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The Hydra pounced over, and its nine huge heads collided with the airflow.

This way, it was equivalent to Liu Feixue advancing and retreating with Su Xing!

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

A huge impact attacked, causing Liu Feixue’s body to fall quickly to the ground.

Su Xing hurriedly reached out and grabbed her.

At this moment, the Hydra took the opportunity to approach.


It roared at the sky and opened its mouth, spitting out terrifying energy that instantly enveloped Su Xing.

This strike was enough to make Su Xing fall into despair.


Suddenly, an intense bang exploded. A dazzling saber light seemed to have descended from the ancient era and slashed out with an indomitable might.

In an instant, the extremely violent energy was split open and dissipated.


In the next moment, Su Xing hugged Liu Feixue and released the Fire Ring Technique. He was very fast and quickly left this place.

Where they had stopped just now, a huge rock thousands of feet tall exploded.

If Su Xing was slightly slower, he would probably have been slapped to death here.


Su Xing flashed and fled into the distance.

He was not depressed because of this. Instead, he became extremely excited.

This was because this battle had given him a huge tempering effect.

However, Su Xing also noticed a detail. He understood that Liu Feixue had saved him just now.

“Liu Feixue actually has such a powerful teleportation ability…” Su Xing was secretly shocked.

One had to know that even a Tier 4 expert could not achieve such a high-speed instant release.

However, not only could Liu Feixue have such a sharp reaction, but she also had an extremely powerful prediction ability.

From this, it could be seen that Liu Feixue’s status at the Jiangnan Intermediate Research Institute was definitely extraordinary.

No wonder she was able to enter the special recruitment list of the Jiangnan Intermediate Research Institute with him. There must be a special reason.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

Wisps of extremely hot flame power lingered around him, causing him to look like a small sun.

His skin was suffused with a rosy luster and filled with vitality.

As he used the Wind Technique, accompanied by thick flames, Su Xing’s body was like a fireball as he flew through the forest.

The Hydra chased after him.

As Su Xing ran, he mobilized the power of flames that surged into his arm.

“I’ll let you taste my combination skill!”

Wind Technique + Fire Dragon Technique!


Suddenly, he raised his fist and threw a punch through the air. The hot flame power immediately gathered and formed a terrifying energy pillar.


The Hydra wailed in pain. Its scales flew everywhere and were actually charred black. Clearly, it was already injured.

This was because Su Xing’s strike just now had fused with a large amount of flame power. Coupled with the help of the Wind Technique, it made the fire stronger, so the power was naturally extremely great.


The Hydra screamed and quickly retreated out of the flames.

Su Xing restrained the power of the flames and looked into the distance.

He discovered that Liu Feixue was standing in the distance and staring at him in a daze.

This was the first time shock appeared on Liu Feixue’s face.

“What… did you do just now?” Liu Feixue could not help but ask.

She knew the strength of the Hydra very well and naturally knew the level of those who could fight it.

However, Su Xing seemed to have only used one move to make the Hydra escape in a sorry state. How could she not be extremely surprised?

Moreover, the hot flame power just now had also caused her to feel extremely oppressed.

“I didn’t do anything!”

“I only used my fist to beat away an ugly snake.”

Su Xing shrugged and lied without blushing at all.

“Ugly snake?”


“Stupid guy, you really don’t have any conscience. To think that I was worried about you for so long.”

Hearing this explanation, Liu Feixue immediately pouted.

At this moment, that terrifying aura swept over again. This time, it was several times more terrifying than before!


The Hydra hissed. Its eight tails danced wildly, trying to block Su Xing’s attack.


The power of flames collided with the eight tails of the Hydra, causing a huge explosion and billowing dust.

After the dust dissipated, the Hydra cried out in pain and was blasted far away.

Three of its eight tails were actually broken.


The Hydra roared angrily.

Su Xing was very strong.

However, the Hydra was not to be trifled with. After all, it had the strength of an early-stage Tier 4. It was very simple to crush Su Xing.

Suddenly, the void in front seemed to have been squeezed by an inexplicable force and exploded.

The figure of the Hydra was actually strangely fast. It directly attacked with its tail very quickly!

It released all its magical energy, causing the surrounding void to collapse.


A dazzling tail pierced through the world and collided with the fiery red beam of light. A monstrous roar erupted, deafening.

Whoosh! Whoosh!

The violent aftershock spread in all directions, causing the sky to shatter. The scene was extremely terrifying.


Puff! Puff!

At the critical moment, Su Xing directly protected Liu Feixue. The two of them suffered a huge impact and were sent flying.

His chest was covered in blood.

“What a powerful magical beast!” Su Xing still had a lingering fear. If he had been half a second late, he would probably have died under the other party’s claws.

“Are you alright?” Liu Feixue hurriedly asked with concern, her beautiful eyes filled with concern.

“I’m fine!” Su Xing shook his head.

Although he was heavily injured, it was not serious enough to need treatment.


At this moment, the Hydra pounced at Su Xing again.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

The two of them fought for a while more. In the end, after adding several sinister wounds to the Hydra, another combination skill landed on its body.

However, Su Xing was shocked to discover that his combination skill, created through the Wind Technique and the Fire Dragon Technique, was actually useless against this magical beast!

“What’s going on? It clearly had a very good effect just now!” Su Xing was a little surprised. He did not expect this magical beast to be so powerful that it was directly immune to his skill!

This combination skill was the strongest spell that could be released.

It would be a little difficult if his strongest method could no longer work.