Chapter 100 - Chapter 1oo: Visit

Chapter 1oo: Visit

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‘Liu Dabao’ was no ordinary person.

It was Huang Rongxiang, one of the four great experts from the Zhao family.

He was renowned for his shadowless kicks.

At this moment, Huang Rongxiang’s expression was sour.

He did not expect that he would be caught red-handed.

The hotel’s general manager, Zhang Haitao, was also extremely shocked.

When Su Chen had told him about this plan, he was averse to it.

However, he did not expect that this little trick would make him show his hand.

At this moment, Zhou Wanqiu also understood what was going on.

She looked at Su Chen in surprise.

She had always thought that Su Chen was a boorish man who only knew how to fight, but she did not expect him to be so intelligent.

The general manager, Zhang Haitao, stared at Liu Dabao with a dark expression. “You’re not Liu Dabao. Who are you? Who told you to poison the bird’s nests?”

Huang Rongxiang smiled coldly.

When the smile broke across his face, the sounds of bones cracking rang out.

In the blink of an eye, Huang Rongxiang’s ‘fake’ face morphed back into his own.

Zhang Haitao and Zhou Wanqiu were shocked.

They had never seen anything like this before.

Huang Rongxiang, who now looked like himself, smiled coldly at Zhang Haitao. “You want to know who I am? Go ask the king of h*ll!” he roared. Then, he tried to kick him.

Before Zhang Haitao could react, Huang Rongxiang’s leg soared through the air like a sharp sword. In a fraction of a second, his leg was right in front of Zhang Haitao’s face.

It seemed like his head would explode in the next second.

Zhang Haitao’s mind went blank. He closed his eyes in fear, sure that he was going to die.

However, when he opened his eyes, he found that his head was still intact. He also seemed to have moved several paces back!

There was another person beside him.

It was Su Chen.

“Ah! F*ck! Thank you, Secretary Su. Thank you for saving me!”

Zhang Haitao was so grateful that he almost shouted a stream of profanities.

Su Chen’s expression was indifferent.

He ignored Zhang Haitao and looked at Huang Rongxiang coldly.

“What’s wrong? Are you so angry that you want to kill someone?”

“Judging from the way you attacked, you shouldn’t be Zhang Guanshan. You’re Huang Rongxiang! Am I right?”

Huang Rongxiang was slightly shocked.

His kick just now was very fast.

However, Su Chen had appeared in an instant and pushed Zhang Haitao out of his attack range.

This terrifying speed made him rather fearful!

“That’s right! I am Huang Rongxiang!”

Huang Rongxiang stared at Su Chen coldly. “You’re Su Chen, aren’t you? Your skills are not bad! It’s no wonder that Iron Fist Feng Dao and Flying Dagger Li Xiang both died at your hand.”

Su Chen smiled coldly. “They’re not the only ones. All of the Zhao family’s experts will die before me!”

“Shameless boasting!” Huang Rongxiang was furious.

“Let me test your strengths!”

Huang Rongxiang roared and pounced on him.

Zhou Wanqiu and Zhang Haitao looked worried.

Huang Rongxiang knew the Bone Shrinking Technique and the Appearance Changing Technique. These were magical techniques.

Therefore, they were more worried about whether Su Chen could handle him.

However, Su Chen’s expression was indifferent as he looked at Huang Rongxiang, who was lunging toward him.

Huang Rongxiang was like a fierce tiger descending the mountain. He moved in big strides.

With one stride, he quickly entered Su Chen’s personal space!

Then, his long legs were practically spears. He attacked Su Chen fiercely.

“Shadowless Kick!


In an instant, Su Chen was enveloped by the shadows.

“Su Chen, be careful!” Zhou Wanqiu couldn’t help but scream.

However, Su Chen remained calm.

When Su Chen was completely enveloped in the shadows, a smug smile appeared on Huang Rongxiang’s face.

Any enemy enveloped by his Shadowless Kick Technique could never escape.

However, Su Chen had no intention of escaping.

“Fancy punches but useless kicks!” Su Chen shouted coldly.

He did not retreat. Instead, he advanced and kicked him.


A thunderclap sounded.

In an instant, the shadows all disappeared!

As for Huang Rongxiang, he flew backward like a cannonball.

He slammed into the wall.


There were spiderweb-like cracks in the wall.

Zhou Wanqiu and Zhang Haitao were dumbfounded!

Was he even human?

Huang Rongxiang struggled to get up, using the wall to support himself.

He looked terrified.

Huang Rongxiang finally understood why Iron Fist Feng Dao and Flying Dagger Li Xiang had both died at Su Chen’s hand.

He gazed at Su Chen profoundly.

Then, without another word, he turned around and ran.

He knew that he was no match for Su Chen. If he stayed any longer, he would definitely die.

However, before he could take two steps, Su Chen had already caught up with him.

He delivered another kick right in the middle of the back!

Huang Rongxiang spat out a mouthful of blood and fell to the ground.

Su Chen stepped forward and grabbed him by the clothes as if he weighed nothing.

He carried Huang Rongxiang and went back to Zhou Wanqiu. He then threw Huang Rongxiang on the ground.

“CEO Zhou, I did not fail. I helped you capture Huang Rongxiang!”

Zhou Wanqiu heaved a sigh of relief.

With Huang Rongxiang in hand, Li Wandao from the Health Department could also give the public an explanation.

At the very least, they had found the person who had poisoned the food.

Zhang Haitao looked at Su Chen with a hint of respect.

He finally understood why Zhou Wanqiu trusted Su Chen so much.

Zhou Wanqiu glanced at Huang Rongxiang and asked worriedly, “This person’s martial arts skills are so good. If you’re not there to keep him in check, would we have a problem apprehending him?”

Su Chen stepped forward and kicked Huang Rongxiang’s dantian.

“Ah!” Huang Rongxiang screamed.

He glared at Su Chen with hatred. “B*stard, you actually broke my internal force!”

Su Chen ignored him and looked at Zhou Wanqiu.

“Alright, he’s an ordinary person now. He’s even lower than an ordinary person!”

Zhou Wanqiu was speechless.

She didn’t expect Su Chen to be so decisive.

Su Chen seemed to have thought of something. He said to Huang Rongxiang, “Tell me where Zhao Shijie is right now!”

“B*stard, you just crippled me, and you want me to tell you where Young Master Zhao is? Dream on!”

Huang Rongxiang’s mouth was full of blood, and he looked like a ghost.

Su Chen looked at him coldly and stuffed a pill into his mouth.

Then, he took out a silver needle and quickly pricked him a few times.

“B*stard, what did you feed me? What did you do to me?”

Huang Rongxiang looked nervous.

“It’s just poison,” Su Chen said calmly. “I used the silver needles to activate your acupuncture points and increase your sensitivity! Good luck on being this stubborn later!”

Huang Rongxiang looked terrified.

He was about to say something when he felt a piercing pain in his bones.

Then, his skin started to itch. It felt like thousands of ants were gnawing on his skin.

Su Chen used the silver needle to magnify his senses, causing him to explode in pain and discomfort!

“So itchy! It hurts!”

For a moment, Huang Rongxiang actually did not know whether he was itchy or in pain!

He scratched until his body was covered in blood.

However, even though he scratched until his skin was bleeding, there was no relief from the pain and itchiness. It seemed to come from inside him.

“I’ll talk! Please spare me, I’ll tell you.”

In less than half a minute, Huang Rongxiang had already given in.

He quickly told Su Chen Zhao Shijie’s address.

Zhang Haitao was shocked when he saw this. He looked at Su Chen with a hint of respect again.

“Su Chen, what are you doing?” Zhou Wanqiu frowned. “Don’t be rash!”

“CEO Zhou, do you want to discuss fair competition with Zhao Shijie?” Su Chen asked calmly.

Zhou Wanqiu was stunned.

“Wang Hegang has already died because of the poisoned food in the Chunjiang Road restaurant,” Su Chen continued. “If we do things the normal way, who knows how many people this crazy man will kill!

“We have been naive. Now, in the war between the Zhou family and the Zhao family, the Zhou family has always been honorable. Due to that, Zhao Shijie dared to be unscrupulous!

“Now, let me be the villain! I will be the villain who is capable of terrifying the Zhao family.”

Su Chen turned around and left.

Zhou Wanqiu opened her mouth, but she didn’t know what to say. She didn’t stop Su Chen.

As she watched Su Chen’s departing figure, she felt inexplicably relieved.

“Su Chen, be careful!” she shouted.

Meanwhile, in the garden of a suburban villa, Zhao Shijie, He Zhentian, and a white-haired old man were chatting over a drink.

They had no idea that death was coming for them!

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