- A sequel to The Siblings. They continue their hidden sexual relationship and their siblings' love to each other behind their parents.

- Karen

- Sandro

- fiction

After what happened that night, follows many nights of fucking each other. Luckily, our parents are so busy with our family business so Karen and I spend so many times on my bed...and sometimes on her bed too.

However, our parents planned a one-week out-of-town vacation trip.

That vacation is long. Karen and I mostly fuck each other everyday.

"How could we spend our together in our vacation trip?" Karen is caressing my crotch.

We're in my bed. "Karen, stop it. Mom might enter."

"I just...I just miss sucking this." She continues what she's doing.

I hold her hand. "I know. I miss that, too. But they are here."

She just lay herself beside me. Spread her legs and finger herself.

"Karen, I said stop." I'm not in the mood.

"Can we just do it quickly? I can't take that one-week without having sex with you." She's a pervert.

I just shake my head and stand to lock the door. "Don't moan, okay?" I warn.

She just grins. "You can't resist me."

We don't remove our clothes. We just lower it so if our parents knock, we can easily put it back immediately. I spread her legs and position myself on top of her.

She holds my torso as I enter my dick inside her. "Fuck." She whispers.

She closes her eyes, bit her lips as I continue to fuck her. I'm really a lucky guy for having this chance of fucking her.

Her hands keep on roaming around my body. And she opens her eyes, "I like you."

I just grin. I lower my head to kiss her lips. I really love how she tastes. Our tongues meet again and play each other.

I continue to pump her pussy as I lower my kiss to her boobs. Her hands are playing with my hair.

"Fuck, Sandro." She's moaning again. "I'm cumming."

I put my mouth again on her lips 'cause I know she'll moan. I fuck her hard and her body get tensed as she releases her juices.

"You drink your pills?" I ask.

"Yes. Cum inside me." She replies.

"Good." So I continue to fuck her hard as I shoot every cum of me inside her.

In our usual sex routine, I can cum 2 to 3 times. But for now, once is enough since our parents are here.

"We're done?" She's disappointed.

I get a tissue and hand it on her. I get one also for me and clean my dick before I bring it back to my boxer short. She clean herself.

And the vacation trip happened. We booked a hotel and we're all going to share a room.

I want to laugh because Karen is not happy for this. What a perverted little sister I have.

The whole day is going from places to places. So Karen and I are not spending much time together.

That night, we watch a movie together inside our hotel room. So we're laying together in one big bed.

Of course, Karen lays beside me. Since we're under the blanket, my hand start his journey inside her shorts.

She glance at me but I focus my eyes on the movie. She smiles.

She spreads her legs so I could start to penetrate her pussy. As I reach it, my finger starts to finger her.

She's biting her lips. I'm happy that I make her happy.

She cannot play her hand with my cock since it's gonna be oblivious. So I'm the only one doing the job to her.

Our parents are busy watching the movie. She holds my hand to inform me that she's cumming. I just continue to finger her and that's it I feel her juices on my hand.

The next day is also a normal trip going from places to places. Later that night, we'll watch a firework display.

We're standing right now as we await for the fireworks show. A lot of people are here to watch.

I'm behind of Karen, our parents are hugging each other next to her.

Good thing she's wearing a skirt. I lift the hem of it, wrap my left hand around her so I could reach her thong.

I just slip it aside, so my dick could make his way inside her. Yes, I'm fucking my sister in a public place.

"Focus on watching." I whisper as the show starts. She just nods.

I continue to fuck my sister. I make it not oblivious to others. It's as if we're just standing there.

She just bend herself a bit so I could get a good fuck. My fingers play her clit. People are busy looking up to the sky, while my dick is pumping in and out my sister's pussy.

I see her biting her lips so she'll not moan. But I can't help it not to fuck her. I feel her cums.

The show continues. "I'm cumming." I whisper again. She just nods. So I cum inside her.

On the last day of our trip, I advise our parents to go without us and take that as their date. They both agreed so we're left alone in the hotel. As soon as they left, Karen go on top of me.

We shared our kisses together. "I fucking miss this." I say.

She's removing her clothes and me too. She lower herself so she could suck my cock. "I fucking miss this." She say.

I just stay still as she eats me. Fuck I miss this mouth eating my cock. I just fuck her mouth.

I pull her up so she'll be the one sitting on the couch. I want to her eat, too. So I did. I finger her, my tongue plays her clit and both hands are on her tits.

And she's moaning so loud. "I'm cumming!" She shouted.

I just bit her clits and continue fingering her. She squirts.

I stand up and go on top of her. I put her legs on my shoulder. And start fucking her. This time, a hard fuck.

We miss each other 'cause we're hearing the springs of the couch. We shared our kisses again.

"Fuck me more!" She screams as she releases her juices again. So I did.

I carry her and put her on the floor. I close her legs and push it on her so I could feel her pussy more.

I just watch her feeling good as I fuck her hard. "You want your brother to fuck you, ha?"

She nods. "Only him. Only you could fuck me."

What a nice word to hear from her.

"Shit!" I shout as I shoot my cum inside her.

She pushes me so I'm the one laying on the floor. She get on top of me and do the thing. I just hold her butt and follow her rhythm.

"We have the whole day for fucking." She says.

I smile. "I can cum more than you can expect."

I just suck her boobs. I really like biting her tits.

"Sandro..." She cum again.

This time, I turn her around so I'm on her back. I'm fucking her from behind.

I'm slapping her butt. "Bad lil sis!"

"Fuck me more, bad big bro!" She's moaning.

I pull her hair as I cum again.

We stand up and push her on the wall. I put both her legs on my arms and she wraps her arms around my neck.

I continue fucking her. Her pussy is already filled of my cum and of her juices. Some are dropping into my dick down to my thighs.

We kiss and our tongues play again.

We spend the whole day fucking. We stop one hour before our parents come. And Karen could not stop smiling. She enjoyed our vacation I guess.

|To be continued|

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