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When Brown heard the familiar term Holy Dragon Guild once again, he became very agitated!

This was a group of demons!

They were a group of evil people who committed all kinds of crimes!

In his previous life, Brown wanted to catch up with the progress of the past year.

He had already put in a lot of effort to carry out all kinds of quests.

He even spent almost all of his time on this game!

It was just to accumulate more equipment and skills.

However, one day, when he finally managed to get rid of a big boss, the members of the Holy Dragon Guild actually appeared in front of him!

It was unknown how these guys learned of Brown’s quest.

While he was fighting to the death with the monster, dozens of people from this guild had already surrounded him!

“Hand over the equipment you got!”

The leader looked at him playfully.

But how could Brown listen to them?

The equipment that he had risked everything to obtain.

It was also the best opportunity for him to enter the combat strength rankings and become an Awakened!

Of course, he wouldn’t give it to others so easily.

However, the Holy Dragon Guild’s attack had also begun at this time!

Brown would never forget the experience of that afternoon!

One of them was a mage with a hidden class.

They had even temporarily set up a resurrection point in the nearby area within their encirclement!

Dozens of people attacked!

In an instant, Brown was killed!

But this was only the beginning of the nightmare!

Brown, who had prepared his equipment in advance, thought that he had escaped death.

However, after his rebirth, he was once again surrounded by them!

He looked at the resurrection point that was close at hand.

Brown suddenly understood.

He could not escape today!

This group of people were like demons, killing him over and over again!

Even if all the equipment had been added with protective barriers.

However, all his equipment fell when he was reduced to level 5.

A year of hard work was all for naught!

Brown even wanted to die!

The members of the Holy Dragon Guild snatched the equipment away in a grand manner.

They even spat at him in disdain!

“You’re trash!”

This was a pain that Brown would never forget!

Even though the people of the Holy Dragon Guild had left for a long time.

Even if he had been reborn!

However, he would never forget what the Holy Dragon Guild had done!

When he met his enemies, he became even more agitated!

Now, he saw the people of the Holy Dragon Guild dared to bully women!

How could Brown tolerate it?

He watched as the girl with the ID “Falling Flower” was forced into a corner.

Brown immediately stood up and shouted.


The few people who were about to succeed suddenly saw someone rush out.

The expressions on their faces seemed to be a little unhappy.

They all looked at Brown.

But there was even more ridicule in their expression!

“Who do you think you are? Do we need you to control what we do?”

“Hurry up and scram, or I’ll send you to the resurrection point!”

Faced with the anger and disdain of these people, Brown did not care at all!

He was filled with anger towards the Holy Dragon Guild in his previous life.

At this moment, that emotion was transferred to this group of people!

“A bunch of trash!”

Brown’s eyes turned cold.

The speed of his feet immediately increased!

Even though he had yet to learn a skill book, with several years of playing experience in his previous life, Brown was already very familiar with the kind of movements he should use in this kind of terrain.

“You want to be the hero and save the damsel in distress?”

The members of the Holy Dragon Guild in front of him snorted coldly.

“Brothers, kill him!”

The few of them revealed the equipment in their hands.

Although it was not too good, most of them were much better than novice wooden swords!

Brown did not slow down at all.

He was about to rush in front of them.

The wooden sword in his hand gently slashed.

It carried some sword light.

The few people in front of him thought that Brown was going to use a common Swordsman’s move.

But in the next second, the wooden sword in Brown’s hand suddenly turned around!

The sword hilt drew a half-circle on the ground!

He suddenly stomped on the ground.

Even his body was spinning in the air!

This happened in the blink of an eye.

Soon, these guys from the Holy Dragon Guild were dumbfounded!

“Who is this kid?”

“No, at this time, someone has already learned a skill?”

Someone had completely surpassed their understanding of Reincarnation.

These people who relied on their power to bully others were even more dumbfounded.

They had yet to see Brown’s current position clearly.

The few of them waved it casually in a panic!

However, in that split second, the wooden sword in Brown’s hand stabbed straight into one of their chests!

The white light flashed again!

Accompanied by a painful cry, Brown waved the wooden sword in his hand again!

These guys’ levels were already lower than his.

Now that he had reached level 9, Brown naturally did not panic at all.

In addition, he was familiar with the combat mechanics of the game.

Dealing with these people was even easier!

When there was only one person left from the Holy Dragon Guild, a trace of fear instantly appeared in that person’s eyes!

There was no need to say how precious the early stages of the game were.

If he lost a level because of this matter, his position in the guild would probably be affected in the future!

He immediately put down his weapon.

He fell to his knees in front of Brown!

“Brother Shadow, I was wrong. I shouldn’t have done such a thing. Please let me go!”

Looking at the other party kneeling and begging for mercy, Brown had no sympathy at all.

He raised his eyebrows contemptuously.

“Are you from the Holy Dragon Guild?”

Hearing Brown take the initiative to mention his guild, the man nodded excitedly.

“That’s right! Our Holy Dragon Guild is very powerful. As long as you…”

Before he could finish his sentence, Brown’s wooden sword pierced through his chest again!

“Nonsense! If you guys weren’t from the Holy Dragon Guild, I wouldn’t even be bothered to make a move!”

Under that person’s surprised gaze, his body gradually dissipated into the air.

The surroundings once again returned to peace!

“Ms. Falling Flower, are you alright?”

The girl in front of him was wearing a sky-blue princess dress.

She looked a little cute.

Falling Flower shook her head in horror.

Tears were still rolling in her eyes from time to time.

“Thank you, Warrior. It’s all thanks to you today!”

Brown waved his hand casually.

“It wasn’t just to save you. It’s mainly because I have a grudge against this guild!”

Upon hearing this, Falling Flower’s eyes widened.

“This is the Holy Dragon Guild! The largest guild in Red Leaf City right now. If you have a grudge against them, then you’re done for!”

“What’s there to be afraid of?”

Brown chuckled.

“As long as they dare to come, I can kill them until they scream!”

This sentence also made Falling Flower laugh.

The way she covered her mouth and chuckled seemed to have dispelled the uneasiness from earlier.

But at this moment, the regional channel was filled with shocking words!

“The Holy Dragon Guild is offering a reward! The entire Red Leaf City has a bounty on Shadow! A bounty of 10,000 gold coins!”

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