7 Chapter 06 - Where I Go

Name:Pleasures of Incest Author:EveS11
After the Christmas holiday, Lea had to go back to the US to finish her courses for the rest of the semester and apply for college. This time, Harley didn't let her go alone and accompanied him to Houston.

Jack invited Lea to have dinner with him in the evening and was stunned into silence at the sight of Harley standing by her side. "I thought you weren't seeing each other anymore." When he got no response, he asked Lea. "Why did you go San Francisco?" Daniel shrugged, "To transfer to London."

Harley smiled and led Lea inside. During dinner, Jack thought something was strange between the two. But he couldn't believe his eyes. When he was about to ask, Harley had finished shelling a bowl of shrimps and exchanged his bowl with Lea's. Lea leaned forward, kissed Harley on his mouth, and said. "Thanks, dad."

Jack didn't ask anymore. He put down his chopsticks and shook his head, indicating that he was too embarrassed to witness the moment.

Lea applied for four universities near London and tried his best to apply for Oxford University. But he didn't tell Harley because he was afraid he would laugh at him. He didn't know which university he should choose for the last one. She just happened to see a football match between Manchester United and Real Madrid on television with her friends, so she applied for the University of Manchester.

In March, she received only one admission notice, and the rest were rejection letters. The school that admittedher was the University of Manchester. When Harley asked Lea about her university applications, Lea didn't tell him anything. He was afraid that if he told him, Harley would make good on his promise by locking her at home. Besides, Manchester wasn't that far. What's done is done, and she should just cross the bridge when she gets there. She should learn to accept life, right?

In June, Lea graduated and Harley came to attend her graduation ceremony. Lea rarely wore a one piece suit and she sat in front of the stage. When Lea came home in the evening, she checked het luggage which she had packed a few days ago. Harley stood in the porch, watching her with his arms folded.

"Manchester? That's great." he praised. "I thought if you wanted to go to college, dad had to build you a university because of your grades." Lea felt guilty for only a second and said reasonably. "It's only a two-and-a-half-hour train ride from London." Harley agreed. "Much closer than the United States."

"Didn't you want me to go to America?" Lea asked, "Why are you so angry?"

"You can go, but..." Harley approached her, his hand slowly sliding down Lea's neck.

"Oh..." Lea drawled and caught Harley's hand to stop him. "Whatever you want me to do next depends on what you say."

Harley eyed Lea's sharp from head to toe and instructed her, "Take off your clothes." Lea obediently took off her one piece suit jacket but when she unfastened two buttons of her blouse, Harley changed his mind. "Keep your blouse on."

Soon, she was dressed only in a white blouse. Harley pushed her shoulder down. "Kneel." Lea kneeled between Harley's legs and unbuckled Harley's belt without waiting for his next command. Pulling his pants down, she licked Harley's c*ck.

Harley quickly hardened inside Lea's mouth. He lowered his head and looked down at her adopted daughter. Lea still wore the cold metal cuff that Harley personally put on her ankle. Lea had removed the chain, but she didn't ask Harley for the key. She was very keen to keep everything that Harley had given her, to create the illusion that she really belonged to Harley. It fascinated Harley to no end.

Lea sucked so hard that the soft flesh in her mouth wrapped tightly around Harley, who couldn't help but grab her hair and pull her away. "Lay down on the table."

The table in Lea's room was made of white marble, and Lea lay down on it obediently. Harley hadn't seen her for a long time, that the marks he left on Lea's body had disappeared. Her white skin and the table top nearly blended together.

Lea found the stone too cold and pushed herself away a bit, only to be pressed down by Harley. She hit the stone with her elbow and it stung a little. She turned her head to glare at Harley. "Daddy, you're so rude."

Reaching for the olive oil on the table, Harley dropped it by Lea's side. "Don't you want daddy to take care of you?" Harley reached for Lea's p*ssy, which was already Wet. It warmed the cold marble beneath her. He slicked the olive oil in Lea's entrance with two fingers. When he felt Lea clenching him, he added another finger inside, thrusting back and forth several times. He held his erection and slipped it on the crease between her bud. It glided against Lea's entrance teasingly without entering.

Feeling impatient, Lea lay down on her back with her elbows up and her legs wrapped tightly around Harley. "What's wrong daddy? Can't get it up?" Lea always enraged Harley during sex. He stared at Lea, one hand holding her leg and the other lining his erection as entered Lea's body. Before Lea could get used to it, he quickened the pace.

Lea always talked big but whenever Harley fucked her, Lea would give in immediately and beg him to slow down with her arms clinging around Harley's neck.

Holding Lea's hips, Harley slowed down. He thrusted back and forth, and each push brought him further in, leaving Lea helplessly groaning from her mouth. After a while, Harley stopped. Lea's eyes were full of tears, and her beautiful mouth panted for breath. Harley looked at the0 white shirt that Lea still wore and noticed a small wet spot from the his erection. Unsnapping all the buttons, Harley said, "Your p*ssy is leaking, you can touch yourself."

He took Lea's hand and guide it to her p*ssy. With her legs widely spread, Lea could arouse anyone's impulse to be sadistic and it wasn't long before Harley sped up. Afraid of being knocked off the table, Lea reached out to clutch Harley's shoulder.

"Daddy... Daddy..." Lea called him. Not letting up on his brutal pace, Harley looked at Lea as she listened to him.

"Wherever... I go... I will love you... always..." Lea looked up and kissed Harley. "Don't get mad."

Harley never expected to hear the word "love" from Lea's mouth. Overwhelmed, he vigorously thrust himself into Lea and spent himself inside. Lowering his head, he kissed Lea furiously, dragging his tongue against Lea's. His heartbeat quickened, like a boy having a secret affair with his first love. He kissed Lea until he felt himself harden again inside the warmth of Lea's body.

Harley pulled away slightly and rested his forehead against Lea's. "Lea, I love you too."