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“Oh no, could this be…” Su Xing frowned. He opened the map and immediately confirmed his guess.

Seeing that Su Xing was silent, Liu Feixue was a little puzzled. She pouted and asked, “What’s wrong? What happened?!”

Su Xing showed the map to Liu Feixue.

Seeing this, Liu Feixue’s pupils immediately constricted. This was actually the depths of the forest, an unsafe area, a forbidden area of the Magical Beast Mountain Range!!!

One had to know that since it could be called a forbidden area, it was definitely an extremely ferocious place.

According to the statistics of the Jiangnan Intermediate Research Institute’s mission building, the mortality rate from entering the forbidden area had soared in recent years. The highest record was as high as 90%!

What a terrifying number!

Liu Feixue broke out in cold sweat. If she did not hurry up and leave, she would simply be courting death!

“Su Xing, let’s quickly leave this place!” Liu Feixue felt quite uneasy. She held her wand tightly, and her body even trembled slightly.

“Don’t panic!” Su Xing comforted.

He understood that Liu Feixue was worried about him.

After all, everyone in the entire forest knew that he was a new student.


Suddenly, a low roar sounded, causing one to shiver.

They saw an extremely terrifying aura gathered densely in front of them.

However, this was only the beginning.

Behind him, more magical energies surged.

“Oh no!”

Liu Feixue’s face was pale.

“It’s too late!” Su Xing smiled bitterly and stared ahead. He looked into the depths of the forest and pondered, “Stay where you are and don’t run around. I’ll go lure that guy away.”

“How can this be…”

“Don’t worry! I won’t leave you behind.”

Su Xing patted Liu Feixue’s shoulder and flew away.

He did not choose to stay and save Liu Feixue on impulse.

He had long thought of a countermeasure.

If he encountered his mission target, that would be the best. Moreover, it was impossible for him to bring Liu Feixue to fight.

After all, the mission target far exceeded their strength!

Su Xing could still rely on the system to make a simple judgment, but not Liu Feixue. She was a defensive support mage and was not good at combat.

Therefore, he would definitely act on his own and reduce the danger to a level he could control!

Suddenly, a few furious roars sounded, and then an incomparably huge shadow enveloped half the sky.

“What should have come has still come!” Su Xing’s expression sank.

Under the envelopment of that shadow, he felt intense pressure.

Magical Beast Name: Hydra

Level: Early-stage Tier 4

Threat: High

Note: This magical beast is the target of the host’s mission. It has nine lives and you need to be vigilant!

A string of information instantly appeared in front of Su Xing and he immediately knew what to do.

Although the other party was high-level and had nine lives, Su Xing still did not panic.

Since he could accept such a difficult mission, he was naturally confident.

After all, what he lacked now was such a powerful opponent!

Only then could he unleash his strength to his heart’s content and see where his limit was!


Soon, a hiss sounded, filled with anger.

It had already sensed that its territory had actually been invaded!


Su Xing suddenly raised his head and looked at the sky.

There, a huge ferocious head appeared. It was ten meters thick and opened its bloody mouth, spitting out an extremely stench.

There was a purple-black crystal hanging on its neck. It flickered with dark light and emitted dense life force.

The strength of the Hydra was at the initial-stage of Tier 4!

However, its entire body was covered in thick scales. It was as hard as iron, its claws were sharp, its strength was extremely great, and its speed was extremely fast!

In particular, two black hole-like eyeballs condensed on its nine heads, containing extremely powerful destructive fluctuations.

Once it shot out, it would definitely be able to destroy everything.


Su Xing did not hesitate to turn around and escape.

He knew very well that it was unrealistic to fight a magical beast of this level head-on.

However, there were many other methods that were enough to turn the entire situation around and reverse the current oppressive state.


The Hydra roared repeatedly. Its nine huge and ferocious heads bit towards Su Xing at the same time.

On every head, black hole-like eyes flickered, emitting destructive fluctuations. It was as if with a light sweep, the ground could collapse, mountains would collapse, and trees would turn to dust.

Su Xing’s figure was strong and agile as a rabbit as he jumped and moved in the range of nine heads.

He was looking for the flaw in the Hydra’s positioning!

Running blindly would definitely not resolve the problem.


The Hydra roared and chased after him again.

Although the speed at which Su Xing moved was not slow, he was still firmly locked by the Hydra. It only needed to gently flap its wings to leave Su Xing far behind.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!


With a bang, the Hydra opened its mouth and swallowed the spot where Su Xing was standing.

Its body was too huge. In its eyes, it was completely as weak as an ant.

However, Su Xing relied on his strange footsteps to dodge the fatal attack.


Su Xing’s flames spat out and blasted toward the back of the Hydra.

The Hydra had thick skin and shocking defense, but the bones in its back were much weaker. When the fireball landed, it left a deep wound that could be seen through the bones.

Blood flowed, and it was a shocking sight.

However, the Hydra was still ferocious. It opened its mouth and bit, wanting to completely tear Su Xing apart.


This move shattered the void.

If an ordinary Tier 4 Mage was attacked at this level, they would probably be instantly killed!

Even if Su Xing moved at the fastest speed, he was still brushed by a trace and a terrifying scar instantly appeared on his body!

“Damn it, no matter how fast I am, I’m still far inferior to this Hydra. Could it be that the level suppression is so ruthless?” Su Xing muttered in his mind. Although he was a little injured, the magical energy in his body was still recovering at an extremely fast speed.

Su Xing quickly took out two bottles of energy potion and swallowed them in one go.

The magical energy in his body instantly recovered slightly.

If this continued, his current situation would still be difficult!


Suddenly, a faint golden light lit up behind him.

Boom! Boom!

In the next moment, a powerful energy swept out, forming an extremely warm airflow that directly enveloped Su Xing.

“What’s this?”

Su Xing was stunned for a moment before turning around.

Beside him, there were actually patterns circulating on the surface of the airflow, filled with traces of a holy luster.

On the other side of the airflow stood a valiant woman. Her figure was graceful, her appearance was beautiful, and there was cold arrogance between her eyebrows.

It was Liu Feixue.

“Didn’t I tell you to wait for me on the spot? Why did you come over?” Su Xing looked at Liu Feixue in confusion.

He knew that this situation was definitely not a coincidence, but had long been planned.

In fact, it was within Su Xing’s expectations that Liu Feixue could rush over in time.

“I don’t want to appear either!” Liu Feixue’s beautiful face revealed a trace of grievance as she muttered, “I also want to hide in case I’m implicated to death by you…”

As soon as she finished speaking…