Chapter 27 - Rich Son-In-Law

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The owner of the clothing store looked at Liu Xin again. Suddenly, he gave himself a few tight slaps and said, “Grandma, please spare me.

“It’s my fault. I was muddle-headed. I’m a scoundrel. I’m not a human. Please pity me. I still have a family to support. Please treat me like a fart and let me off.”

Liu Xin looked at the owner of the clothing store with a cold expression. Just now, it was this person who had kicked her.

He had even spat on her body.

Now, he was begging for mercy in front of her like a dog.

This made her somewhat unable to believe it.

She was a soft-hearted person. Thinking that the other party had also been deceived, she was about to open her mouth.

At this moment, another group of people suddenly came from outside.

The leader hurriedly apologized when he saw Xiao Chen, “Mr. Xiao, I am the person-in-charge of Linhai Division from the group.

“Leave this matter to me. I guarantee that you’ll be satisfied.”

Xiao Chen looked at the other party indifferently and said, “That Mrs. Hu.”

“This is the information of that person.”

The other party hurriedly took out a detailed document and gave it to Xiao Chen. It seemed that he had long prepared it.

Xiao Chen looked at the document and sneered. Then, he looked at Liu Xin and said, “Mom, let’s go back.”

Liu Xin nodded but did not say anything.

Xiao Chen looked at Jiang Meng and said, “Help mom into the car first.”

Jiang Meng nodded and left with Liu Xin.

Xiao Chen looked at the owner of the clothing store. “I’ll give you a choice. Either you break the leg that you kicked my mother-in-law with, or you go bankrupt.

“You choose.

“Aren’t I merciful enough?”

After saying that, Xiao Chen turned around and left.

A shrill scream came from the clothing store.

Xiao Chen had already driven away.

The car went straight to Hua Xian Hospital.

Although Hua Xian was busy, he still rushed over at the first moment.

He did a full check-up on Liu Xin.

Of course, it was free.

“Don’t worry, Xiao Chen. Your mother-in-law is fine. It’s mainly because she suffered too much and couldn’t accept it psychologically. That’s why she fainted.”

Hua Xian said.

“That’s good!”

Xiao Chen nodded and said, “Thank you.”

“No, don’t thank me. Otherwise, my life will be shortened.”

Hua Xian hurriedly waved his hand.

“Oh right, Hua Xian, do you have a way to treat Alzheimer’s disease?”

Xiao Chen asked.

Jiang Meng and Liu Xin couldn’t help but turn their heads.

Of course, they knew what Xiao Chen meant by this question.

It was for the sake of Old Master Jiang.

After all, the Jiang family didn’t let them down. It was Jiang Tian and his son who let them down.

“This is a worldwide problem, but I’m Hua Xian.”

Hua Xian said confidently, “Bring the patient here when you have time. I’ll take a look at the situation.”

“Okay, then go do your work. We’re leaving!”

Xiao Chen smiled and brought Liu Xin and Jiang Meng home.

Liu Xin’s mood became obviously much better because she heard that there might be a cure to Old Master Jiang’s illness.

“Xiao Chen, is that bracelet really worth five million euros?”

Liu Xin looked at Xiao Chen and asked.

“It’s around there, but five million euros definitely can’t buy the exact same thing.

“The value of the pair is even higher. It’s at least 20 million euros.”

Xiao Chen said indifferently as if he was talking about an extremely common thing.

“What! 20 million euros!”

Jiang Meng hurriedly took off the bracelet on her hand. “I can’t take such a valuable thing.”

“Sigh, I knew it. This is the reason why I didn’t tell you about its value.”

Xiao Chen sighed. He just didn’t expect that someone in Linhai would actually recognize the goods.

“Ding Ling!”

A text message popped up on Xiao Chen’s phone.

He took a look and immediately turned on the television.

Liu Xin and Jiang Meng were surprised to find that a piece of news was being broadcast on the television.

Mrs. Hu had been arrested.

She had been arrested for fraud.

She had swindled valuable jewelry worth hundreds of millions of dollars.

Xiao Chen smiled and said, “The item cannot be retrieved yet because it has to be used as physical evidence.

“But if Mrs. Hu is sentenced, the item will be returned.”

“Mengmeng, make some food. I’m hungry!”

Liu Xin suddenly looked at Jiang Meng and said.


Jiang Meng went to the kitchen obediently.

Liu Xin then looked at Xiao Chen and said, “I really can’t see through you anymore.

“What is the reason for you becoming a son-in-law who marries into the wife’s family?

“I really want to know.”

She had guessed that Xiao Chen might be very rich, but she had never thought that he would casually give them jewelry worth 20 million dollars.

This was too shocking.

Xiao Chen sighed and said, “It seems that there are some things that I have to tell you!

“Do you still remember Mengmeng taking a bullet for someone when she was eight when she was traveling abroad?”

“Don’t tell me you are that person!”

How could Liu Xin forget? She even thought that it was the bullet that caused Jiang Meng to suffer sequelae, which caused her to suffer the sickness that had happened previously.

“That’s right, I was that boy. I was 18 at that time.”

Xiao Chen smiled and said, “So, do you understand now? I’ve always said that good people will be rewarded.

“I’m here to repay your kindness.

“I have no other intentions.

“If Mengmeng had been happy, I might not have disturbed her life and would only help her secretly.

“But you guys encountered difficulties, so I had to stand up.

“I don’t want to see the people who saved me live such a miserable life.

“Moreover, during this period of time, I’m starting to like Mengmeng. Her kindness and tenacity are both so charming.”

Liu Xin was finally relieved.

The knot in her heart was opened.

Although she also felt that Xiao Chen was not bad, she was still worried.

Only at this moment did she truly feel relieved.

“Mom, they say that a son-in-law is like half a son.

“I hope that you can live a happy life like my parents.

“Both of you can receive filial piety from your children.

“In the future, you can just treat me like a son.”

Xiao Chen smiled and said, “It’s just that I may not be as meticulous as my brother. You have to bear with me.”

His elder brother, Xiao Feng, was very meticulous in taking care of his parents. That was why Xiao Chen dared to leave with ease and marry into his wife’s family.

“You stinky child!”

Liu Xin smiled. “Only you know how to make people happy.”

“Mom, it’s good that you’re smiling. Don’t worry. I’ve already settled everything this time. All the videos on the Internet have been deleted.

“The short video company has also released an announcement to clarify the truth.

“In addition to the news on TV this time, Mrs. Hu has been arrested. You don’t have to worry about being misunderstood anymore.”

Xiao Chen smiled.

“You said that you weren’t meticulous. How could you even do all this? I didn’t even know.”

Liu Xin was completely relieved.

She had been worried that the short videos would affect her.

“Mengmeng, stop being busy. Let’s go out together. Let mom have a taste of that delicious caviar.”

Xiao Chen shouted to the kitchen.

Jiang Meng ran out and said with a smile, “That’s right, Mom. That caviar is so delicious. I can’t forget it after eating it once.”

“But, isn’t it too expensive?”

Liu Xin was a little worried.

“Mom, have you forgotten that you have a rich son-in-law?”

Xiao Chen smiled.

“No, it’s my son!”

Liu Xin corrected.

Jiang Meng was finally relieved to see that her mother was no longer depressed..