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Su Xing was stunned for a moment before hurriedly bowing.

“There’s no need to be reserved! I like young people the most.” Zhang Tianhao chuckled and asked, “Kid, you’re very interested in flames, right?”

“Yes.” Su Xing nodded.

“Since you choose to cultivate fire-type spells, I’m willing to teach you a thing or two!” Zhang Tianhao stroked his beard and said.

“Senior, please guide me!” Su Xing hurriedly cupped his fists and bowed.

“Little He told me that you’re a new student. I think you’re still young and shouldn’t cultivate too profound spells!”

“Therefore, I specially bestowed you the ‘Fire Cage Technique’. I hope it’s helpful to you.”

Zhang Tianhao shook his wrist, and three jade slips immediately flew into Su Xing’s arms.

“Thank you, Senior!”

Su Xing cupped his fists.

This was a huge gift!

The value of the “Fire Cage Technique” was definitely impossible to estimate.

“From today onwards, you’ll become my disciple, but I’m usually busy. You can only be considered my registered disciple. Your main cultivation is still with Teacher He Li,” Zhang Tianhao said.

Su Xing nodded. He had seen these things in the “Entrance Guide”.

If he wanted to become an official disciple, he had to become a Tier 4 Mage and undergo an inspection.

The prerequisite for becoming a Tier 4 Mage was to modify a spell.

To Su Xing, this was actually a small matter. With the system, his advancement speed far exceeded ordinary people’s!

“Then Senior, go busy yourself first. I’ll wait for your good news!” Su Xing cupped his fists.

Zhang Tianhao smiled and shook his head, “There’s no hurry! Put on my ring first!”

As he spoke, he took out a black ring.

The black ring emitted a black light that was a little ancient, but there seemed to be faint mysterious fluctuations circulating.

When Su Xing reached out to take the ring, he felt a lot of information surge into his mind.

“This is…” Su Xing’s gaze froze.

“Little guy, this is called a storage bag!”

“The storage bag is a treasure that can store living things. Moreover, it has many strange abilities!”

“Not only that, if you encounter danger, you only need to activate the ‘Teleportation Inscription’ engraved on the storage bag and you can immediately be teleported out!”

“Moreover, this is the only storage bag that can be used like that!”

Zhang Tianhao explained.

His words made Su Xing’s eyes light up.

“What’s going on with the teleportation inscription?” Su Xing was puzzled.

“There’s a space in the storage bag. You only need to probe with your mind to see what’s inside!” Zhang Tianhao said.

“I see!” Su Xing was enlightened.

He carefully observed and discovered that the storage bag on his finger was indeed a little different. It seemed to be more like a ring.

It was just that the materials were special.

After all, Su Xing had already seen the power of the system.

“Little guy, although you’re my registered disciple, I won’t teach you much. After all, this concerns your future development!”

“Your energy is limited. You need to spend more time cultivating!”

“This way, you’ll save hundreds or even thousands of years of hard work! Do you understand?”

Zhang Tianhao instructed solemnly.

“I understand!” Su Xing nodded. He indeed needed more time to comprehend fire magic.


“Since you understand, we’ll meet again!”

Zhang Tianhao raised his hand and the barrier instantly disappeared. Everything around him returned to silence!

Su Xing quickly left in the surprise and shock of the surrounding people.

Since he knew that the condition to advance to a Tier 4 Mage was to modify a spell, and it was one of the standards to become Zhang Tianhao’s official disciple, this was an advantage for him.

After all, he had a powerful system.

Therefore, he did not need to quickly level up and become Zhang Tianhao’s official disciple.

The most important thing for him now was to hurry up and upgrade his mage level.

After all, the status of an official disciple was extremely useful to him at the moment.

With Zhang Tianhao’s prestige, if he needed to use resources in the future, the priority could be higher.

Moreover, after knowing that he was the disciple of Great Mage Zhang Tianhao, no one in the entire Jiangnan Intermediate Research Institute would dare to bully him anymore.

This could also bring a lot of convenience to Su Xing and reduce a lot of trouble.

“Since there’s still some time before class starts, I still have a lot of time to do my own things!” Su Xing said in his mind.

His magic pet egg had yet to hatch, although he only needed ten minutes to hatch with his extremely high affinity.

When he returned to the dormitory, Su Xing began to incubate the egg.

The incubation of a magic pet egg was actually very complicated.

He needed a large amount of magical energy to support it and successfully complete the incubation process.

Fortunately, Su Xing had a low-level magic crystal in his hand.

It was just right for incubation!

He first used his magical energy to complement the magic pet egg and enveloped it in a layer of purple and golden light.

Then, he began to cast the spell.




After a long time, as the eggshell cracked, a dense medicinal fragrance assaulted his nostrils. A round egg the size of an egg appeared in front of Su Xing.

This egg was covered in patterns like a dragon snake.

It had just been born, but its entire body was crystal clear as if it was carved from purple-gold crystal.

“It’s so beautiful!”

Su Xing could not help but praise.

“This is the magic pet egg!”

“As expected of a high-quality egg. This aura… actually has the strength of Tier 3 from birth!” Su Xing muttered to himself, his face filled with ecstasy.

With such a magic pet by his side, it was simply equivalent to having an additional guard!

One had to know that in the current environment, even the lowest-level ordinary guards had the combat strength of Tier 1, and it was enough to deter most troubles.

Soon, a red figure appeared, and the small body was extremely young.

“Little guy, I’ll call you Little Red. In any case, I don’t know what your name is. From today onwards, I’m your master!”

Immediately, the eggshell completely shattered, revealing a blood-red phoenix!

The little guy’s fur was smooth and soft, and his figure was strong and light.

“Little Red!”


Su Xing smiled excitedly.

[Su Xing]

[Level: Early-stage Tier 3]

[Wand: Tier 3 ‘Fiery’]

[Elemental Affinity: Fire (99%), Wind (80%)]

[Magic Points: 0]

[Spell: Meditation Technique (Tier 0, Proficient), Fire Ring Technique (Tier 1, Mastery), Wind Technique (Tier 1, Proficient), Fire Dragon Technique (Tier 2, Proficient), Flame Explosion (Tier 1, Proficient)]

[Contract Magic Pet: Fire Phoenix (Early-stage Tier 3)]

“This is not bad!” Su Xing was overjoyed.

The level of his magic pet was the same as his. Then, it meant that when he and Little Red attacked together, they were at the level of two Tier 3 experts!

This was extremely powerful!