Chapter 23 - Do You Prefer Cats or Dogs?

Chapter 23 Do You Prefer Cats or Dogs?

Chen Zhongyi lowered his head, and his expression was rueful.

Since Su Chen could destroy the Black Dragon Gang, he was capable of destroying Zhongyi Hall too.

Therefore, Chen Zhongyi was afraid of making Su Chen unhappy.

“Clean him up!” Su Chen didn’t want to continue pestering him. He turned to leave.

Chen Zhongyi sighed in relief and immediately ordered his men to attack Ah She.

Ah She’s face was swollen, and he was frightened.

“Chen Zhongyi, why are you doing this? Who is this man? Tell me the truth or I won’t be able to die in peace!” Ah She struggled and roared.

Chen Zhongyi sneered, “Guess who killed He Zhenlong and the others from the Black Dragon Gang?”

Ah She started trembling, and his eyes betrayed his disbelief.

Immediately after, he smiled bitterly. “I accept my end now!”

“Attack! Kill Ah She! After you’re done, fall back!” Chen Zhongyi said.

Soon, the crowd in front of the hotel dispersed again.

The female receptionist at the front desk watched everything in a daze.

When Su Chen returned to the room, she finally snapped out of it.

“This man… What kind of background does he have?!”

The waitress gulped.

The attendees of the Qin family’s cocktail party had no idea what had happened to Su Chen. Meanwhile…

Sun Zhongjing received a call from Qin Yaoyao. She asked him to brew some medicine at Huichun Hall.

At this moment…

The three members of the Zhou family came to speak to him.

“Doctor Sun, where is Su Chen?” Zhou Rongchang asked.

Sun Zhongjing did not know what to say. He tried to be vague. “He’s gone back!”

Zhou Wanqiu interrupted, “Sun Zhongjing, how did Ms. Qin and Su Chen meet?”

Sun Zhongjing was stunned. Then, he remembered Su Chen’s instructions.

“I recently cured Ms. Qin of her illness and I was invited to the party. So, I just decided to bring Su Chen along. I didn’t expect Ms. Qin to get along so well with him.”

“I knew it. Su Chen is an honest and dutiful child. He sure is well-liked,” said Zhou Rongchang.

However, Zhou Wanqiu felt unnerved.

Although she didn’t like Su Chen very much, she still felt a little unhappy to hear that a woman, who wasn’t inferior to her, was spending time with Su Chen.

“He’s probably the first country bumpkin that Ms. Qin has met. She probably thinks that he’s stupid and straightforward. She thinks of him as a novelty.” Zhou Wanqiu mumbled.

Hearing this, Zhou Rongchang’s expression darkened.

Zhou Wanqiu quickly shut up.

When Sun Zhongjing heard this, he looked at Zhou Wanqiu in surprise.

That day, at the Zhou family villa, he saw Zhou Rongchang arrange Zhou Wanqiu and Su Chen’s marriage.

Now, it seemed that things weren’t going smoothly!

As he realized that, Sun Zhongjing felt even more upset that he didn’t have a beautiful granddaughter.

Otherwise, he would’ve intervened and made her marry Su Chen too.

“Alright! I have something urgent to attend to, so I can’t talk right now! Farewell, everyone!”

After saying that…

Sun Zhongjing stood up and left.

By the time Sun Zhongjing arrived at Huichun Hall, Qin Yaoyao had already arrived.

The two of them did not waste any time and quickly found the herbs that Su Chen needed. Then, they refined them according to the method he wrote down.

While Sun Zhongjing was refining the medicine, he contemplated Su Chen’s amazing medical skills.

He had not heard of this combination before.

He also had no experience with this refining method and these medicinal ingredients. However, the effect seemed to be even more extraordinary.

Qin Yaoyao followed beside him and busied herself.

Sun Zhongjing was surprised.

The Qin family’s eldest daughter actually had some skills.

As he thought of Zhou Wanqiu’s attitude, Sun Zhongjing suddenly felt that Zhou Rongchang’s plan might not work out!

Soon, Sun Zhongjing finished refining the medicine and handed it to Qin Yaoyao. “Miss Qin, it’s been refined. Hurry up and bring it to him!”

“Alright!” Qin Yaoyao nodded obediently. She took the medicine and got into the car.

The car window rolled down, revealing Qin Yaoyao’s beautiful and exquisite face. “Elder Sun, I’m leaving! Thank you!”

Then, the Ferrari sped off.

“This girl might foil Old Master Zhou’s plan.”

Sun Zhongjing smiled.

In the hotel…

Qin Yaoyao handed the medicine to Su Chen.

“You did good!” Su Chen praised her. Qin Yaoyao smiled sweetly.

Su Chen gave Tian Yong a second acupuncture treatment before applying the medicine. After a while, Su Chen heaved a sigh of relief.

“Alright, Tian Yong can basically move now!”

“However, I suggest that we rest here tonight and wait until tomorrow!”Su Chen said. “Thank you, Su Chen! I’ll take care of Tian Yong here. Su Chen, you can take off!”

“No! I still want Su Chen to teach me about martial arts!” Tian Yong said.

Zhang You stepped forward and slapped Tian Yong’s head. “Martial arts? Martial arts your *ss! Do you think that’s what everyone is thinking of right now? Don’t you want to play with girls?”

Only then did Tian Yong notice that a beautiful girl was standing beside Su Chen. It was Qin Yaoyao.

“Oh!”Tian Yong said with a guilty conscience.

Su Chen wanted to say something, but Zhang You quickly pushed him out. “Alright! Su Chen, you’ve had a busy day!

Hurry up and have Ms. Qin take you home! Thank you, Su Chen!”

Clang! The door was shut.

Su Chen and Qin Yaoyao were alone outside.

Qin Yaoyao smiled. “Savior, your friend has good judgment!”

“Don’t call me that!” Su Chen laughed. “It sounds so awkward!”

“I like it!” Qin Yaoyao smiled, then turned around and walked towards the Ferrari. Su Chen got into the car and the two of them headed for the Zhou family’s villa.

In the car…

“Tianhao Group’s new factory project has been given to the Zhou Family,” Qin Yaoyao said.

Su Chen said, “Thank you!”

“Oh right, what’s your relationship with Zhou Wanqiu?”Qin Yaoyao asked curiously.

Su Chen explained, “My grandfather once saved Old Master Zhou Rongchang. Now, I’m living with the Zhou family and working in the Zhou family’s company! That’s it.” Well, he and Zhou Wanqiu were husband and wife.

However, the marriage certificate was fake. Moreover, Zhou Wanqiu didn’t want Su Chen to tell anyone about their relationship. This was the only way he could explain things.

“Why don’t you come to work at our company, then?” Qin Yaoyao quickly said. “Our company is much bigger than the Zhou family’s. You can stay at our house too. I guarantee you’ll be more comfortable with us.”

“If I get sick again, you can give me a massage!” As she spoke, Qin Yaoyao deliberately licked her lips.

This demoness!

“No need. I’m fine at the Zhou family’s villa.”

Su Chen shook his head and rejected her offer.

His grandfather had ordered him to stay by Zhou Wanqiu’s side for a year. No matter what, that’s what he had to do.

Qin Yaoyao pouted and said pitifully, “Do you not like me?”

Su Chen scratched his head. “I didn’t say that!”

Qin Yaoyao smiled. “Then, you do like me?”

Su Chen said unhappily, “Is what I feel that interesting?”

“Tell me something. Between Zhou Wanqiu and me, who do you like better?” Qin Yaoyao asked. Su Chen ignored her. What kind of question was this? “We’re here. Stop the car!” He pointed ahead.

Seeing that Su Chen was ignoring her, Qin Yaoyao rolled her eyes and said, “Then, I’ll ask you one last question. Once you answer me, I’ll let you go inside. ”

“Tell me!” Su Chen looked at Qin Yaoyao helplessly.

Qin Yaoyao asked, “Do you prefer cats or dogs?”

Su Chen was stunned. “Cats!”

Qin Yaoyao turned around and whispered to Su Chen, “Meow!”

Su Chen was stunned.