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Chu Yi followed Song Ting around the mountain for almost a day before they went down the mountain. She thought that it was fortunate that Wang Lin did not continue to follow them. Otherwise, she would not be able to take it.

When she returned to her room, she saw Wang Lin, who was in a daze. Wang Lin had been sitting on the bed and looking out the window.

“Sister Lin, are you feeling unwell? Could it be heatstroke?” Chu Yi asked, noticing Wang Lin’s absent-mindedness.

Wang Lin looked up and saw Chu Yi, who was slightly sunburnt. However, she did not tell her the shocking secret she had heard earlier.

This kind of prying into the boss’s privacy and secrets, she was enough to do it alone. Anyway, she was going to resign.

“Maybe I am a little tired. Today was indeed quite hot. You go take a shower and rest. We’ll be leaving tomorrow,” replied Wang Lin.

Chu Yi looked at Wang Lin again and confirmed that there was no change in her expression, then she went to the bathroom to take a shower.

In order to prevent herself from accidentally revealing anything, Wang Lin had gone to bed early and pretended to be tired.

Chu Yi, who finally had time to rest, took out her phone and saw a message from Zhao Li.

“Miss Chu Yi, could you please give me your fax number? I will send you the divorce agreement.”

It seemed that Wan Yan was really eager to get the divorce done, as the lawyer kept urging her to sign it.

Chu Yi thought for a moment and sent the comic studio’s fax number over.

In any case, they were going to get a divorce sooner or later, and they would have to sign the papers eventually. The sooner it was settled, the easier it would be.

Just as she was about to fall asleep, her phone rang and woke her up.

Seeing that it was Xu Yin calling, she quickly silenced her phone and ran to the bathroom, afraid of waking Wang Lin up.

As soon as she answered the call, Xu Yin’s yelling came through. “Chu Yi, where are you? Have you come back yet? The studio just received a divorce agreement!”

Chu Yi moved her phone away from her ear and lowered her voice and said, “Please keep your voice down. Do you know what time it is? Aren’t you afraid of disturbing others? I asked Wan Yan’s lawyer to send the divorce agreement over. Didn’t Wan Yan want a divorce?”

However, Xu Yin didn’t lower his voice at all. “Just let him divorce you. What’s with this talk of you cheating on him during your marriage and having to compensate him for mental damage? Is he crazy for money? You haven’t even contacted each other for a year, and now he wants money from you?”

“What mental damage compensation?” Chu Yi couldn’t stay calm anymore.

“He said that you cheated on him during your marriage and caused him serious mental damage and damaged his reputation. He wants you to pay him 500,000 dollars for mental damages…”

Before Xu Yin could finish, Tian Peng grabbed the phone and said, “I’ve sent you the photos on your phone. Let’s talk about the rest when you get back.”

Chu Yi hung up and saw the photos that Tian Peng had sent. She was so angry that her hands trembled.

The divorce agreement was not just about getting a divorce. It also accused her of cheating on her husband and cohabiting with someone of the opposite sex. She had to compensate Wan Yan for mental damage.

Chu Yi called Zhao Li directly. Zhao Li was a little surprised. This was the first time this lady took the initiative to contact him.

“Lawyer Zhao, what’s going on? What does the mean by mental damage? Please explain it to me clearly!”

Although Chu Yi tried to lower her voice, Zhao Li could still hear the anger in her tone.

After several conversations, Zhao Li found Chu Yi to be a reasonable and sensible woman, but he was surprised to hear her so angry.

As for the compensation for mental damage, Zhao Li didn’t know how to approach the topic.

Although CEO Song had asked for compensation for mental damage, Zhao Li did not have any evidence. He had never even seen Chu Yi before. How could he say that she had cheated on him?

However, since the boss had requested this, Zhao Li felt a little helpless.

“Miss Chu, I think we should meet in person to discuss this matter,” Zhao Li suggested. He believed he could convince Chu Yi to sign the divorce agreement once they met.

“Chu Yi, are you in the bathroom?” At this moment, Wang Lin’s voice sounded. Chu Yi did not want to continue talking to Zhao Li.

It seemed that this matter could not be resolved over the phone. They had to meet.

“Lawyer Zhao, I’ll contact you when I get back. I think it’s better to clarify this matter in person.”

After hanging up the phone, Chu Yi took a few deep breaths and adjusted her emotions before walking out of the bathroom.

“I’m sorry for waking you up,” she said, and she was a little embarrassed.

Wang Lin, on the other hand, was in a daze. She waved her hand and turned over to continue sleeping.

Chu Yi lay on the bed but could not fall asleep. She looked at the photo of the divorce agreement over and over again. The more she thought about it, the angrier she became.

She couldn’t believe that Wan Yan, who had not contacted her for a year, was now asking for compensation for mental damage.

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