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The other players mocked him.

Brown could naturally hear it clearly.

However, he did not take it to heart at all.

Instead, he looked at the people in front of him with disdain.

“They’re frogs at the bottom of a well. How pathetic and ignorant!”

Brown sighed and did not say anything to them. He walked straight to the mine in the west of the village!

“Is there something wrong with this kid’s brain?”

“Looking at the equipment on his body, he’s obviously a newly registered player. He actually dares to walk towards the mine? You’re obviously a gaming newbie!”

“That’s right. We’re already level 3 and level 4. Let alone the mine, we don’t even dare to touch those level 5 and 6 monsters. This guy is really overestimating himself!”

The few of them were having different opinions.

Another goblin appeared at the spawn point.

They didn’t have time to continue mocking Brown. Everyone quickly used their cudgels to send this newborn goblin back to his hometown!

“Level 5, level 5! I can finally leave the village!”

One of the people at the side looked at the white light emitting from his body and shouted excitedly.

The surrounding people also cast envious looks at him!

Brown, who was called overconfident, quickly walked to the mine.

Other than a few NPCs, there was no one else in the mine.

Compared to the other places in the novice village, this place was much quieter.

Brown knew that there was a hidden easter egg in the mine.

It was all thanks to the discovery of the players who hid in the novice village in his previous life.

There was a level 10 lone wolf in this remote and rare mine!

As long as he could get rid of this lone wolf, he would be able to obtain a platinum-grade spatial ring!


This was the early stages of the game!

Reincarnation had quite a few equipment levels.

The wooden equipment worn by the novice players could only be considered ordinary.

After all, it was just an early benefit given to newbie players by the system.

Starting from Bronze, there were nine grades of equipment!

Before the middle and late stages of the game began.

Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum.

These were all the grades of the current equipment!

Platinum had even become the highest grade at this stage!

After Platinum, there were five more grades: Transcendent, Divine, Super Divine, Saint, and Super Saint!

Even though Brown had played for several years in his previous life, he had never seen any equipment above Saint-grade!

Therefore, this Platinum-grade Interspatial Ring had only caused some commotion back then.

After all, most of the equipment was of Transcendent-grade.

Platinum was really nothing.

But no matter what.

In just three months after the server was launched.

If only Brown could have Platinum-grade equipment, the starting point would naturally be much higher than ordinary players!

Even if it was the number one Star, he probably wouldn’t have such a method!

Thinking of this, Brown couldn’t help but laugh.

Just as he was thinking about these things, he had already walked into the quiet mine!

The mine was pitch black.

If it wasn’t for the lighting equipment gifted by the system, Brown couldn’t even see the situation in the mine clearly!

The environment of the entire mine cave was very cold.

A gust of cold wind would even make one’s scalp go numb!

Brown took half a step forward.

He could hear some movements coming from the depths of the mine.

Even though he knew that this was a virtual world, he still felt a sense of fear in his heart!

At this moment, two dark green balls suddenly appeared in the mine!

It was Lone Wolf’s eyes!

“Lone Wolf.”

“Level: XXX”

“Attack Power: XXX”

“Defense: XXX”

Brown subconsciously wanted to check Lone Wolf’s attributes.

However, he realized that other than the monster’s name.

All the attributes were garbled texts!

Brown couldn’t help but laugh at this scene.

“No wonder. I’m only level 1, and that’s a level 10 monster. It would be strange if I could see it clearly!”

Lone Wolf slowly walked over on all fours.

In this dark and deep cave, it was staring with its terrifying eyes!

Even its breathing seemed to have become much heavier!

Brown couldn’t help but swallow.

The pressure of a level 10 monster was still quite terrifying.

Although he had read many technical posts on how to deal with this Lone Wolf, he was still a little confused.

However, he had never had the experience of fighting under such a huge level of difference.

In the end, there was still a feeling of fear in his heart!

Brown was very submissive.

However, Lone Wolf did not give him the chance!

It watched as a player forcefully barged into its territory!

Lone Wolf suddenly roared.

Then, it immediately charged in Brown’s direction!

The roar echoed throughout the entire cave!

It was just a sound attack, but it caused Brown to lose a bit of HP!

“Oh my god, how terrifying is this guy!”

He looked at the 15 HP that he had lost unknowingly.

Brown did not dare to be careless at this moment.

He quickly drank two Health Potions that he had bought from the novice shop.

Then, he raised his disposable shield and flew forward!

“So what if you’re level 10!”

Brown stepped on the rock next to the wall.

With the help of the rebound force of the shield, he jumped up!

“Today, I will kill you, you bastard!”

A man and a wolf rushed together in an instant!

However, with Lone Wolf’s huge body, it was impossible for him to survive.

It probably didn’t even need to use any offensive methods.

It could instantly crush Brown into meat paste!

However, at this critical moment!

Brown turned around in the air!

Just as he was about to collide with the Lone Wolf, he spun elegantly in the air in an extremely agile posture.

Then, he smashed the shield on the lone wolf’s body!


Every time Brown attacked.

Lone Wolf’s head only displayed a pitiful number!

“Damn it, this guy’s skin is really thick!”

Looking at such a ridiculous number.

Brown was not discouraged.

Instead, he rode on the neck of the Lone Wolf.

Then, he took out his wooden sword.

The center of its head was stabbed directly!

The entire action was done in one go.

There was no delay at all!

A miserable roar followed it.

The huge Lone Wolf instantly turned into a white light.

Then, it disappeared in front of Brown’s eyes!

Following closely behind was a ring that was shining with white light and fell to the ground!

Brown’s body emitted several dazzling lights!

He had leveled up!

A warm current spread throughout his body.

He looked at the values on the attribute panel that kept rising!

Brown finally laughed!

Suddenly, a broadcast sounded in the novice village at this moment!

“Congratulations, anonymous player, for killing a level 10 Lone Wolf from the novice village!”

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