Chapter 26 - Rich People Don't Lie?

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“No problem.”

Andi could tell that Xiao Chen was really angry. He was furious.

Liu Xin was still lying on the ground in the clothing store. The strong sense of humiliation even made her want to commit suicide.

She was a highly educated person, a person who had never scolded others loudly, a person who couldn’t even bear to chase away stray dogs.

But now, she was being slandered as a thief.

Although she had already woken up, when she saw the ferocious faces of the people around her and that spit, she wanted nothing more than to faint again.

It was too unbearable.

“Get up, don’t pretend to be dead. Are you trying to blackmail me? That’s not happening!”

The owner of the clothing store gave Liu Xin a fierce kick.

Not only did the people around not stop him, but they also even praised him for kicking well.

This was because they also firmly believed that Liu Xin was a thief.

Thieves were always annoying.

At this moment, the glass door of the clothing store suddenly broke, and the two security guards standing next to the door were covered in blood.

Xiao Chen did not hang up the phone.

Therefore, he could hear who scolded Liu Xin and who hit Liu Xin.

Although these two security guards were not the mastermind, they were accomplices.

Walking into the clothing store, Xiao Chen stared at the owner of the clothing store and kicked him away.

Then he rushed over like a cheetah, grabbed the clothing store owner’s lapel, and gave him ten tight slaps.

The owner was seeing stars after the slaps.

The people around were scared silly and stood there in a daze.

Jiang Meng had already helped Liu Xin up from the ground. Looking at the wounds on her mother’s body, she could not help but shed tears of heartache.

During the time she was lying on the hospital bed, her mother had always taken good care of her and never left her side. She was afraid that she would be wronged.

Seeing her mother like this, her heart was aching so much.

“You hit my mother-in-law and made my wife cry. How dare you!”

Xiao Chen roared angrily.

The owner of the clothing store was so scared that he did not dare to say a word.

However, a customer beside him could not help but say, “Your mother-in-law stole someone’s bracelet and refused to hand it over.

“If you hit someone like that, we’ll have to call the police!”

“That’s right, she stole something, and it’s an expensive thing!”

The saleswoman who had grabbed Liu Xin’s wrist and identified her also mustered up her courage and said.


Xiao Chen directly slapped the saleswoman to the ground, and her mouth was covered in blood.

“Stole something? You snobs better open your eyes and look clearly. My wife has a bracelet of the same design on her hand.

“This is the bracelet I gave them.

“Are you blind? How dare you accuse my mother-in-law of stealing?

“And you even beat her up to this state!

“Believe it or not, I will sue you until you are bankrupt!”

Xiao Chen’s voice was cold and filled with rage. A group of snobs who looked down on others had come to attack a poor woman because of a despicable and shameless woman’s lie.

What the hell!

Everyone was stunned when they saw the bracelet on Jiang Meng’s wrist.

Including the owner of the clothing store.

“But Mrs. Hu wouldn’t lie.”

The owner of the clothing store’s voice was not very clear, but he still muttered to himself.

“So rich people don’t lie? What rubbish logic!

“Where’s that woman?”

Xiao Chen looked coldly at the owner of the clothing store.

The main culprit in this matter was Mrs. Hu. Xiao Chen would not give up until that shrew was completely bankrupt.

“I don’t know!”

The owner of the clothing store was still stubborn.

“Very good!”

Xiao Chen sneered and said, “This store of yours is a franchise store, right? And you paid quite a lot of franchise fees to open it, right?

“Believe it or not, just a call from me, you will immediately lose your franchise status.

“You will also have to compensate for the loss of your contract due to your own mistake!”

The owner of the clothing store did not believe him.

He was just a lunatic. How could he be so capable?

He had asked for help from many people in order to join this famous international luxury brand.

Xiao Chen sneered, took out his phone, and dialed a number.

It was the number of the boss of this luxury goods company.

When others called, they would always go to the secretary or assistant.

But Xiao Chen could call this boss directly.

“David, you old thing, you’re not dead yet. My mother-in-law was bullied by the boss of your franchise store.

“You can decide for yourself.

“Location, Longguo, Linhai!”

After saying that, Xiao Chen directly hung up the phone.

On the other end of the phone, David was already covered in a cold sweat.

“Xie Te, get me the person-in-charge of Longguo region, damn it!”

Xiao Chen no longer paid attention to the boss and walked to Liu Xin’s side. “Mom, it’s all my fault.

“I didn’t think it through properly and gave it to you.

“I made you suffer so much.”

Liu Xin waved her hand. She didn’t want to speak, nor did she have the strength to speak. She just curled up in her daughter’s arms.

“Boss, do you want to call the police?”

The female shop assistant who had been slapped couldn’t help but ask.

The shop owner was also considering whether the other party would directly beat him to death if he called the police now.

At this moment, his cell phone rang.

He opened it and saw that it was actually a call from the main person-in-charge of Longguo region of the luxury goods group.

Normally, it was impossible for him to talk to the other party even if he wanted to.

Today, the person actually took the initiative to call him?

The owner of the clothing store suddenly felt a fear that he had never felt before.

Even when he was being beaten, he had never felt such fear.

If he was beaten, as long as he did not die, he could still sue the person.

But if the franchise store collapsed, he might lose everything and end up on the streets.

It was very likely that his family would leave him.

Thinking of the terrible consequences, he trembled all over.


He mustered up the courage to answer the call.

“You’re really impressive. You even dared to provoke the investor of our group.

“And you even hit his mother-in-law?

“Because of your stupid matter, I was directly deducted a year’s bonus. Do you know how much that is?

“It’s enough for you to earn for ten years!

“You scoundrel, just wait for the Court summons.

“Not only will it damage the reputation of the group, but it will also seriously affect our business. I’ll make you bankrupt, and your family will be separated!”

Hearing the other party’s words, the clothing store owner was completely dumbfounded.

An investor of the group?

He looked at Xiao Chen, this man with stubble, and no matter how he looked at it, he didn’t look like an investor.

However, the person in charge of Longguo region of the group would definitely not spout nonsense.

“Please, give me a chance. Give me another chance. I will definitely cooperate with him to handle this matter well.”

The clothing store owner was about to cry.

He could imagine how tragic his ending would be once the higher-ups got serious.

However, the call had already been hung up.

The owner of the clothing store looked at Xiao Chen and hurriedly knelt down and crawled over. “Please, please be magnanimous. It’s all my fault. I was deceived by the bad guys.

“If I did something wrong, you could beat me or scold me.

“But please, don’t let the group terminate the contract. I was wrong. I was really wrong.”

Xiao Chen completely ignored the owner of the clothing store. His anger had not subsided yet..