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In the room.

Su Xing sat cross-legged on the ground, his consciousness jumping continuously.

In his consciousness, snow-white and fiery red elements continuously lingered. Through the stability of the [Meditation Technique], they continuously fused together, forming more condensed elements and turning into larger energy.

Gradually, a trace of coldness and heat intertwined.

A mysterious aura floated.

This aura seemed to be a power born from the depths of his blood vessels.

However, Su Xing could clearly sense that it was not perfect and lacked some spirituality.

This process was not easy.

If he was not careful, he would fail.

Once he failed, he would suffer a backlash. If it was serious, he might even become a cripple.

All of this was because he had two elements.

As time passed, he gradually entered a mysterious realm. His entire body was like a statue, motionless. Only his mental strength was slowly squirming.

The temperature of the flames was also gradually weakening.

The color of the flames gradually faded and became pure and flawless.

The elements in the flame core were quickly condensing. Soon, they could condense into a form.

“System, summon the interface,” Su Xing called out in his mind, and then the system interface was displayed.

[Su Xing]

[Level: Early-Stage Tier 1]

[Elemental Affinity: Fire (99%), Wind (80%)]

[Magic Points: 0]

[Spell: Meditation Technique (Tier 0, Novice), Wind Technique (Tier 1)]

[Contract Magic Pet: None]

“Not bad.” Looking at his attributes, Su Xing was immediately extremely happy.

Seeing that he had 0 magic points, Su Xing was immediately a little curious. His heart stirred and he asked the system.

“Killing a magical beast can obtain magic points. Magic points can be used to increase levels and spell proficiency.”

The crisp sound of the system echoed in Su Xing’s mind, but it brought a huge impact.

This system was too heaven-defying. If he could obtain an upgrade by killing magical beasts, he would definitely grow into a Mage God of War in the future!

Of course, the system also told Su Xing that killing magical beasts was very difficult and dangerous.

Firstly, the strength of the magical beast was very powerful.

At the same level, an ordinary magical beast was superior to human mages in all aspects.

Secondly, the higher the level of a magical beast, the more intelligent it was. To deal with a magical beast, one often needed to use weapons to deal with it.

In the end, the meat of a magical beast was fresh and juicy, containing rich nutrition. The effect was not bad after eating it, but the price was very expensive.

The next day, Su Xing returned to school early.

When he arrived at the new class, which was the fire element class, he was led by Teacher Iris.

Those who had awakened the fire elemental ability and had the ability to enter this class were usually either rich or noble, or they were from a magical family.

There were only 15 people in the entire fire element class.

“Hey, kid, are you in the wrong class? This is not a place for a poor person like you!”

When he saw Su Xing appear, a gorgeously dressed red-haired kid suddenly cried out, his tone filled with provocation.

“Haha, get lost, poor guy. You actually dare to walk into our class without looking at your strength! Don’t you think so, Brother Kai?!” A tall subordinate began to cheer and continuously expressed goodwill to the red-haired man.

The red-haired man called Brother Kai laughed.

Su Xing frowned and turned to leave.


“What? Are you afraid?”

“Hmph! I heard that a few more bumpkins came this year. It seems to be you. Our fire element class doesn’t accept bumpkins.”

The red-haired kid’s words attracted the attention of many students.

However, when the others saw Su Xing, they were attracted by his appearance.

Although this young man was wearing tattered clothes and his face was slightly pale, it still could not hide his appearance, especially his dark eyes, which seemed to be able to steal one’s soul.

This face was really f*cking handsome!

He was prettier than a woman and more beautiful than those celebrities on television.

“Wow~ so handsome!”

“Interesting, who’s this? Is he from our class? He’s so handsome. Oh my god!”

“I’ve never seen such a handsome boy!”

The girls whispered with curiosity in their eyes.

When Zhang Dekai heard this, he was immediately furious.

A small flame suddenly condensed in his hand. He glared at Su Xing and said, “I told you to get lost! Otherwise, don’t blame me for throwing you out.”

The surrounding lackeys revealed mocking expressions.

“Brother Kai has flipped out. This country bumpkin is probably going to be in trouble this time.”

“He’s so handsome. It’ll definitely be very embarrassing if he’s thrown out.”

“Aiyo~ This country bumpkin is so pitiful. He’s so handsome, but he’s still a poor guy.”

“Brother Kai is mighty and domineering. Kill this country bumpkin and get Teacher Iris to treat us to a meal.”

The tall lackey beside him, Wu Ming, echoed.

Zhang Dekai stared at Su Xing with a gloomy expression and sneered.

The group of hooligans chattered like dogs bootlicking him.

Su Xing shook his head and could not be bothered to pay attention to them.

When Zhang Dekai saw that Su Xing actually ignored him, he was immediately angry and was about to release his strength to attack.

[Wind Technique]

With a thought, a huge wind instantly blew over. The small flame condensed in Zhang Dekai’s hand was immediately extinguished.

This scene stunned all the students.

Their eyes widened and their mouths widened.

No one could even see what was going on.

The flames were easily extinguished, and Zhang Dekai was even angrier.

“All of you, attack and teach that brat a lesson!” With Zhang Dekai’s order, two to three lackeys in the class attacked at the same time.

Wu Ming was the first to bear the brunt. The advantage of being tall was even more obvious at this moment. They wanted to rely on their advantage in numbers to win.

“Heh heh.” Su Xing sneered in disdain. He willed again.

[Fire Ring Technique]

A ball of fire appeared out of thin air and blocked the way.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Wu Ming’s fists and feet landed on the fire wall and were immediately bounced back.

The other tall man was also blocked outside the fire wall.

Su Xing glanced at them indifferently.


Wu Ming and the others’ faces flushed red with anger.

This was simply humiliation!

However, there was nothing they could do. Su Xing had only casually used his skill, but he had blocked them outside the fire wall and made them helpless.

Not only that, as the strength of the [Fire Ring Technique] that Su Xing released increased, it directly burned the clothes of the nearest lackey!

Looking at his tattered clothes, it immediately caused laughter.

At this moment, Teacher Iris entered.