- The final sequel to The Siblings. As they settle with their partners, the two decided to give their one final encounter a memorable one.

- Karen

- Sandro

- fiction

"Congratulations." I greeted Karen because she'll get married tomorrow.

It's been years since we've been hiding our relationship. But we manage to have our own partners.

"Thank you." She gave me a kiss.

"You should stop giving me a kiss, I guess." I tease her.

"Just tonight."

I nod. We raised our glass of champagne and drink it.

I stayed in her hotel room. The wedding will also happen here in the hotel auditorium.

We are in the veranda just finish having our dinner. She stood up and remove her bathrobe.

"Let's do here your wedding gift for me."

I smirk. "My naughty sister."

She stood naked in front of me while I stay seated. She spreads her legs. My left hand touch her pussy. My middle finger is already insider her pussy while my thumb is massaging her clit. She closed her eyes and moan a little.

"You like it?" I ask.

She nods. "Every fucking time."

I pull her a little so I could eat her pussy. I lick her clit while my two fingers are going in and out of her pussy.

"I love your wetness." I uttered.

I wrap my other hand around her waist so she would stay steady. My tongue tried to stick in.

She moans again.

She holds my head as she wants my tongue to get deep inside of her pussy. I finger her faster as my other hand reach her clit to play it in circle.

She's pulling my her now. I know she's cumming. I continue to finger her fast and suck her pussy and clit hard.

She let out a loud moan as she releases her juices. And I always sip it. There are some who drops on her thighs.

She kneeled down and remove the belt of my bathrobe and my dick stick out.

"You're always hard." She teased me.

"Because of you." I teased her back and she suck me.

I just watch her lips move up and down my shaft. I even drink my champagne.

I heard her slurping as she gives me one good blowjob. Her hand went up and down my dick, while her other hand plays my balls.

She sticks out her tongue to play my head and went deep in her throat.

She even shakes her head so I could feel her throat. What a good little sister.

I put down my glass and pull her up to me. She spread her legs and position her pussy on top my dick.

Without a word, she just slips down and my dick enters in her pussy. She just moves up and down.

I hold her waist to support her while she holds my shoulder and continue to go up and down. I reach for her boobs so I could suck it.

She stretch herself backwards as I follow her rhythm. My other hand went to her boob to massage and play her tits. I bite her tits and she moans.

She's breathless.

"Stand. Hold the railings." She followed my instruction.

I stayed behind as she bend a little. I put my dick inside her again. She flinch a little but follow my rhythm as I fuck her hard.

I even slap her butt as I thrust every length of my dick.

"Fuck you!"

"Yeah," I smirk. "I'm fucking you."

My hand reach her clit to play it again as I continue pumping her hard. My other hand supports her leg so she won't wobble.

Her body tensed again as she releases her juices again. I stick out my dick and make Karen turn around to face me.

I put her leg to my arm, my other arms support her back as I fuck her while we're standing. I suck her lips and my tongue goes in to play with her tongue. Her arms just wrap around my neck. I feel the pressure building inside my dick.

"I'm cumming." I uttered between our kisses.

"I'm always safe." She responded. I push her to the wall so I could thrust very hard and load her pussy with my cums.

"Fuck!" I uttered as I continue to release my load. Some of my cum drips to her thigh. We're both breathless. We just continue to share our kisses to each other.

"I want to fuck you in your wedding dress." I said.

She just smiles and push me so she could walk back inside the room. I followed her. She gets her wedding dress to wear it.

She then lay herself on the bed. And spread her legs.

"Just don't mess my wedding dress." She said.

I smirk and kneel on the bed and hold her legs up. She even rolled up her wedding dress.

I just put my dick back inside her. I pump her hard again. I want to give our last night the best night.

I put her legs on my waist so I could lean forward and kiss her. I hold her hands.

"Nice wedding dress, ha." I uttered.

My kisses went down to her neck. I'm avoiding myself not to give him a kiss mark.

My kisses reach her cleavage. I lick the side of her boobs since she's still wearing the wedding dress. I don't want to ruin it.

I just continue fucking her.

I feel her body got tensed.

"Oh my," She moans as she gives me her juices once again.

I removed my shaft and stood up. I help her remove the wedding dress and put it in the couch.

I walk back and pull her to the corner of the bed. I stand there as I make my way again inside.

I lean forward again to suck her boobies. I will miss sucking her boobs given that she has pinkish tits and firm and big mound.

She's pushing my head more as I suck her tits hard.

She let out a loud moan again. "Fuck this!"

"Yeah, fuck you!" I replied as I pump her harder.

"Want to taste my cum?" I ask her.

She smirks and pull me down so I could lay back on bed. She kneel down from me and continue sucking my dick. Her mouth moves up and down, together her two hands.

I put my hands below my head just to watch her giving me a blowjob and handjob.

"Wild lil sister." She smirks while sucking me.

I now feel a pressure inside me. "I'm cumming."

She moves her hand up and down faster still sucking me. "Oh, fuck..." I uttered as I release my cum inside her mouth.

She put her tongue out for me to see that she swallowed my cum.

I pull her up so she could lay beside me. I gave her a forehead kiss.

"How's my wedding gift?" I tease her.

"It's hard, veiny, gooey. I love it." She smiles.

We stood up and went to the bathroom to clean ourselves. Of course, we continue fucking there.

I push her on the wall.

I praise our stamina for fucking this long. Her hands on the wall, I'm on her back and thrusting my dick again inside of her while the water is dripping on our body.

"How about this three rounds as a gift?" I said.

"The best gift I ever received brother." She said breathlessly.

She gave me her final juice and I gave her my final cum after.

I stayed for a while in her room after our rough sex in the bathroom. I help her fix her things.

We just finished the champagne in the balcony. And remembering our first nights together as we come to end it tonight.

"This our last night together, lil sis." I say.

She nods. "I was happy spending those nights with you, big bro."


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