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Moreover, after contracting the Fire Phoenix, Su Xing had a unique summoning method.

As long as he shouted the word “Little Red”, the Fire Phoenix would appear immediately!


The Fire Phoenix cried out and flew towards Su Xing.

Su Xing stretched out his right arm and touched the soft and smooth wings of the Fire Phoenix. Then, he picked up the Fiery Wand and suddenly waved it.


Flame energy shot out and landed on the distant rock wall, immediately leaving deep ravines.


The Fire Phoenix cried out as if expressing its joy.

Su Xing touched its wings and felt that they were not sharp and did not seem to have any lethality.

Moreover, he felt that the Fire Phoenix seemed to have become much more clumsy.

Not only that but this guy could not even fly.

“No wonder it’s called the Fire Phoenix! It indeed has the attribute of fire,” Su Xing muttered.

“Forget it, there’s no hurry.” Su Xing shook his head and temporarily gave up on the thought of increasing the strength of the magic pet.

After resting for the night, early the next morning, Su Xing followed the instructions of the entrance guide to complete the last step.

That was the Mission Building!

The Mission Building was different from what Su Xing had thought at the beginning.

It was not tall and grand, but it looked a little dilapidated.

However, the moment Su Xing stepped in, he felt his vision suddenly light up.

The entire hall was extremely empty.

In front of the hall was the mission stone tablet!

On the stone tablet was all kinds of information.

Su Xing walked closer and discovered that the information recorded on the stone tablet was very huge, enough to cover any profession.

From low-level to high-level, detailed information on every warrior, knight, and archer, was listed.

However, other than the job introduction, there was also detailed information about the mission.

For example:

[Mission Panel]

Mission Objective: Defeat the president of the Magic Conducting Guild, Magic Conducting King Andrew Hades! Reward: 100 points;

Mission Objective: Repel the Magical Beast Alliance and protect the Dragon Field. Reward: 50 points.

Mission Objective: Defeat the demons and snatch back the Elven Ancient Tree! Reward: 1,000 points;

Mission Objective: Take back the Heart of Spirit! Reward: 200 points;

Mission Objective: Repel the demons and protect Dragon City. Reward: 400 points.

There were very few missions, but every mission was relatively difficult.

“There are actually so many missions?” Su Xing was a little surprised.

This was because when he first entered the mission hall, he had already heard that only first-year students were allowed to enter the mission building. Otherwise, it would be seen as a violation.

However, when Su Xing entered, she discovered that there were many missions in the mission panel.

Moreover, these missions had a clear reward division.

From the first to the fourth year, it was different. According to the student level, most students were at Tier 1 or 2. Very few were at Tier 3. Among the Tier 3 students, only Su Xing was specially recruited, so he was allowed to carry out more dangerous missions.

Points could be bought freely in the research institute. Anything that could be bought with Huaxia coins could also be bought with points. However, the opposite was not possible.

Of course, there were also opportunistic things. Through black market transactions, the ordinary market price was 100,000 Huaxia coins equivalent to 1 point.

Only rich second-generation heirs could afford such a sky-high price.

“Although these missions are relatively difficult, the rewards are generous!” Su Xing muttered to himself, his eyes flickering with excitement.

In the depths of the Magical Beast Mountain Range, there was a huge ancient parasol tree.

It was said that the ancient parasol tree was once the core area of the Magical Beast Forest.

In this primitive forest, there were a large number of powerful and terrifying magical beasts hidden. They would even occasionally encounter Saint-level magical beasts.

Now that the ancient parasol tree had been destroyed, the magical beasts in the Magical Beast Mountain Range would definitely riot.

At that time, the magical beasts in the Magical Beast Mountain Range would crazily attack the surrounding villages and towns.

“This mission seems to be quite suitable for me…”

“If I can successfully defeat the magical beast, no matter what mission I complete, I can harvest 100 points. Coupled with my 100 points, I can exchange for 500 points.”

“My spells can also be improved.”

Su Xing actively thought of the results.

If he could evolve one of his spells into a higher-level spell, wouldn’t that meet Zhang Tianhao’s requirement of modifying a spell?!

“Moreover, according to the contract, I can also use the ‘Fire Phoenix’ at will…”

Su Xing pondered.

He suddenly felt that his choice to enter the Jiangnan Intermediate Research Institute was a wise decision.

These missions seemed dangerous, but the rewards were indeed very generous.

“I need to familiarize myself with the situation in the Magical Beast Mountain Range first…” Su Xing muttered and left the mission building.

He planned to find a few magical beasts to test it.

If he could easily kill it, he would continue to do missions.

If not, he would directly retreat.

The Magical Beast Mountain Range was located in the jurisdiction of the Jiangnan Intermediate Research Institute. It was an extremely huge mountain range.

The Jiangnan Intermediate Research Institute often carried out various research here.

Due to the extremely vast mountain range, it was not completely grasped by the Jiangnan Intermediate Research Institute.

In the area they had already grasped, there were powerful mages guarding it.

However, this area was only a third of the entire mountain range.

If he wanted to obtain more points as a reward, he could only head to the two-thirds area that was not protected by the Jiangnan Intermediate Research Institute.

This also meant that it was an extremely ferocious place.

Once he encountered a powerful threat and could not escape, he would stay there forever.

According to the accident rate of the Jiangnan Intermediate Research Institute’s mission building, the death rate from carrying out missions in the Magical Beast Mountain Range every year was as high as a terrifying 30%!

Naturally, it was impossible for the mission building to only have the mission of the Magical Beast Mountain Range. There were also many other missions. However, at the moment, Su Xing carrying out the mission of the Magical Beast Mountain Range was the most likely.

“Then accept this mission!” Su Xing looked at the mission flickering in front of him.

Mission goal: Kill the Hydra! Difficult mission, reward 1,000 points;

Since he had to try it at the beginning, he would use a more challenging one!

Su Xing muttered in his mind, then clicked to confirm the mission. After swiping his student card, a light blue beam instantly enveloped him.

As Su Xing opened his eyes again, he had already appeared in an unfamiliar forest.

On the student card interface, Su Xing could see a location option.

In other words, Su Xing could quickly confirm the detailed area he was in and the geographical location through this map.

It was convenient for him to head to the mission location or return to the Jiangnan Intermediate Research Institute.

Of course, Su Xing also discovered a red emergency button marked with three words: Return quickly!

There was also a small note: If there is an irreversible threat and your life is in fatal danger, please press this button and quickly return to the research institute! This option is only effective in a safe area!

“It’s a little useful, but not much!” Su Xing felt that it was a little funny, so he ignored it.

Su Xing strolled around the Magical Beast Mountain Range.

Currently, the map showed that he was still in the safe area. The mission location was deep in the mountain range, in the ghost song area!


“Isn’t this that new student? He actually dares to come here?”