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The process of entering the game was no different from his previous life.

The game’s graphics were a little rough compared to three years ago.

Everything else seemed to give Brown a sense of familiarity!

When he returned to the Lost Continent as a newbie, the environment of the novice village that he had not seen for a long time made him miss it even more!

The mechanics of Reincarnation were a little special.

The existence of the novice village was to allow players to familiarize themselves with the game’s combat mechanisms and the corresponding game environment.

After players passed the novice mission and reached the level 5 requirement to leave the village, they would never be able to return to the novice village!

That year, when the game was in its third year of operation.

Some players wanted to avoid the pursuit of their enemies.

They specifically chose to delete their files and return to the novice village to protect themselves.

And this seemingly ordinary novice village was an unexpected Easter egg!

Since Brown could be reborn, he naturally would not let go of this treasure that would only be known to others in a few years!

“Since I’m given such a precious opportunity, I’ll definitely make the name ‘Shadow’ resound like thunder in the entire Reincarnation!”

Reincarnation was produced by the world’s largest game company, Suoxue.

Compared to ordinary games, Reincarnation was clearly better in terms of skill and experience!

The traditional keyboard or controller control mode was removed.

Using the spirit helmet to sense the player’s brainwaves and biometric-recognition technology, the player’s consciousness was directly extracted into the game world!

This was a virtual world that was close to reality.

However, it also gave every player an unparalleled sense of reality!

The time in the game and the in real world had an equivalent relationship of two to one.

This made Reincarnation an emotional sustenance to many people.

Reincarnation had a high degree of freedom.

Other than the newbie mission that had to be completed when registering for the game at the beginning, the rest of the process was controlled by the players.

Even when they reached the corresponding level to change jobs, they were all up to the players to choose from.

There were a total of five common classes in the game.

The Swordsman with the highest attack power would often become the number-one choice in the hearts of most players.

It was just that it did not have high defense, and it often had extremely high requirements for the player’s control in the game.

As for the Shield Warrior, who had the opposite attribute, they became the most popular existence in the later stages of the guild team battle.

With their extremely high defense, they could often become the main force in all kinds of large-scale guild battles!

The damage of a Magician’s skill was quite high.

It was just that this class could come into close contact with others at all.

Once they were caught in a close combat situation, they would probably not even have the chance to resist before they would immediately land at the resurrection point!

Thieves with extremely fast movement speed were often able to pull at the limit in a solo fight.

It was just that its overall attributes were weak, so it could be considered a popular existence.

In Brown’s previous life, he had chosen this class.

As a supporting existence, the Priest would be responsible for healing the team during the battle most of the time.

Most of the players who chose this profession were female!

Other than these five common classes, in the later stages of the game, there would be a large number of hidden jobs.

It was also the holy jobs that those high-level players mentioned.

Brown wanted to challenge the new dungeon of the Abyssal Dragon.

He wanted to obtain the treasure and enter the combat strength rankings at the same time, and successfully change his class to the legendary hidden class!

A lot of gaming experience came from money.

Brown had a well-thought-out plan.

Although he was dressed in plain clothes now, he was really pitifully poor.

However, it did not affect his next plan at all.

He opened the current Level Rankings.

“As expected, it’s still him!”

In just three months, the first place on the Level Rankings had already soared to Level 13!

This guy named “Star” had almost never fallen from the number one position in the past few years!

As a result, at the later stage of the guild team battle, this person even reached level 1000, which would make everyone click their tongues!

Looking at the current level distribution, Brown did not feel anything else.

“I should try my best to get the Easter egg from the novice village to increase my combat power. The Level Rankings will only be useful in the early stages!”

Brown knew the game well.

On the second anniversary of the game’s official launch, the official combat strength ranking replaced the authoritative position of the level ranking!

Even when Awakened ones appeared one after another, the relevant parties in the country had begun to form their own Awakened teams according to their respective combat strength rankings!

This was the most terrifying part!

Brown shook his head and smiled bitterly.

“What are you thinking about? There’s still a lot of time to reach this stage. I should hurry up and level up!”

Leveling up in the novice village was very slow.

Everyone was born in a different novice village according to their actual IP address.

There were many beginner players in the novice village.

However, including slimes, the spawning speed of the goblins was quite fixed.

If he wanted to gain experience points by killing these monsters, it would be terrifyingly slow!

A large number of players with wooden sticks had already gathered and were waiting at the side near each monster’s spawn point.

Every time a new monster spawned.

Before it could open its eyes to see the beautiful scenery of the novice village, it would be hit by countless people’s cudgels, directly turning into a wisp of white light and dissipating!

“How tragic!”

Looking at these monsters that did not even make a sound.

Brown shook his head regretfully.

Naturally, his target was not these monsters that were being stared at by countless people.

It was different from the public’s choice.

Brown immediately went to the shop.

He used the two gold coins gifted by the system to buy ten Health Potions and a one-time shield that could reduce 70% damage.

Then, he carried the wooden sword in his hand and walked toward the edge of the village in high spirits.

He had to fight these monsters against this group of people to level up.

He didn’t know how long it would take to leave the novice village.

Instead of wasting time here, he might as well go and get the Easter egg.

He could also upgrade it successfully in one go.

This was naturally an extremely good thing!

However, Brown’s strange behavior was extremely laughable to the other players who were waiting for the monsters to respawn!

Brown, who was wearing a novice outfit, did not go to the monster spawn points and waited to farm experience at any time.

Instead, he went to the edge of the village.

“Is this kid courting death? Doesn’t he know that there are level 10 monsters around the village?”

“Who knows what this kid is thinking? Looking at the smile on his face, he probably thought that he had picked up a big bargain! What a joke!”

Everyone burst into laughter.

“Just wait and see. In a while, we’ll be able to see this kid come out from the spawn point.”

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