Chapter 28 The Strange Culprit Finally Appears

Lin Changqing had absorbed the memories of his predecessor, but he was not his predecessor after all. To him, the memories of his predecessor were like an immersive virtual reality movie.

With the [Wisdom] talent, Lin Changqing could extract useful things from his predecessor’s experiences and integrate them into his body, changing the shortcomings of his growth in a peaceful environment.

The remaining memories of his predecessor really became a long movie that could be replayed at any time and accurately located.

Fengjia Town was located on the northwestern side of the county town. It was only twenty miles away from the county town. It was an important transportation road on the northwestern side of the county town, and an official road passed through the town.

According to the memories of his predecessor, Fengjia Town had more than 10,000 people living in the town. Most of the locals had the surname Feng. The real Feng family was the local landlords who dominated an area.

The current family head was quite capable and managed Fengjia Town in an orderly manner. This was also one of the reasons why his predecessor, a child beggar and child laborer, could live in town for many years.

Logically speaking, in the village under Fengjia Town, everything was handled by the Feng Family. They had reported the missing persons case to the government, which meant that there must be secrets that even the Feng Family could not handle.

Lin Changqing brought Little Tiger and Little Green along the official road, shaking off many people who were secretly following him.

However, some people no longer had any scruples and began to appear, openly following not far behind him.

Lin Changqing knew very well that this mission would not be peaceful. He was already prepared, so he pretended not to know.

Nothing happened along the way, and Lin Changqing safely arrived at Fengjia Town.

Although Fengjia Town was only a town, it also had a city wall. Inside the city wall, there were two straight roads that crossed the north, south, east, and west of the town in a cross shape. There were also many small roads that divided the streets.

The entire town was planned neatly and methodically. It was a town where tens of thousands of people lived. There were all kinds of shops, and people came and went. It was very lively.

Little Green, who was beside Lin Changqing, was very eye-catching. Lin Changqing’s arrival attracted the attention of many people.

Lin Changqing did not stay in Fengjia Town. He passed through the town and continued north, rushing to the destination of this mission, Tanmu Dong Village. At around ten in the morning, Lin Changqing arrived at Tanmu Dong Village.

At this moment, the village at the foot of the mountain was filled with panic. The villagers working were all listless. When a villager noticed Lin Changqing’s arrival, a large number of villagers immediately appeared and watched from afar!

“The authorities have sent someone?”

“Why is there only one person here? But the dog he brought with him is really tall! I’ve never seen such a big dog!”

“This time, our village has encountered a big problem. The people sent by the government must be powerful martial artists or extraordinary people!”

Lin Changqing heard many villagers discussing him in low voices from afar. He didn’t force his way into the village, but waited at the village entrance for a while. Not long after, an elder from the village came forward with his cane, surrounded by many young men. “Greetings, sir! Are you here about the missing persons case in my village?”

The white-haired elder came in front of Lin Changqing and first bowed before asking about Lin Changqing’s background and purpose. After Lin Changqing returned the greeting according to the etiquette of this world, he took out the mission scroll with the government seal, opened it, and displayed it before saying, “Yes!”

After confirming Lin Changqing’s identity, the elders and villagers warmly welcomed him into the village, not neglecting him because he was young. After careful questioning, Lin Changqing had a rough understanding of the missing person case.

Since ten days ago, a young man went missing every night in this village. After a self-investigation by the villagers, the Feng family in town sent people to investigate. They all found that the young and strong man who had disappeared was suspected to have left home on his own.

The few martial artists sent by the Feng Family stayed in the village for two nights and did not find any clues. Later, they invited strong reinforcements from the Feng Family, but they still did not find out how the people disappeared at night.

The Feng family’s investigators determined that the disappearance of the person was not the work of an ordinary person. Every day, they would abduct a person in a mysterious manner. This situation was enough to report it to the officials.

Otherwise, if the entire village disappeared in the long run, it would become a huge matter. The Feng family immediately reported it to the authorities and asked them to send someone to investigate the case.

Under the lead of the villagers, Lin Changqing went to the missing person’s house to search for clues.

At the house of the missing person last night, Lin Changqing asked the family of the missing person to take out the common items of the missing person. After Little Tiger sniffed the scent of the missing person, he tracked him all the way to the back of the mountain outside the village, and the clues were cut off. Lin Changqing was now basically certain that the missing person had left at night. When they reached the back of the mountain, they completely disappeared.

Lin Changqing brought Little Tiger and Little Green to search around the area where the missing person had disappeared, but they didn’t find any more clues. Lin Changqing returned to the residence arranged for him in the village and carefully analyzed all kinds of clues. Shuling also participated to fill in the gaps.

“First of all, this matter must have something to do with Fan Le’an and the Lu family. Even if they didn’t do this missing persons case, they will use this case to plot against me. The reason why they attacked me was not because of Leader Lu’s death, but because of the spatial bag and the Myriad Spirit Technique left behind by Elder Zhao. “Perhaps Elder Zhao left something behind. They don’t know the details. They just discovered the changes in my body and want to find out the secret. And they’re not the only ones watching me, so they want to use the gang missions to set up a trap. Now that I know their purpose, the rest is simple. I just need to wait for them to take action.” After Lin Changqing sorted out his thoughts, he began to wait in peace.

At night, the doors and windows of every family in the village were tightly shut. All the family members were gathered together to sleep, not daring to be separated.

Lin Changqing, who had already rested in the afternoon, patrolled the village from time to time with his pets. With the deterrence of the two spiritual dogs, Little Tiger and Little Green, none of the dogs in the village dared to bark. There were clouds in the sky, and the weak moonlight that occasionally appeared reflected all kinds of shadows that bared their fangs and brandished their claws. Coupled with the background of the missing person case, Lin Changqing felt that the atmosphere in the village was a little strange. Lin Changqing’s perception was powerful. He could sense that all the adults in the village were not asleep. They had all kinds of weapons and farming tools beside them, ready to fight the mysterious murderer at any time. In order to deal with the disappearance of people at night, everyone slept during the day and did not dare to sleep at night. As a result, day and night were reversed and they were mentally exhausted.

The long wait at night was especially tiring. At midnight, many villagers could no longer hold on and fell into a deep sleep.

Lin Changqing had also stayed in his residence and had not gone out to patrol for a long time, but he was full of energy. He opened his perception with Shuling and Little Tiger and paid attention to the movements in the village.

The curved moon hid in the black clouds, and the world was dark. A gust of cold wind came from the back of the mountain and landed outside a house’s window. A shadow appeared! “Here they come!” Shuling warned Lin Changqing.