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“Although there are many magical beasts here, I can use the Fire Ring Technique to clean them up,” Su Xing muttered to himself.

“Hmm?” Suddenly, Su Xing frowned slightly.

He felt two extremely cold gazes on his back.

It seemed that some danger was approaching.

In the dense forest not far away, two magical beasts covered in scales that looked like lizards appeared. Their blood-red eyes stared at Su Xing.

“Be careful, these magical beasts are very fierce!” A voice sounded not far away. Su Xing turned around and saw that it was actually a girl with a very good appearance.

Clearly, this beauty was being chased by these two magical beasts, and she seemed to be getting more and more powerless.


At this moment, an extremely ferocious magical beast in the distance roared, and the aura on its body was extremely terrifying.

“Late-stage Tier 1 magical beast, Iron-Winged Lizard?”

“Not bad!”

Su Xing narrowed his eyes. He was going to obtain a large number of magical energy points again!

His actions just now had already attracted the attention of the other magical beasts nearby. This Iron-Winged Lizard was one of them.

“Run quickly! Don’t worry about me. You can’t defeat them,” the beauty shouted at Su Xing. When she saw that Su Xing was actually standing on the spot, her expression immediately changed and she hurriedly urged her to escape.

“Run? Why should I run?”

Su Xing glanced at the magical beast indifferently.

The Iron-Winged Lizard was huge, but its movement speed was actually not too fast. He easily captured the location of the Iron-Winged Lizard.

His figure flashed and he flew forward.


In the blink of an eye, he appeared in front of the Iron-Winged Lizard.


He spread out the five fingers of his right hand, closed his index and middle fingers, and ruthlessly stabbed at the Iron-Winged Lizard.

Flames curled around him like a pillar of fire rising into the sky.

The Iron-Winged Lizard’s huge tail swept over and blocked the fire pillar attack.

Boom! Boom!

There was a muffled sound.

The pillar of fire collapsed, and the aftershock spread.

Su Xing also used the momentum to float back.



Both of them cried out in pain.

The left leg of the Iron-Winged Lizard was covered in blood, and its flesh curled up.

Although Su Xing’s fire attack was weak, his body was powerful.

With just his physical strength, he could cause damage.

This made the Iron-Winged Lizard feel pain and furious.


The other magical beast roared and charged towards Su Xing.


Su Xing waved his palm, and the fire-type magical energy surged. The Fire Ring Technique condensed fireballs that smashed towards the magical beast and stopped it.


The fireball collided with the magical beast, raising a wave of dust.

After the smoke dissipated, Su Xing appeared in front of the magical beast.


As Su Xing’s wrist shook, the fire fist blasted out and shattered the head of the magical beast.

“Ding! Congratulations to the player for killing the Iron-Winged Lizard and obtaining 100 magic points as a reward!”

As the system’s voice sounded in his mind, Su Xing’s eyes lit up.

After tidying up the battlefield, Su Xing turned to look at the beauty and said with a smile, “The magical beast has been killed. There’s no danger around. Be careful when you walk alone!”

After saying that, Su Xing was about to leave.

“What’s your name?” the other party asked.

“Su Xing.”

“Oh, oh, you’re that genius Son of the Elements, Su Xing. My name is Liu Feixue. It’s a pleasure to meet you!” Liu Feixue said with a smile.

“About that, can we leave together?”

“Let’s go.” Su Xing shrugged. The other party’s strength was not bad. Otherwise, it was impossible for her to last until the third level alone.

Su Xing was actually completely capable of getting through the fourth and fifth levels alone, but one more person was an additional guarantee.

Moreover, the other party was a completely developed beauty. She was very eye-catching on the way!

Therefore, more than ten minutes later, the two of them successfully walked to the fourth floor.

“Stop! What are the two of you doing?!”

Not long after he entered the fourth floor, a very domineering voice suddenly sounded from behind Su Xing.

Su Xing turned around.

A young man was staring at him and Liu Feixue with a cold expression, his eyes flickering.

Behind him were three lackeys.

“Hmph, it’s a coincidence?!” The leader had a disdainful expression.

Only then did Su Xing see the other party clearly. It was that guy, Zhang Dekai!

Behind Zhang Dekai were the three lackeys who had been targeting him in class not long ago!

Zhang Dekai’s gaze lingered on Su Xing for a long time before landing on Liu Feixue. His eyes lit up.

“Beauty, follow me! It’s definitely safe to be with me!” Zhang Dekai licked his lips. As he spoke, he actually stretched out his hand and grabbed Liu Feixue.

“You’re courting death!”

Su Xing sneered and raised his hand to bombard him with flames.


The young man was sent flying a few meters away. He spat out blood and fell to the stone platform.

Su Xing turned around and walked back to Liu Feixue.

“Thank you!” Liu Feixue said softly.

“It’s fine!”

Su Xing shook his head and looked at Zhang Dekai coldly.

If not for Liu Feixue, Su Xing would have broken his neck here.

“Kid, don’t be stupid. Since you’re the Son of the Elements, I’ll give you a chance to join our team. We’ll protect you!”

Zhang Dekai wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth and stared at Su Xing gloomily.

“Get lost!”

Su Xing could not be bothered to waste any time. It was simple and crude, directly asking Zhang Dekai to get lost.

In the name of protection, he actually wanted to rely on Su Xing to open the way for them.

This way, they would not have to consume their magical energy and could successfully enter the fifth floor.

To think that they could have such a good dream!

According to Su Xing’s understanding, Zhang Dekai was also a Tier 1 Mage. Since he could use the Fireball Technique, his attack power was naturally very shocking.

It was also because of this that those three useless lackeys would follow him.

They could only rely on Zhang Dekai’s ability to get to the fourth floor.

“Brat, just because I’m being nice, do you think you can push your luck?” Zhang Dekai was furious. He urged the magical energy in his body and was about to fight.

“All of you, attack and beat that damned Su Xing to death, but don’t hurt that beauty!”

Zhang Dekai instructed fiercely.

He did not dare to provoke Su Xing, but he coveted Liu Feixue’s beauty, so he planned to teach her a lesson first.


Hearing Zhang Dekai’s order, the three lackeys immediately rubbed their fists and pounced towards Su Xing fiercely.

They looked at each other and pounced forward with sinister smiles.

At this moment, Liu Feixue hurriedly shouted, “Su Xing, be careful!”

Her words carried a trace of worry.

“Don’t worry! These guys are nothing to worry about!”

Su Xing was calm and composed without any nervousness.

Immediately after, with a slight curl of Su Xing’s finger, flames flickered and a scorching ring of fire instantly shot out.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

Three consecutive explosions sounded.

The three lackeys could not resist the Fire Ring Technique at all. They all screamed and fell to the ground. Their bodies emitted black smoke and they wailed everywhere.

“You dare to sneak attack?” Zhang Dekai widened his eyes.

He did not expect that Su Xing would strike first.

“I’ll say it one last time. Get lost! Otherwise, you’ll regret it,” Su Xing shouted coldly.


Zhang Dekai gritted his teeth, but he did not dare to act rashly, because he knew that Su Xing was really strong. That Fire Ring Technique was not as simple as having a terrifying temperature.

Su Xing approached step by step, his eyes cold.

“Forget it, let’s go. Let’s settle the serious matter first. I’ll settle the score with him later!”