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Early in the morning, Chu Yi and Wang Lin got up and prepared to return to S City. Shen Hui also came to see them off, and even the limping Yu Huan showed up.

The project in B City had been visited. They only needed to wait for the bidding and return to the company to work on the proposal.

Wang Lin and Song Ting were in good spirits, but Chu Yi looked tired.

“Saintess, is your makeup today the look of sickly beauty?” Shen Hui looked at the dark circles under Chu Yi’s eyes and teased her.

Chu Yi only smiled and didn’t say anything.

Since she had seen the contents of the divorce agreement, she had not slept the entire night.

She had thought that Wan Yan was forced to get married and wanted to get rid of her as soon as possible. But she did not expect him to not only want a divorce but also wanted money!

Thinking of this, Chu Yi felt so angry that her teeth were itching. Not cheating on her feeling, just cheating for her money?

Yu Huan’s attitude towards Chu Yi had improved significantly because of Chu Yi’s kindness the previous day.

“Chu Yi, don’t work too hard. Women age easily.”

Yu Huan lowered her voice slightly. “But it’s okay. Since you helped me yesterday, I’ll take care of you at Song Corporation. You’re mine now.”

Chu Yi had something on her mind and did not understand what Yu Huan meant. She just nodded mechanically.

Yu Huan assumed that Chu Yi knew about Song Ting’s divorce and silently agreed that she would be Mrs. Song in the future. She was even happier.

“Don’t worry. With me around, no one will dare to criticize you even if you slack off at Song Corporation,” Yu Huan said, putting his arm around Chu Yi’s shoulder and patting her with a serious look.

“Hmm?” Chu Yi looked at Yu Huan with a puzzled expression.

Yu Huan formally nodded at Chu Yi, but Chu Yi’s smile seemed forced.

Chu Yi’s mood had been low, and Wang Lin was also a little worried. “Chu Yi, are you okay? Is it because you’re tired from climbing the mountain yesterday?”

Song Ting had also been listening to their conversation, but he didn’t hear Chu Yi’s response.

Chu Yi had something on her mind and didn’t want to say anything. She just nodded in agreement.

Thinking about how she didn’t even wear a wedding dress when she got married and was about to become a divorced woman, and how she might even have to compensate her husband for mental damage, whom she had only met once, she couldn’t be happy.

She had thought that breaking up with Wan Yan was the worst that could happen. Getting married at that time would have fulfilled her grandma’s wish.

But she didn’t expect that a marriage that existed in name only would involve money disputes.

Chu Yi felt suffocated when she thought of the various scenes of divorce and economic disputes in television dramas.

When she returned to the company, she was also uninterested. Although she was still working seriously, she wasn’t very talkative.

Song Ting had already noticed that something was wrong with her. After she finished reporting on her work in the afternoon, Song Ting gave her a break.

“If there’s nothing else, you can leave work early and rest at home,” he said.

“What?” Chu Yi was taken aback by Song Ting’s words.

Song Ting was a little speechless. It seemed that she was uncomfortable and unable to focus.

“I said you can leave later. Let’s go,” Song Ting said to Chu Yi.

Chu Yi looked at Song Ting gratefully, then nodded and left the CEO’s office.

On her way home, she continued to think about the divorce agreement.

Finally, she made a decision and promptly called Zhao Li.

“Lawyer Zhao, are you and Mr. Wan available now? I think we need to meet to discuss the details of the divorce agreement,” Chu Yi said. Although Chu Yi’s voice was stiff, one could tell that she was a little angry.

However, Zhao Li was very happy. He was finally going to resolve this matter.

“Sure, Miss Chu. Shall we meet at Shui Yuntian at 8:30 in the evening? I’ll make the reservation now. Please make sure to come,” he said before ending the call.

He then called Song Ting. “CEO Song, are you free today? Miss Chu Yi wants to talk about the divorce. She has already seen the divorce agreement and knows that you want compensation for mental damage. She may want to discuss this with you,” he explained.

Song Ting looked at his schedule. There was nothing urgent to do today, so he might as well get rid of this woman.

Song Ting replied, “Send me the address. I’ll be there in a while.”

Chu Yi was about to take a taxi to Shui Yuntian when Xu Yin called. “Darling, are you back? Did Wan Yan contact you? When you meet him, tell me, I’ll go and cheer you on. We absolutely can’t lose!”

Chu Yi had wanted to resolve this matter herself, but she was a little uncertain. In the end, she told Xu Yin that she was going to meet Wan Yan.

“Tian Peng and I will go over right away!” Xu Yin said.

After hanging up, Xu Yin and Tian Peng headed straight for Shui Yuntian.

The two of them had just found a parking space when they saw Song Ting walk past the car and enter Shui Yuntian’s main door.

Xu Yin grabbed Tian Peng’s arm. “Is this man the pervert from last time?”

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