8 Chapter 07 - Desired Uncle

Name:Pleasures of Incest Author:EveS11
Linda was crushing, extra hard on James. She had been so hot for him, everytime she masturbated, as her fantasy, she thought of him. Rubbed her clit raw, came over and over thinking of him. She was thirty-five and hadn't had any boyfriend in years. This crush had been going on for years, nothing could stop it and she was ready to do something about it.

James was forty-two. He had dark hair and deep brown eyes. His look was one of mystery and rugged good looks. He was a sweet, kind man. He had even provided her with a computer to use for her schooling while hers was in the shop. There was only one problem with James, he was married. Even worse, he had been married to her aunt since she was a child. James was her uncle.

She was determined to see if he was even the least bit interested in her either. She disconnected a few wires from the back of the computer and made a call to him.

When James answered, he knew it was her. "Hi Lin. How're you. How's school?"

"Not too good, Uncle James. I woke up today and tried to turn on the computer. It's not working and I have a paper due by the weekend." She moaned.

He checked his calendar for the daily plans before telling her he will be over by noon to look at it. She happily thanked him for rushing over, hung up and went to her room to change. Slipping into the short skirt and skimpy tank top made her feel extra sexy. She was dressing for him now and she hoped he liked it. She slipped into a tiny thong and fixed her skirt. Her shirt was tight, revealing. She didn't wear a bra, her tits were too tight in the tank already. Her nipples pressed at the thin fabric.

She cleaned up her apartment while she waited. Pacing and replaying the scene in her mind. She planned to lean over next to him, letting him see down her shirt. Flirting and finally teasing him.

A knock on the door startled her from her fantasy. She painted her lips with sheer gloss before answering. As she opened the door, her uncle smiled. His eyes seemed to be searching her face, then dropped to her tits. She turned, to allow him in and closed the door behind him. As he walked away toward the room she used as an office, she clicked the lock and followed him.

She entered the room and he was kneeling on the floor. His muscles showed through the t-shirt he wore. She sauntered over after him, dropping to her knees beside him. He checked the cords and the outlet. She leaned in closer. His eyes drifted to her chest once more. She looked up at him and smiled. "See something you like?"

His face flushed, lowering his eyes to his lap. He nodded. "I'm sorry about that, I just like a nice rack."

She leaned over closer. "It's okay Uncle James. I like it when my tits get noticed."

He turned his back to her, continuing with the computer. She left the room, returning moments later with two glasses of wine. Handing one to her uncle, she took the other and sat on the chair near him. His eyes found her face while he took a long drink of his wine. She smiled at him, sipping hers.

Suddenly, she tipped her glass and the red wine poured over the edge and down her shirt. The red spot grew, she rushed to peel the shirt off. She stood before her uncle with her nipples poking from her bare breasts. He gasped. Knowing that he was enjoying the show, she used the shirt to pat herself dry. This caused her nipples to poke out at him. He saw where this was going and sipped more of his wine.

She moved closer to him. "So, do you really like them? I think they like you." She giggled like a school girl, showing him her bouncy chest, complete with rock hard nipples.

His face was crimson now, he could barely speak. "Nice. Lin, real nice. Now, go put a shirt on." he said.

She moved even closer. "Are you sure you want me to do that? You could touch them first, see how they feel."

He backed up a little, "I'm your uncle and I'm married, now go get dressed."

She smiled. "You want me to undress you say? I'd be happy to Uncle James." She unzipped the skirt, slipping it over her hips before letting it drop to her feet. She stepped out of it and closer to him.

His face was such a deep red, but the buldge in his pants was not from embarrassment. She leaned against him now, running her fingers across his chest, down his stomach and to the hard outline in his pants. Rubbing her fingers across the length, she launghed. "It's so big. I want to see it."

He tried to move past her, but she wasn't giving up. She had him cornered with no way out and he was going to hear what she had to say and he was going to f*ck her. Here and now, he was definitely going to f*ck her. She wasn't letting him leave any other way. He moved past her toward the living room, she followed close behind him. He sat in the overstuffed chair and before he could stop her, she plopped into his lap. She was now only wear the tiny thong. His c*ck was hard and throbbing, she could feel it against her ass.

Running her fingers through his hair, she smiled at him. "Just one time, just fuck me one time. You'll never want to stop." He laid his head back against the chair, his eyes were closed and he was breathing heavily. His face was still bright red. She kissed at his neck, his shoulder. Moving down to his chest, she teased at his nipples. Pinching them between her fingers and then running her tongue over them. His breathing was hard now, faster.

She slipped off his lap onto her knees on the floor. She undid the button of his pants, allowing his c*ck to spring free. He groaned out loud, but he didn't stop her. Glancing up at him, she saw that his eyes were still closed. She leaned over so her mouth was close to his c*ck. It was close to eight inches, very thick and so very hard. She touched it with her tits, rubbing it between them. He relaxed a little, enjoying it. She gripped his hardness with both hands, stroking gently. Her mouth was almost touching the head of his c*ck. She was so close, she just needed him to say okay. "If you want your c*ck in my mouth, just put it there." She whispered up to him.

That was all it took, his hand found her head. He grasped her hair and shoved her mouth down over his c*ck. As she bobbed her head up and down over his shaft, rubbing the outline of the veins with her tongue. He moaned and wiggled, pressing himself deeper down her throat. She never gagged, just took more and more.

Coming out for air, she teased the head. Flicking her tongue back and forth, she had him about to burst. She stroked him gently while her mouth massaged his balls. When she had him close to the brink, she lowered her warm mouth back onto his c*ck. Sucking and bobbing until his back began to arch and his legs lifted. Pressing his head deep in her throat, he unload a huge load of cum. She didn't spill a drop, swallowing it all until his c*ck went limp in her mouth.

She got up and planted herself in his lap again. She nuzzled against his neck, resting her head against his shoulder. "Uncle James, I hope you liked it. It was just like I imagined."

He opened his eyes, leaned his head over and pressed his lips to her forehead, "I loved it Lin, I owe you now."

Without another word, he stood up while holding her. Carrying her over to the couch, he pushed her back on to it. Her hair fanned over the leather, he leaned over so his mouth met hers. Sliding his tongue between her lips, pressing his chest against her tits. The hardness of her nipples against him brought the spring back to his c*ck.

He kissed down her cheek, down her neck to her chest. Making his way down to each rock hard nipple. Squeezing them, nibbling them. His hand found it's way to her wetness. Spreading her open, he shoved the thong aside and found her clit. His fingers rubbed against her sweet spot. Making her moan loudly, while his mouth suckled her nipples.

Kneeling between her legs, his face close to her snatch. He breathed in her scent, so fresh and sweet. Lowering his mouth to her hardened nub, he suckled her clit into his mouth. Teasing her with his tongue, flicking at her sweet spot. He was enjoying her pleasure, liked making her cum. He did it first with his mouth, then used his tongue for round two. She was so wet, the couch held a puddle below her.

His c*ck was hard again, he wouldn't be able to resist sinking deep into her. He knelt on the couch between her thighs, lifting her legs to his shoulder. He watched her face, he couldn't resist that face, the head of his c*ck pressed against her gaping love hole. When she felt him enter her, she gasped. She had enjoyed the oral sex but she didn't expect more. He was giving it to her though. Pounding deep into her before slipping out and pounding back in further and further. She reached her hand down to her clit, her legs were open and he could see all of her. Finding her sweet spot, she rubbed it faster and faster.

Her third orgasm was very powerful, her p*ssy gripped his c*ck tightly. She moaned and shook. He was almost ready too. Before he could explode, he stood and pulled her up. He tugged the thong off of her and let it fall to the floor. Standing before him completely naked, he rested on the arm of the couch. Pulling her to him, he bent her over his lap. Slapping her tight ass, over and over. "You were a very bad girl Lin. Uncle James's going to have to spank you now. You must be a good girl."

Her ass was bright red, she was as horny as ever. Maybe even more so, his c*ck pressed against her belly, making her wetter. He stood and pushed her over the side of the chair. Her red ass was in the air and her cheeks were spread. He could see her clit, dripping wet. Behind her, he pressed into her. Fucking her even harder, she moaned again. "Oh Uncle James, make me cum again. Please!"

Her begging did him in, his cock pressed deeper into her and her warmth made him explode. Filling her with his cum, making her scream out. Still inside her, he layed back on the couch. She was on top of him, her p*ssy dripping of his cum. "Thank you for fixing my computer Uncle James." She smiled.

"Any time sweetheart, just call me any time." Then both submitted to pleasure...