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Of course, Su Xing was not interested in them and still moved forward alone.

There were a total of five floors in the Monster Tower. Every floor seemed to be a small area. It looked very small from the outside, but it was actually very vast inside.

After Su Xing killed a few more early-stage Tier 1 magical beasts, he easily arrived at the second floor.

[Su Xing]

[Level: Early-Stage Tier 1]

[Elemental Affinity: Fire (99%), Wind (80%)]

[Magic Points: 400]

[Spell: Meditation Technique (Tier 0, Novice), Fire Ring Technique (Tier 1, Novice), Wind Technique (Tier 1, Novice)]

[Contract Magic Pet: None]

Looking at the additional magic points in his attributes, he was very happy, but now was not the time to use them.

After waiting for the opportunity, the first thing he did was to increase his proficiency in the Fire Ring Technique.

After all, although the Fire Ring Technique was only a defensive spell skill, to the current Su Xing, it was actually already an attack skill.

After all, such power was still very challenging for new students like them.

“I just obtained three 1.5x attribute cards. I can use them on the way later. This way, my spell can advance better!” Su Xing muttered in his mind.

However, the most important problem now was to resolve the problem in front of him.

The increase in magical energy was very important to mages.




The roars of magical beasts continuously sounded.

“These magical beasts are too ferocious.”

The students’ expressions were ugly.

They discovered that the monsters that had been lingering on the second floor actually began to take the initiative to attack them.

Moreover, these monsters were clearly stronger.

Most importantly, there were a large number of them. Once they fell into the encirclement, it would be a narrow escape.

The magical beasts on this level were clearly more ferocious and stronger.

Not only were there intermediate-stage Tier 1 magical beasts but there were even existences at the late-stage Tier 1. Their strength was extraordinary and ordinary people could not provoke them at all.

However, when Su Xing released the flames in his hand, repelling these magical beasts was as simple as cutting melons and vegetables.

His figure flickered and he flashed past like a ghost.

Puff! Puff!

The sharp claws tore through the air and slapped down ruthlessly.

In an instant, an early-stage Tier 1 magical beast flew out and smashed into a house before falling to the ground.

This scene was seen by everyone.

Immediately, the entire area was silent.

“Who’s this? How powerful. That Demon Wolf fell in a single exchange.”

Su Xing quickly hid his figure. He did not want others to see him and disappeared before anyone could react.


Su Xing listened to the system notification that sounded in his mind.

A smile appeared on his face.

After dealing with the magical beast in front of him, Su Xing successfully arrived at the third floor.

The difficulty of monsters of this level was no longer ordinary. Those with very powerful personal abilities could still walk by themselves. Otherwise, they could only pass through by teamwork.

“My magic points have reached 600!”

Su Xing smiled in satisfaction.

His magic points increased from 0 to 600.

This was all thanks to killing the magical beasts. This also made him feel that it was time to increase his skills.

At this moment, he discovered that his magical energy had been exhausted.

He had to hurry up and recover. A mage’s magical energy was the most important thing.

As every mage’s level increased, they could store more magical energy, just like a spring.

Magical energy was the water surging out of the spring.

The higher the level, the higher the use of the magical energy.

If it was a Great Mage, who was also the principal, Zhao Kang, a Tier 5 Mage, the magical energy reserves in his body were equivalent to a surging river.

The magical energy reserves in Su Xing’s body were only a spring.

Afterwards, Su Xing arrived at a place where no one was around. After confirming that there was no danger around, he squatted down.

He summoned the system in his mind.

“System, with the magic points, how should I use them?” As Su Xing asked, the system quickly reacted.

“The use of magic points can be used to increase levels and spell proficiency.”

“The Spell Proficiency is at the Novice, Proficient, Mastery, Small Accomplishment, Great Accomplishment, and Peak. A total of six levels.”

“As the proficiency increases, the corresponding magic points consumption will also increase. Moreover, it will double in the later stages.”

The system’s answer made Su Xing frown.

According to the system, he could only barely increase a portion of his proficiency now. He was still far from breaking through.

However, he had enough magic points now. He wanted to try and see what realm he could break through to.

Taking a deep breath, he began to focus on thinking.

He first chose the [Fire Ring Technique].

He wanted to try and see if such a low-level spell could reach a certain power under his control.

“How many magic points do I need to upgrade the Fire Ring Technique?” Su Xing asked.

“Answering the host, upgrading the [Fire Ring Technique] from Novice to Proficient will cost 100 magic points.”


Su Xing did not hesitate and directly leveled up.

Immediately, a fire element was instantly released and completely enveloped Su Xing.

Fire Ring Technique, Proficiency: Proficient!

“Fire Ring Technique!”

Su Xing muttered and stretched out his right hand, slowly and firmly raising his arm.

A ring of fire emitting flames gradually condensed under Su Xing’s control.

Boom! Boom!

Scorching flames emerged from the ring of flames, causing the surrounding temperature to plummet. Terrifying high temperatures filled the space.


The fire ring exploded and turned into beautiful sparks that bloomed gorgeously.

“It’s indeed feasible!” Su Xing revealed a happy expression.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

Su Xing mobilized the magical energy in his body again and used the Fire Ring Technique.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The ring of fire condensed in the air and emitted a scorching temperature.

A scorching aura spread, causing everyone’s hair to stand on end.

Not far away, those magical beasts also felt this aura and dodged.

“Success!” Su Xing opened his eyes.

He felt that he had a new understanding of the control of the fire element.

For some reason, he felt that his mage level and skills were related.

Perhaps it was because he was a mage that he was like this.

However, no matter what, the increase in mage levels and skills was beneficial to him.