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He originally thought that he would be able to leave the novice village smoothly.

However, Brown did not expect a few inconspicuous fellows dared to have designs on him!


He looked at the equipment that the few of them dropped.

To Brown, it was really worthless!

Fortunately, these people had left behind a dozen gold coins.

At the very least, after leaving the novice village, he naturally did not have to worry about the problem of gold coins.

But Joel, who was instantly killed by Brown, was even more furious!

It was not easy for him to level up to level 5.

In the blink of an eye, he was back to level 4.

The things on his body were also completely destroyed!

However, when they thought of the powerful strength that Brown had displayed, they could only grit their teeth.

“Shadow, right? When we leave the novice village, I’ll kill you sooner or later!”

However, Brown did not care about the hatred of others.

He simply packed up his equipment.

He set off again in the direction of the dock!

There were two ways to leave the novice village.

After reaching the level 5 condition to leave, players could choose to leave by land.

However, this method took too long.

If he wanted to leave the novice village and head to the Lost Continent, he would need at least two to three days.

However, this method was free.

There were still many players who were short of money and had no choice but to choose this method.

Other than that, it only took half a day to leave by boat from the dock.

On the way, they could even enjoy the scenery of the Lost Sea.

It was also a unique feature of Reincarnation!

However, the price of one gold coin still made many players’ hearts ache.

Brown still had 13 gold coins left.

However, he did not want to waste it on the boat.

He rushed to the dock.

The boatman who had nothing to do was sitting there humming a tune.

There were a few players beside him who seemed to be debating whether to spend money or not.

Brown walked towards the boatman without looking back.

The players’ eyes seemed to be filled with envy.

“It seems like he’s another guy who’s willing to spend money. He’s actually willing to spend a gold coin to take a boat!”

A few of them discussed animatedly.

Brown walked over to the boatman.

Unlike the other players, he did not talk to the NPC according to normal logic.

Instead, he walked forward and slapped the boatman’s face!


The crisp sound was so eye-catching in the quiet environment!

All the players were shocked by Brown’s actions!

“Is this guy crazy?”

“Forget about riding the boat, but he actually dared to hit the boatman! Seems like he doesn’t want to leave the novice village!”

“The NPCs in Reincarnation have a high degree of freedom. Hitting the boatman is equivalent to slapping the novice village in the face!”

The others were mindful of Brown’s actions.

It was no different from courting death!

However, something surprising happened again!

The boatman who was slapped was extremely angry at first!

But Brown said to him.

“You can’t be so depressed even if your daughter left you!”

This sentence made the boatman’s eyes instantly light up!

He held Brown’s hand excitedly.

Shadow Warrior, how do you know my story?”

Hearing the boatman’s words, Brown became more proud.

This was the content of the experience post in the forum in his previous life!

The boatman in the novice village actually had his own sad past.

His beloved daughter had left him because she eloped with another man.

So every time he saw the boatman, he was expressionless!

And this slap directly closed the distance between Brown and the boatman!

“I also heard about it from the other elders in the village.”

Brown quickly said.

“I’m about to leave the novice village. I know where your daughter is right now. Is there anything I can help you with?”

The boatman nodded excitedly.

“Can you help me bring this letter to her?”

As the boatman finished speaking, the system’s voice sounded in Brown’s ears again.

“Ding! Gained the boatman’s favor.”

“Received hidden quest ‘Send a Letter for the Boatman’! ”

“There’s no time limit for the quest.”

“Quest reward is hidden.”

He received the boatman’s novice quest.

Brown also laughed.

The boatman excitedly called Brown to board the boat.

“Warrior, the Lost Continent is filled with hardships. I hope that you can protect yourself well in the future. This trip will be free of charge!”

He had achieved his goal.

Brown was naturally very excited.

The other players who were witnessing the entire process from the side were already very surprised!

“What’s going on?”

“He slapped the boatman, but not only was he not chased away by the boatman, he even left on the boat for free! There was actually such a good thing? Could it be a bug?”

“Why do you care so much? Why don’t we just do as he did!”

The players who had been hesitating over a gold coin were even more excited.

When the boatman returned after sending Brown, one of them rushed to the boatman first.

Imitating Brown’s actions, he slapped him on the face without saying a word!

However, that mission could only be triggered once!

What happened next surprised them!

After the boatman was slapped, there was no explanation at all!

He glared angrily at the players and beat them up!

In an instant, a white light flashed.

That player was actually killed!

Not only that, the entire novice village was notified once again!

“Player Angry Snail is wanted in the entire region for beating up the boatman!”

As soon as this matter came out.

It made Brown’s actions become a legend in the entire novice village!

No one could guess the mystery behind this!

The name Shadow that Brown had shown at that time had also left an impression in the hearts of some players in the novice village!

After leaving the novice village, Brown finally arrived at the Lost Continent.

He knew where the boatman’s daughter was.

However, he was not in a hurry to deliver the letter.

After all, leveling up was the most important thing right now.

At this stage, equipment and skills had yet to appear.

Brown’s plan was still very clear!

At this moment, he was in an unknown canyon.

On both sides of the canyon, there were also some level 7 and 8 monster tribes.

Although he couldn’t find any monsters that could quickly accumulate experience points, fortunately, there were plenty of monsters here.

It could also be considered a good way for Brown to level up.

Brown had just completed his plan for the day.

He was planning to collect the corpses of the monsters that dropped from the ground as materials.

However, he could vaguely hear some women’s cries for help.

“Did I hear wrongly?”

Brown hesitated for a moment.

He decided to take a look in the direction of the sound.

However, when he sneaked there.

However, he realized that a beautiful player was surrounded by two or three people!

“Ma’am, isn’t it unsafe to play games alone? Why don’t you come with us? It’s great to leech experience points at the side!”

One of them had a lewd smile on his face.

“As long as you serve us well, all the equipment that will be dropped will belong to you. We can also bring you into the Holy Dragon Guild. It’s killing two birds with one stone!”

Brown’s expression suddenly froze!

In the blink of an eye, his eyes became abnormally fierce!

“It’s actually the Holy Dragon Guild!”

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