He seems to have fallen asleep. Kayden opened his eyes wide as he felt something soft. They were red petals.

He woke up and found himself in a big bathtub. A faint candle flickered in the bathroom.

The opaque bath was fragrant and smooth. The strong scent of dried roses made him dizzy.

‘…what happened?’

He’s lost his memory since he went into the magic circle for the contract. When he came to his senses, he was here. Kayden was still confused.

He didn’t usually enjoy a long bath. It was the first time he fell asleep in a bathtub.

And rose petals scent. It was quite a romantic bath compared to his situation in which he was confined to the magic tower.

Where did his contractor go?

Even if he looked around with cloudy eyes, he was alone in the bathroom.

His whole body sank languidly. The burning sensation and pain that dominated his whole body like a habit also disappeared.

Kayden seemed to have woken up from a long dream.

Did he ever become a demon? It hasn’t hit him yet that he met a woman under the full moon or that he accepted the blood of the demon he hated so much.

No, the time he was in pain felt so long ago, it felt like a dream.

It was a time when he was fiddling with his fingertips in a strange mood.

Click— the door opened and someone came in carefully. It was Isabella.

Standing at the entrance, she was dressed in a thin gown. Her face reflected in the candle looked paler.

She just stood there, holding her forearm with her slender hands.

Yeah, it wasn’t a dream.

“Welcome, wife.”

Kayden smiled with languid eyes.


She hesitated.

His rather extravagant bath and a woman in a thin dress before his eyes

“Oh, come to think of it…….”

Kayden gave a low exclamation as if something had come to mind. His mouth twisted.

“We have business to take care of.”

“I want to wash up, too.”

She looked a little embarrassed when he hinted at their first night.

‘She must be nervous at the moment.’

Where did the reckless woman go?

“I’ve been waiting for you, but you didn’t come out. I came in to check if you were asleep.”

“I see.”

Kayden stared at her with his chin resting on the outer edge of the bathtub.

“You’ll be out anyway. I’ll come in when you’re done. I have to wash up, too.”

It was cute to see her face flustered and her ears red. She jerked away her gaze as their eyes met.

“I’m not going out.”

Is it the demon’s habit? Kayden wanted to bully her more.


“I’ve been waiting, too.”


“Come in, before it gets cold.”

Isabella opened her eyes wide at the unexpected answer.

“L, let’s wash up together?”

“Yeah. It doesn’t matter because we’re a couple now.”

Kayden responded to her in a mischievous way.

Was she embarrassed by the sudden suggestion? Frozen in her position, she couldn’t do anything.

The look on her face made her look like she was about to cry.

Of course, the bathtub was big enough for two people to enter.

However, even if it was their first night, washing together seemed to be a different problem.

“Come on in, wife.”

When Kayden offered to bathe together, Isabella waved her hand.

“Oh, no. I think it’s better to go in after you come out.”

“If you’re embarrassed, you can come in wearing that.”


“Yes. Or should I go?”

As Isabella hesitated repeatedly, Kayden rose without hesitation.

“No. I’ll g-go. Now!”

When she saw his upper body on the surface of the water, she went into the bathtub reluctantly.

But that’s it. She was barely able to come in, carefully dipping her feet in.

“You must be cold.”

“It’s all right.”

“You’re shaking.”

Before she knew it, Kayden approached her and looked up persistently.

“Who says I was nervous?”

“Let’s see.”

Then he bent his eyes finely and dragged her ankle.


Is it because she was pulled without notice? At that moment, Isabella’s body lost its balance and stumbled.

Kayden, on the other hand, was relaxed. With her waist firmly propped up, she sat gently on his body.

“I won’t eat you.”

Then he whispered in her ear in a low voice.

Thump, thump.

Her heart beat like it was about to burst.

She wanted you to say something. But she was worried that her heart would be heard by him.

But in the desolate bathroom, there was only the sound of running water.

“…Y, you said we should wash up.”

“We’re washing up.”

“What kind of washing is this?”

“Wasn’t this what washing together is like?”

He took off her gown and poured water on her shoulders. Isabella was only wearing a thin chemise.

When the wet fabric stuck to her skin, it felt more erotic than taking it off.

Under the white chemise, her flesh was reflected and the silhouette of the body was clearly revealed.

“Now, wait a minute…….”

Isabella twisted her body as if she had noticed it.

Whenever that happened, Kayden’s arm tightened and his body became closer.

Unlike her, who fluttered like a frightened herbivore, Kayden’s gaze was still.

Realizing that it was rather counterproductive, she stopped resisting.

“That’s right.”

Kayden smiled lightly and passed over her wet hair.

Her long eyelashes trembled. Her face, which seemed to be very nervous, was still wet.

“The water must be hot.”

Flushed eyes, flushed cheeks. Kayden teased her when he saw her stiffen.

“Oh, no. It’s alright.”

She held her breath and trembled.

“Or, do you have a fever because it’s cold?”

“I don’t think you’re better than me.”