Chapter 99 - Chapter 99: Bastard, You tricked Me!

Chapter 99: Bastard, You tricked Me!

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Zhou Wanqiu looked at Su Chen in confusion when he said that.

“Zhao Shijie’s next target is Ruyi Restaurant!” Su Chen said seriously.

Zhou Wanqiu’s expression was serious. “Who gave you the information?”

“Liu Jinghao, the owner of Imperial Spring View Hotel!” Su Chen said.

“He said that the waiter overheard it when he was serving Zhao Shijie.”

Zhou Wanqiu looked serious, “Why do you have Liu Jinghao’s contact information? Is his information reliable?”

“He wouldn’t lie to me.”

“Why?” Zhou Wanqiu asked.

She really didn’t understand how a country bumpkin like Su Chen could get information from the owner of Imperial Spring View Hotel.

“I treated him once, so he’s quite grateful to me.”

In the end, Su Chen did not mention what happened with Yao Zhenfeng of the Yao family in the provincial capital.

“I didn’t expect your skills to be so useful.”

Zhou Wanqiu believed Su Chen, but she was still stubborn.

Su Chen was speechless. “Don’t worry about whether my skills are useful or not. Let’s see what we can do next.”

Zhou Wanqiu nodded.

She frowned slightly. “Liu Jinghao’s information is most likely true.”

“The problem with Zhou Catering Group’s fast food chain is that Zhao Shijie deliberately chose civilian fast food to expand the scope of the negative effects of food poisoning.”

“However, Zhao Shijie might not succeed since we were able to settle the issue and compensate the sick!”

Su Chen nodded.

Zhou Wanqiu continued to analyze the issue. “If that’s the case, he might start targeting the higher-end customers. We can’t deal with those as easily.”

“And Ruyi Restaurant is our company’s most high-end restaurant.”

After consulting Zhou Wanqiu’s father, they felt even more certain that Ruyi Restaurant was very likely to be Zhao Shijie’s next target!

“Let’s go! Let’s go to Ruyi Restaurant!”

Zhou Wanqiu made a prompt decision.

After contacting the people from Zhou Catering Group to pick up He Lili, she brought Su Chen to Ruyi Restaurant.

When they were on the way, Su Chen spoke.

“CEO Zhou, I have a suggestion,” Su Chen said. “You should contact the staff at Ruyi Restaurant now. Don’t let them serve the dishes yet. Wait until I’ve checked all the dishes before serving the guests.”

Zhou Wanqiu’s eyes lit up. She looked at Su Chen and asked, “Could you tell if any of the dishes have been poisoned?”

Su Chen nodded.

Zhou Wanqiu was overjoyed. “Okay, Su Chen, thank you! Once we resolve this, I will remember your great contribution.”

Su Chen smiled.

It didn’t matter to him whether she remembered his contributions or not.

He just didn’t want her to cause him trouble in the future.

Then, Zhou Wanqiu called the general manager of Ruyi Restaurant, Zhang Haitao.

“Manager Zhang, this is Zhou Wanqiu. Do not serve any of the dishes in the restaurant. Wait until I arrive!”

Zhang Haitao was a little puzzled.

However, the tough Zhou Wanqiu had given him an order. He could only obey her.

Zhou Wanqiu drove very fast and arrived at Ruyi Restaurant in less than 20 minutes.

Ruyi Restaurant was an independent restaurant with three floors.

It was antique and elegant.

Zhou Wanqiu parked the car and brought Su Chen into Ruyi Restaurant.

A slightly plump middle-aged man quickly came up to them.

He looked anxious, and he complained, “CEO Zhou, why did you suddenly ask me to stop all the dishes from going out? We have a lot of big-shot customers who are already angry!”

“If we don’t handle this properly, I’m afraid there will be a wave of complaints from the customers!”

Zhou Wanqiu said coldly, “Customer complaints are better than customers dying from poisoned food!”

Zhang Haitao was stunned.

Zhou Wanqiu briefly explained what happened at the Chunjiang Road restaurant.

Zhang Haitao’s expression changed drastically.

Zhou Wanqiu continued, “If the customers are not satisfied with the speed of our service, we can give them a 30% discount or even a 50% discount on today’s dishes.”

That was a good move!

That would calm them down!

Zhang Haitao was instantly convinced by Zhou Wanqiu’s boldness.

However, he still looked at Su Chen suspiciously and asked, “CEO Zhou, is your secretary reliable?”

It was no wonder Zhang Haitao didn’t trust Su Chen.

After all, Su Chen looked as young as his son.

He did not look like a capable Chinese medicine doctor.

Zhou Wanqiu said coldly, “He cured my dad’s illness. He even cured Liu Jinghao, the owner of the Imperial Spring View Hotel. Just now, the doctor had no clue what to do with the patients at the Chunjiang Road restaurant. Su Chen was the one who managed to induce vomiting.”

Su Chen looked at Zhou Wanqiu in surprise.

He didn’t expect Zhou Wanqiu to praise him.

“But…” Zhang Haitao still wanted to say something.

Zhou Wanqiu interrupted him, “Don’t talk nonsense now! Hurry up and show us the dishes that have been made.”

Zhang Haitao didn’t dare to say anything else and led Su Chen and Zhou Wanqiu to a large private room.

In the private room, a large round table was filled with dishes.

These dishes were supposed to be served, but Zhang Haitao had temporarily held them back for Su Chen to check them.

“CEO Zhou, Secretary Su, per your request, we have placed all the prepared dishes in this private room. I didn’t alarm too many people.” Zhang Haitao said.

Zhou Wanqiu nodded and looked at Su Chen.

Su Chen stepped forward and checked each dish one by one.

He didn’t stay in front of any dish for too long. Most of the time, he just glanced at it.

At most, he would just smell it and then move on to the next dish.

Zhang Haitao saw Su Chen’s actions, and his face was filled with disdain and confusion.

“CEO Zhou, can Secretary Su really do this? I think we should get some professionals to examine the food.”

Zhou Wanqiu shook her head. “Don’t say anything. Wait for Su Chen’s conclusion.”

Zhang Haitao was secretly disappointed.

He thought that Zhou Wanqiu might be in love with Su Chen, which was why she was being so naive.

She actually believed that this young man could tell if a dish was poisoned just by looking and smelling it.

Su Chen quickly checked all the dishes.

He strode back.

Zhang Haitao quickly said, “You can’t tell?”

However, Su Chen said directly, “Go and check the surveillance cameras in the kitchen. Check if anyone touched the bird’s nests.”

Zhang Haitao was stunned.

“Didn’t you hear what Su Chen said?” Zhou Wanqiu said quickly. “Quickly investigate the surveillance cameras!”

Zhang Haitao immediately came to his senses and ran out.

After a while, he returned.

“CEO Zhou, Secretary Su, the only person who touched all the bird’s nests is Liu

Dabao. However, he’s an old employee. He wouldn’t poison the dishes!”

Zhang Haitao was in disbelief.

Su Chen stepped forward and whispered a few words to Zhang Haitao.

Zhang Haitao looked at Su Chen in disbelief, then turned around and walked towards the kitchen.

Zhou Wanqiu asked Su Chen, “What did you say to Zhang Haitao?”

Su Chen smiled but didn’t say anything.

Zhou Wanqiu was curious, but she was too embarrassed to ask.

In the kitchen of Ruyi Restaurant, a fat chef was shouting at a skinny and tall chef who stood with his back to him. “Buttface, Buttface!”

The tall and skinny guy didn’t react at all.

The fat chef patted him on the shoulder. “Liu Dabao, why are you ignoring me? Are you angry that I called you by your nickname?”

Liu Dabao’s expression stiffened. He then smiled and said, “Sorry, I didn’t hear you just now.”

The fat chef’s expression changed slightly. He said, “Go outside. Manager Zhang is looking for you.”

Liu Dabao was stunned for a moment. Then, he smiled shyly. “Alright!”

Soon, the tall and thin man walked out of the kitchen and approached Zhang Haitao, who was waiting outside.

“Buttface, do you know why I’m looking for you?”

Zhang Haitao’s expression was serious.

Liu Dabao shook his head. He didn’t know!

At this moment, a voice came from behind him.

“Manager Zhang asked you to come here because your nickname isn’t Buttface!”

‘Liu Dabao’ hurriedly turned his head.

Su Chen and Zhou Wanqiu approached them, walking side by side!

Liu Dabao’s expression changed drastically as he roared, “B*stard, you tricked me!”

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