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Wendy narrowed her watery eyes and calculated in her mind.

“You remember the basic magic of the [Wind Technique]?” Wendy stared at Su Xing and asked.

“Almost.” Su Xing nodded.


“From now on, when I call you over, you have to come at any time. If you’re late, I’ll make you pay!”

Wendy nodded and turned to leave.

Su Xing was a little stunned, but the other party had only called him over to learn wind magic. It was also beneficial to him.

With this thought, Su Xing glanced at the time and discovered that it was getting late. It was time to go home and report the good news.

When he returned home, everyone was gathered to watch television. When they saw that Su Xing had returned, they asked about his situation.

However, they considered that the pass rate of the awakening ceremony was actually not too high.

Every year, it was about 40%.

The probability of awakening a good element was probably lower, with a 1% probability.

The situation where a good elemental affinity was also high, which was above the Strategic-level, basically did not exist anymore. The probability was pitifully low, only 0.00001%.

This also made everyone feel that the probability of awakening was not especially high.

After exchanging pleasantries, Aunt was afraid that Su Xing would be hungry after a day of school.

Therefore, she immediately prepared a table of delicacies.

It was impossible for such a sumptuous meal to exist in a poor family like his aunt’s.

However, in order to celebrate the awakening ceremony, they specially made such a large table.

Although they did not ask about the awakening situation, his aunt’s family had always been concerned. This also warmed Su Xing’s heart.

At this moment, a voice sounded from the television station.

“It’s reported that a rare awakening genius has appeared in the junior mage academy of Wuzhou City in a hundred years. He can be said to be the Son of the Elements. His affinity with a certain element has reached an astonishing Strategic-level!”


Su Xing’s ears twitched, but he did not speak and continued to eat.

Aunt and the others were very excited because it was an awakened genius!

“I wonder which guy is actually so powerful. He will definitely become an impressive person,” Aunt said with a smile.

The scene on the television screen was still playing.

“After professional evaluation, this new student’s awakening talent is definitely unprecedented and incomparable. It might even surpass the historical record.”

“He has a strategic awakening talent and an extraordinary magical affinity. His control of the elements is even more precise and exquisite. He even has a trace of the glory of a Magic God!”

“The most important thing is that at the beginning of his awakening, he could still erupt with shocking strength! Such a monster genius! It’s really unbelievable. He can definitely grow into a grandmaster in the future!”

This was a very ordinary news program, but it brought a certain amount of pressure on Su Xing.

After all, this concerned his life and death.

Su Xing also knew that such a genius would definitely receive the attention of many factions, including the higher-ups.

This was because mages with high affinity were a rare group.

Especially now.

The so-called Son of the Elements was almost a priceless treasure.

Otherwise, with such a talented status and influence, it would definitely attract competition. There would even be people who would take the risk and kill him.

Therefore, Su Xing planned to keep a low profile in the future. Otherwise, it would cause a lot of unnecessary trouble.

Therefore, in order to keep it a secret, other than some people at the awakening venue who could sense the situation, others usually did not know.

As for the students, they were all in a state where they were waiting to awaken or had just awakened. They did not understand the power.

Only the teachers would discover it, so they would usually keep it a secret very well, especially for Strategic-level geniuses.

Su Xing had two elements and both elements had reached the Strategic-level, such a genius was simply a rare existence in a hundred years.

“Phew~ It’s delicious. The braised ribs Aunt made are delicious!” Su Xing picked up a piece of braised ribs and stuffed it into his mouth.

When everyone saw that Su Xing was so unconcerned, they thought that he had not successfully awakened and used this to hide his sadness.

“Ah, Little Su, actually, it’s the same whether there’s elemental power or not. Look, many people haven’t successfully awakened. As long as you study hard, you can find a good job when you come out in the future!” Aunt comforted.

She was worried that Su Xing would lose hope.

His uncle also advised, “Little Su, there’s nothing to be sad about. Not everyone has to become a mage.”

Su Xing’s heart warmed, indicating that he was fine.

“Brother, it’s fine. I’ll be able to awaken the elements soon. I’ll protect you then!” Su Anran, his aunt’s daughter, comforted him.


At this moment, there was a knock on the door.

“Hello, there’s an express delivery for Su Xing here that needs you to sign for it,” the courier shouted at the top of his lungs.

“I’m here,” Su Xing replied and went out to retrieve the package.

“Little Su, what’s this? Why is there the symbol of your school?” Aunt was a little puzzled and asked curiously.

The Elementary Mage Academy was also a very famous school in Wuzhou City. Generally, things sent in the name of the school would not be low-level.

This also piqued everyone’s curiosity.

“I’m not sure either. Open it and take a look.” Su Xing scratched his head and opened the package. He discovered that there was a shirt inside.

To be precise, it was a school uniform.

On the school uniform, there was a very eye-catching place. A red badge had five stars drawn on it.

Moreover, there was also a gilded letter in the box. On it was a sentence: “Congratulations to the Son of the Elements for awakening his elemental affinity and reaching the Strategic-level!”

“This is… a Strategic-level symbol!” Aunt widened her eyes.

The affinity with the elements was divided into five levels. The number of stars corresponded to the realms from the Life-level to the Strategic-level.

A fanatical expression appeared on his uncle’s face.

Aunt also looked a little surprised.

She did not expect that the extremely talented genius mentioned on television would actually be Su Xing!

Such a young man would definitely become the top mage on the continent in the future.

“Brother, is this the gift for your awakening?” Su Anran was a little surprised. She stared at Su Xing and asked curiously.

“Yes.” Su Xing nodded slightly.

The entire family was in a happy atmosphere, mostly because they were happy for Su Xing.

In her joy, Su Xing’s aunt made some more dishes as a celebration party for the awakening. The family was happy.

At night.

“Little Su has awakened such a powerful elemental power. I plan to give him a good wand. This can assist his future cultivation.”

Uncle and Aunt discussed.

After all, mages usually had to use their wands to cast spells or cultivate. Unless the strength reached a certain level, they could cast spells freely.

However, using the wand was a very good choice in the early stages.

This was because the wand would release a little elemental energy to increase the power of a mage, increase attack power, and so on.

Once one grasped this method, it could be said to be a sharp weapon in battle.

Of course, it was not easy to buy a wand, because its appearance was too gorgeous and expensive.

However, at the same time, the high cost of the wand was not something a family like theirs could afford. The cheapest wand was more than 10,000 Huaxia coins.

“Yes, I agree! Little Su also needs some help.” His aunt nodded.

“Alright! I’ll think of a way to get the money first.” His uncle pondered for a moment and agreed.