Chapter 24 - She-Devil

Chapter 24 She-Devil

Su Chen was in a daze, and Qin Yaoyao burst out laughing.

“Haha, we’re here. Why aren’t you getting out of the car?”

“Are you reluctant to part with me? Hahaha!”

Qin Yaoyao laughed.

Su Chen quickly pushed the door open and got out of the car.

She was too wild.

Qin Yaoyao laughed as she drove away, while Su Chen returned to the Zhou family’s villa.

Zhao Guirong came up to him immediately and asked with a smile, “Su Chen, did you meet your friends tonight? Do you want some fruit?”

As she spoke, Zhao Guirong served some fruits and milk.

Su Chen’s heart warmed.

He couldn’t understand. Mrs. Zhao was such a gentle and virtuous woman. Why was her daughter’s temper so bad?

Su Chen sighed.

After eating some fruits on the first floor and chatting with Zhao Guirong for a while, he went to the bedroom on the second floor.

He opened his sleeping bag and set it on the floor. Then, he sat cross-legged on it, and began to cultivate.

This was Su Chen’s daily compulsory ritual. Meanwhile…

After the Qin family’s cocktail party ended, the Zhou family went straight to the side hall.

Sure enough, Manager Li, the manager of Tianhao Group’s new factory was already waiting for them.

“I’ve been expecting you!”

Manager Li approached them immediately.

His respectful attitude made the three members of the Zhou family feel somewhat strange.

Manager Li was the manager of Tianhao Group’s new factory.

Normally, the bosses of food and beverage companies had to curry favor with these managers in order to receive the contract.

However, that wasn’t the case today.

The Zhou family felt that the opposite had just occurred.

“Manager Li, you’re simply too polite!”

Zhou Pingjiang did not dare to be arrogant and quickly went forward to greet him.

They chatted enthusiastically.

Manager Li welcomed them, and Zhou Pingjiang was also very polite. The atmosphere was quite harmonious.

They managed to discuss their cooperation harmoniously.

Although they only spoke briefly about it, if all went well, they could arrange a meeting with the legal department for the contract signing. Moreover, in this brief conversation, it was clear that the Qin family did not bully their customers. Instead, they gave them an appropriate discount.

The letter of cooperation intent had better terms than the Zhou family had initially imagined.

The three members of the Zhou family were excited.

“Manager Li, I want to ask, why did your factory choose Zhou Catering Group?” Zhou Pingjiang couldn’t help but ask. “Did someone help us out?”

He felt that if he did not ask this question, he would not be able to sleep well tonight.

Zhou Rongchang and Zhou Wanqiu turned to look at Manager Li. They wanted to know the answer too.

“Who’d help you?” Manager Li smiled and said, “Your company’s excellent reputation in the food and beverage industry helped you!” Manager Li was smiling brightly, but he was also puzzled.

Actually, he was also confused about why they chose Zhou Catering Group.

He just received Qin Wentian’s order and hurriedly rushed over.

Zhou Pingjiang and Zhou Wanqiu looked at each other and could only believe this answer for the time being.

In the end, the Zhou family members left in high spirits.

On the way back, the Zhou family made another round of speculations, but they did not think anyone would help Zhou Catering Group.

Zhou Wanqiu would never have thought that the person who helped their family was the country bumpkin who slept in the same room as her.

Zhou Wanqiuand the others headed home. The villa was quiet.

It was late, and Zhao Guirong had already gone to sleep.

The three of them went inside and went to their rooms.

Zhou Wanqiu walked upstairs and turned on the lights.

Instantly, the room lit up.

A figure was sitting cross-legged in the corner.


Zhou Wanqiuwas so frightened that she almost screamed.

“What are you doing?”

Zhou Wanqiu was angry and annoyed.

“Cultivating!” Su Chen said matter-of-factly, slowly opening his eyes.

Zhou Wanqiu was so angry that she wanted to snap at him, but she couldn’t find a reason to. “Cultivation? What a superstitious act!”Zhou Wanqiu said angrily.

Then, she picked up her clothes and went to shower.

“This is ridiculous!”

Su Chen looked at Zhou Wanqiu’s back and closed his eyes.

After a while, Zhou Wanqiu was done showering. She dried her hair and changed into her nightgown.

She emerged from the bathroom and saw Su Chen still sitting cross-legged on the ground. She snorted coldly and crawled into bed.

She turned off the lights!

There was an awkward silence.

Cough! Cough!

Zhou Wanqiu coughed and broke the silence, “That… What were you doing at the Qin family’s cocktail party today?”

In the darkness, Su Chen’s voice rang out. “Learning!”

Zhou Wanqiu was stunned.

She felt a little awkward. Initially, Zhou Rongchang had wanted to invite Su Chen, so he could broaden his horizons. However, she had rejected the idea.

However, Su Chen managed to go to the Qin family’s cocktail party all by himself.

No matter how she looked at it, it felt like a slap to the face.

Zhou Wanqiu was furious.

“What did you gain from it?”

“Do you know that Qin Yaoyao was just teasing you? Do you think she’ll fall for you?”

“She just hasn’t seen a country boy like you before and thinks you’re interesting! What do you think she likes about you?” Zhou Wanqiu’s voice grew louder and louder.

In the darkness, Su Chen was dumbfounded. “I didn’t say she liked me! Why are you so agitated?”


Zhou Wanqiu suddenly froze. She felt her face heat up! ‘That’s right! ‘Why am I so excited?

‘Does Su Chen think I’m jealous?’ Zhou Wanqiu clutched the corner of the blanket tightly, wishing she could take back her words. “I-I’m just worried that you’ll be deceived! You’re the grandson of my grandfather’s good friend. I’m obligated to remind you!” Zhou Wanqiutried hard to come up with a reason. “Thank you for your concern!” Su Chen said calmly.

In the darkness, Zhou Wanqiu bit the blanket hard!

‘Ah! Ah! I messed up! This is so embarrassing!’ Fortunately, the lights were off, so no one could see her blush.

In the slightly awkward atmosphere, it took some time for Zhou Wanqiu to finally fall asleep.

The next morning… During breakfast…

“Wanqiu, you have to take care of Su Chen.

Don’t just leave him in the secretaries’ office,” Old Master Zhou told her.

“Bring him with you on meetings and other work affairs. Teach him!”

“Alright!” Zhou Wanqiu nodded indifferently.

It seemed like her grandfather was treating Su Chen as his biological grandson and treating her like his god-granddaughter.

From breakfast to driving Su Chen to the company, Zhou Wanqiu stayed silent.

Su Chen was baffled when he got out of the car. What was wrong with this woman?

He didn’t think he had offended her!

Su Chen shook it off and walked straight into the building.

As soon as he entered the office, Su Chen felt that the atmosphere was not right. Zhang You and the others didn’t make any noise. Instead, they sat obediently at their desks.

‘Could it be because of what happened to Tian Yong last night?’Su Chen thought to himself as he returned to his seat. “Su Chen, you’re here!”

Zhang You and the others quickly surrounded him.

Su Chen glanced at them and said, “You guys are early. However, since you’re all here, what about Tian Yong?”

Zhang You quickly said, “Su Chen, Tian Yong asked us to come back! He said that he’s almost completely recovered and that we don’t need to accompany him.”

“Besides, he knows that the she-devil is back today. If we don’t come to work, she’ll probably give us h*ll!” She-devil?

Su Chen was stunned.