Chapter 27 Hunting the Black Brocade Mongoose

Type: Black Brocade Mongoose (Wind Attribute)

[Level]: Level 32 (First Awakening)

Bloodline Talent: Silver Level 5 Level 32 silver-level exotic beast, Black Brocade Mongoose Only then did Bell see the other party’s full appearance.

It was covered in black fur, had long limbs, and a strong body. In particular, the muscles on its hind legs were more developed, providing it with full charging speed and allowing it to attack extremely quickly.

Although it was a level 30 beast, Bell did not panic at all.

After looking at the system interface, the other party’s strength was not considered very strong in the C-rank area. It was considered a meal for stronger exotic beasts. It was already extremely lucky to grow to this extent.

There was no pity from Bell. Coincidentally, he wanted to test Wangcai’s strength after evolution.

Level 32 was just enough to deal with the other party.

Perhaps sensing that Wangcai was not an ordinary slime, it did not attack first. It only circled around Bell and Wangcai, maintaining a safe distance.

However, when it sensed that Wangcai was only a level 20 beast, it was unwilling to give up on its prey and turn around to walk over. “Ow!”

A cold light flashed in the Black Brocade Mongoose’ yellow eyes. It had already made up its mind to attack. It immediately turned into a black lightning and pounced on Bell at an extremely fast speed!

Wind elements surged around him at the same time. This was the Black Brocade Mongoose’s own skill. It used the characteristics of the wind element to increase its speed to the peak. Facing the Black Brocade Mongoose’ attack, Bell was expressionless. He only said a few words, “Activate your skill, Freely Traveling.” The other party could be considered to have a lot of combat experience. It was only when it was fighting with beast tamers that attacking beast tamers first was the way to go!

Since the other party was a wind-element exotic beast, Bell planned to show what a true wind-element skill was!

Wangcai was surrounded by extremely powerful wind elements. Without the enhancement of the potion, it lost the characteristics of the Eight Wind Crane’s approach to the Great Dao.

If Wangcai wanted to unleash the effect of the skill to the limit, it still needed to mobilize the surrounding wind elements in advance to help it. It could not be instantaneous like the Immortal Crane and attack at its strongest state.

The moment the Black Brocade Mongoose pounced on Bell, Wangcai immediately disappeared.

In the next second, Wangcai’s figure appeared behind the Black Brocade Mongoose. Wangcai transformed into tentacles from the surface of its body and tied it up.

This was not a simple binding play. Every tentacle that Wangcai transformed into had tiny needles on it.

The neurotoxin was continuously injected into the Black Brocade Mongoose’s body.

In an instant, the Black Brocade Mongoose stopped struggling. A strong sleepiness appeared on its small face, and its eyelids seemed to have been enchanted. After struggling for a while, it died peacefully.

“Try the new venom,” Bell said slowly.

After receiving the command, Wangcai produced a pitch-black liquid in its transparent body and injected it into the Black Brocade Mongoose’s body through its tentacles.

Then, Wangcai let go of the tentacles and threw the Black Brocade Mongoose to the ground, waiting for its poison to act up.

This did not make Bell wait for long. After a few minutes, the Black Brocade Mongoose seemed to feel intense pain and suddenly shrank its body tightly, falling to the ground and trembling.

After trembling for a few seconds, it completely stopped breathing.

Bell’s gaze did not change throughout the entire process. He silently comprehended the battle just now.

Although Wangcai had crushed the Black Brocade Mongoose, there were still flaws.

In comparison, the neurotoxin could only be released after Wangcai came into contact with the other party.

If he encountered a flying beast or a exotic beast that was far ahead of Wangcai, the neurotoxin would lose its effect. Moreover, if he encountered a higher-level exotic beast, it was still unknown if the neurotoxin could achieve such a good effect.

Secondly, the spider lord’s lethal poison was indeed unexpectedly useful, but there was a limit to the number of times it could be used. It could not be used at will and had to be saved for true danger.

This time, he just wanted to see the effect of the poison.

After all, Shana had an hour to be saved when she was poisoned. If Wangcai released it, the other party still had an hour to be saved.

If he encountered a high-level beast, an hour was enough for Bell to die 800 times. Bell remembered these things and did not feel much about the Black Brocade Mongoose.

The strong preyed on the weak. This was the law of survival in the wilderness.

Taking out the special dagger he carried with him, Bell squatted beside the Black Brocade Mongoose and cut through its tough fur, taking out a pure white crystal core.

This was a good thing. Level 30 beast cores were enough to sell for more than 300,000 Blue Star coins. It could greatly alleviate Bell’s urgent need for money.

However, if the bulk of the gains this time were still the 500 exotic beast blood seals displayed by the system, However, before Bell could check, the system swiped it from his account in the name of repaying his debt.

It also reminded Bell that he still had 4,500 exotic beast blood seals to repay. Bell did not know how the system calculated the reward, but it should be about 500 beast blood seals for killing a level 30 exotic beast. From the looks of it, he only needed to kill nine level 30 exotic beasts to completely pay off his debt. In terms of efficiency, it was still very fast.

Excitement surged in Bell’s eyes. With such a large secret realm rich in exotic beasts, it would not be difficult to obtain as many exotic beast blood seals as he wanted. After the system’s debt was paid, he could happily draw the lottery again!

Bell looked at the corpse of the Black Brocade Mongoose one last time. Compared to ordinary meat, the flesh of exotic beasts was more delicious and was a top-notch ingredient. However, this Black Brocade Mongoose’s body was filled with the poison of the spider lord. Basically, there was no part of it that could be eaten. So, without taking another look, Bell put away the exotic beast core and continued on his journey.


Bell had learned his lesson from the last secret realm crusade. This time, in order to prevent himself from being attacked by extremely powerful exotic beasts, Bell had specially bought many concealment talismans that could cover his aura and prevent him from being hunted by powerful exotic beasts.

In the seriousness of those powerful exotic beasts, Bell, who was wearing a concealment talisman, was like a harmless squirrel darting under a tree. There was no need for them to attack personally.

However, the effect of this talisman was not as obvious when it was used on low-level exotic beasts, such as the recently dead Black Brocade Mongoose.

It had sensed an aura that was much weaker than itself and appeared in front of Bell with the mentality of bullying the weak.

It was not until the Black Brocade Mongoose saw Wangcai that it was dumbfounded.

It was obvious that Bell and Wangcai were not easy to bully, so they did not attack first.