oh, no, Alger, what about you?” Winnie said in fear with a pale face, “I think I should call the cops now!”

“It’s very dangerous for you to stay here. Go now!” Alger looked at Winnie and said seriously.

If Winnie stayed here, the man would very likely hurt Winnie.

“No, god, we need the cops!” Winnie looked at Alger worriedly and said, “Let me call the cops!”

Winnie took out her phone in panic and was about to call the cops.

“It’s useless!” The man looked at Winnie fiercely and said, “I’ll kill you!”

“Why?” Alger took a step forward and protected Winnie behind him. “Your target is me, isn’t it? This has nothing to do with her. Let her go!”

Alger was buying time. He needed enough time for Larsay to rush here.

“Yes, you’re the person I need to kill, but she saw me, so she can’t leave!” The man smiled teasingly.

He thought that Alger was like a little mouse that he could play with freely.

“Who asked you to come and kill me?” Alger looked at the man and said, “I know that I’m no match for you, but you should let me know the truth before I die, right?”


The man remained silent for a while, then shrugged and said, “Alright, I can tell you who I am, but I won’t tell you the information of my employer.”

“Sure!” Alger quickly said.

It would do even if he only knew the man’s identity. Alger only needed to buy Larsay some time!

“I’m an assassin from Vancouver,” the man said.


After knowing that the assassin was from Vancouver, Alger was a bit panicked in his mind.

Because if this man was an assassin from Vancouver, then he might have been hired by people of the Yuri family to kill Alger, so this man must be very powerful.

Alger frowned, while Winnie behind him was so scared that her face turned pale. She wanted to call the cops, but there was no signal in this place.

Winnie cried. “Oh, please…”

Seeing how frightened Winnie was, the man smiled even wider.

“Please what? Are you asking me not to kill you?” The man said complacently, “That’s impossible!”

“Please let her go!” Alger looked at the man and begged again.

He couldn’t let Winnie die here.

“No, Alger, I can’t leave you here, ” Winnie cried and said.

“Cut the crap. None of you is leaving today!” The man suddenly raised the dagger and rushed towards Alger and Winnie.

“Oh, god, no!”

Winnie was so terrified that she shut her eyes. As for Alger, he grabbed Winnie’s hand and started to dodge to the side.

But his shoulder was still slashed by the dagger.

“Oh, Alger, you’re injured. What should I do?” Winnie cried and said when she saw the red blood on Alger’s shoulder.

“I’m fine.” Alger frowned and looked at the man.

What he should worry about right now was how he could protect himself before Larsay arrived.

This man held the dagger at his mouth as he stuck his tongue out and licked the blood on it.

Winnie was extremely terrified. “Oh, Alger, are we going to die here?”

“Don’t worry. It’ll be fine.” Alger held Winnie in his arms and comforted her.

However, Alger was anxious in his mind as to why Larsay still hadn’t arrived yet.

“Go to hell!”

The assassin wielded the dagger again as he stabbed towards Alger and Winnie.

“Argh! God!”

Winnie closed her eyes and shouted in fear, “Please, someone please help us!”

Alger held Winnie in his arms and faced the man’s dagger with his back.

However, after a few seconds, Alger still didn’t feel any pain on his back.

What happened?

Alger looked behind him and was finally relieved.

Larsay had arrived. He held the man’s dagger tight as blood dripped off his hand.

Alger looked at Larsay and said, “You’re finally here.”

Larsay looked at this man in anger, especially when he saw the blood on Alger’s shoulder. “You hurt him?!”

The man was a bit shocked in his mind. He didn’t notice Larsay until just now.

The man frowned as he looked at Larsay and asked, “So? What do you want to do?”

Even though Larsay was taller, the man also had very strong muscles. He thought that Larsay wasn’t as powerful as him.


Larsay punched the man in his nose and the man fell on the ground.

“Oh, damn it!”

The man covered his nose and got up from the ground in anger.

He looked at Larsay and said fiercely, “How dare you hit me! You’re going to die today!”

Then, the man rushed towards Larsay with the dagger and the two of them started fighting.

“Oh, dear Alger, how are you? Are you alright?” Winnie looked at Alger and asked with concern.

When they were in danger just now, Alger’s act of protecting her made Winnie very touched.

“I’m fine.” Alger was very happy because Winnie called him “dear.”

Winnie covered Alger’s wound and said worriedly, “You’re injured now. You still tell me you’re fine?”

Alger’s clothes were already dyed red by his blood. Winnie was very scared.

“I wanted to call the cops, but there’s no signal here. Oh, Alger, what should we do?” Winnie seemed very panicked.

“Hey, Winnie, listen, we’re safe. Larsay is here. That man won’t be able to hurt us,” Alger said.

Alger grabbed Winnie’s hands. Her hands were as cold as ice because of fear.


Winnie looked at Larsay, who was fighting that man far away, and asked, “Is that him? The person who’s protecting us right now?”

“Yes, that’s him.” Alger nodded.

“Who is he?” Winnie asked.

Larsay lifted the man up and threw him on the ground hard. That man seemed like he was suffering extremely great pain.

Looking at this man who was as strong as a bear, Winnie was stunned in her mind.

“Oh, god, he’s so powerful. It’s truly unbelievable!”

“Yes, it’s indeed astonishing.” Alger also agreed after seeing that.

Because of Larsay’s arrival, Alger and Winnie didn’t seem so nervous anymore, as they could obviously see that the man was at a disadvantage in this fight right now..