She looked quite calm while talking about such a disturbing story. Isabella continued with her unsympathetic eyes.

“I’ve been thinking about it. How can I reciprocate this disgrace? When I found out that half of the blood flowing through my veins belonged to a son of a bitch, I was disgusted and wanted to die.”

Kayden knew better than anyone else.

When he found out that half of the blood flowing through his veins belonged to a demon, and that the demon was the woman who abandoned him. He felt disgusted and wanted to die.

“So I’m thinking of making my mother the emperor. Because it would be more terrible for him to be abandoned by the Sun of the Empire than by a helpless wife.”


“When my father was drunk on the sweet dream of becoming the emperor’s husband.”

Isabella pretended to scratch her neck with her finger and smiled happily.

“I’m going to drop him into the abyss.”

‘Thorough isolation would be the first priority.’

What her father, Count Collins, wanted was power, not love. In any case, the second prince was not designated as a successor, so he was troubled.

If her mother is reinstated and designated as a successor, he would naturally become estranged from his mistress.

If he stays still, he’ll be the emperor’s husband, so there’s no reason for him to seek another path.

It was her so-called “replacement and abandonment operation.”

“Do you mean that you are confident that your mother will make peace with His Majesty since you want to make your mother an emperor?”

“Yes, it’s not difficult if we have a natural opportunity. I’m planning to become that opportunity.”

In , the emperor was filled with sense of regret for disowning the imperial princess in his heart.

Which parent wouldn’t? No parent would want to disown their child until they were old and weak.

However, the princess’ safety from the second prince could not be guaranteed if he restored her status right away.

In short, he was in a situation wherein he could not guarantee the safety of the imperial princess.

“The problem is not reconciliation. We need a strong supporter for her to become emperor, and Duke Blake needs to do that.”

The Duke of Blake and his retainers will be quite a supportive force.

Because they are loyal and have a strong military power, unlike the central aristocrats who move their lines around according to their gains.

Since the death of the crown prince, the power of the second prince has taken control of the center.

If Duke Blake starts to move, it will be difficult to reject them openly or lightly ignore them.

Blake’s power comes from a tremendous amount of military power.

“The Northern Mana Stone Mine will also be a perfect bait to bankrupt my father.”

“You mean you’re planning to use it very carefully.”

Isabella’s thorough plan almost left him speechless. Kayden looked at her with a grumpy face.

“Then I think there should be some benefit for me, too. I don’t have a hobby of providing volunteer work.”

“To become a demon, you’ll need a bride first, and I’ll do it. I’ll be your bride.”

“So you’re saying that it doesn’t matter if the bride is you or not.”

“I’ll divorce you.”

She looked straight at Kayden and spoke clearly.

“Think about it. What kind of crazy woman would divorce you when you’re such a handsome, powerful demon husband? It would be quite troublesome if she hung onto you like a lump.”

“Well, that makes sense.”

“As you can see, I’m crazy about something else. I promise a clean divorce exactly a year later.”

It was just a year without a drag. In the meantime, she will make her mother an emperor and put her father in the gutter.

As long as she could do that, it didn’t matter what happened to such a loveless contract marriage.

“Then does it start today?”

“You mean marriage?”

“I’m impatient, so I want immediate gains.”

Immediate gain, what is he talking about? Isabella opened her eyes wide as he leaned down to meet her eyes.

“When will our first night take place?”

He smiled languidly with an arrogant expression.

Thick lashes, flushed cheeks, plump lips, and a pretty collarbone that extends under his white neck.

His red eyes licked Isabella like a kiss.

“I’m fine now.”

His low voice penetrated her ears like a whisper. As he laughed, the corners of his mouth twisted strangely.

Whether he was joking or not, whatever his agenda was, it was now inevitable. Isabella tried to stay calm and swallowed her dry saliva.

It was then.

“Wait, you have to sign a contract first.”

A young boy’s voice came out of nowhere. Kayden and Isabella looked around in surprise.

No matter how much they looked around, there was no one there but them.

“Here I am. I thought my mouth would turn moldy.”

Isabella looked at her feet in confusion. The black cat was looking up at her with round eyes.

Then he began to speak, revealing his cute fangs.

“It is clear under the demon law that my identity can only be revealed if a contractor appears. It’s a way to preserve the rights of the Little Demon1he’s referring to himself as the Little Demon. Since I met a stupid Great Demon2the Great Demon here is Kayden, I have no choice but to rot like this.”

The cat chattered excitedly like a fish in water.

“It took five years for you to get your first contract. You’re a terrible guy. Whoo!”

The cat hissed and flung his cotton ball-like front paws at Kayden’s ankle.

‘Oh, my God, he doesn’t look threatening at all.’

Both were frozen by the unbelievable sight.

She can’t believe the cat is talking……?

“I persevered and endured because I thought he would be a big shot. I didn’t expect to live in this rotting, gloomy stone tower.”

The cat huffed, but never lost his polite way of speaking.

But his ears, which were tilted back, contained a clear hostility toward Kayden.

“Kayden Blake, please work like a cow until you die to make up for it.”

The cat revealed its sharp fangs and bit Kayden’s ankle tightly. Its figure resembled a herding dog.

What kind of harmony is this? Kayden was dumbfounded by the cat’s unusual way of talking. Isabella wondered who Mu was.

“Who are you?”

“My name is Mujer. I am the most capable Little Demon in the Demon Realm.”

She thought he was just an ordinary demon.

If it wasn’t for her, Kayden would have failed to sign a contract.

“Call me Mujer.”

“…I will still call you Mu.”

“Ah, you’re a pompous guy. I’ll scratch you.”

When Kayden answered sarcastically, Mu raised his claws. As his sharp claws glowed briefly, Kayden reflexively stepped back.

That was absurd. When he saw him shivering in the rain in the border area, he picked him up and raised him.

Kayden was still stunned by Mu’s unexpected identity.

‘He looks sulky. How do I please him?’

Isabella slowly squatted down and looked at the quivering Mu.

When their eyes met, she blinked slowly. Mu also looked at her intently. It was an ‘eye kiss’ for a cat to show favor.

Mu rubbed his forehead in Isabella’s hand. There was a low vibration sound.

‘He came over.’

Isabella smiled, her eyes softly curved.

“Mujer, I want to know the role of the Little Demon.”

“Great, the Little Demon is a business partner of the Great Demon. Usually, we do a selection to choose a Great Demon.”

Mu stared at Kayden with his eyes raised coyly.

“My selection seems to be a failure in terms of efficiency. Well, what can I do?”

In fact, while living here, Mu was treated well in his own way, and Kayden played the role of his butler.

‘He is his butler. Well, it’s almost like he is his foot warmer.’

As Kayden laughed with a dejected expression, she felt sorry for him.

“Mujer, will you proceed with the contract?”

“Of course, that’s my role.”

“Oh, that’s a relief. I was worried because my partner was a beginner.”

“Of course, there is no Great Demon without the Little Demon. The Little Demon looks over, feeds, and raises them to do their job.”

Isabella and Mu were quite a match. Kayden glared at them with a look of annoyance.

‘They said black-haired animals shouldn’t be picked up…….’

Kayden looked at Mu’s black fur. Its hair was healthy, so it was glossy.

With solid muscles embedded in his whole body and vibrant golden eyes, Mu was a well-managed cat.

Of course, it was because Kaiden only fed him things he liked and played with him for more than 15 minutes in the morning and evening.

However, Mu was fed up with his life in the magic tower.

He nurtured, fed, and took care of him.

He frowned at Mu’s shameless attitude.

He saw Mu’s neatly tucked front feet. His cotton-like fur was small and cute, and did not fit his imposing, well-fed physique. He wanted to hug and fiddle with it.

Isn’t this a disease? Kayden sighed shallowly.

He missed the days when he thought Mu was just a coy cat.

“I’ll start with the magic circle first.”

Either way, Mu pulled out his toenails with an ambitious look.

And in an instant, he drew a complex magic circle.

“The demon should be here, and the contractor is here.”

Following Mu’s instructions, Kayden and Isabella stood in the magic circle.

The floor glistened with red light, and soon there was a huge amount of light.

“Contractor, please reach out.”

Mu reached out to her hand and cut it with his claws. He scratched pretty deep, like a knife cut.

Isabella frowned without realizing it. A drop of blood fell into the magic circle.

“It’s a sacrifice, so please spread it evenly.”

Following Mu’s instructions, she clenched her fist tightly and poured blood. The red magic circle lit up with Isabella’s blood even more fiercely.

When the magic circle for the contract was completed, Mu smiled satisfied.

“Now, let’s begin our contract ceremony.”

When Mu uttered an unidentified spell, a great light engulfed the two.

‘What’s going to happen now?’

Will she be the demon’s woman? Will she be twisted and ruin them like poison? Then, without a moment of hesitation, can she punish them?

She felt faint when the ceremony began. She lost consciousness from a tingling sensation.