My wife works abroad. I can't help fight this lust but to fuck other woman. But someone saw me in a motel. I need to keep her silent.

- Rod

- Leslie

- fiction

It's a normal weekend for everyone. But as for me, I asked my 16-yr-old daughter to invite her friends to sleep over at our house. 'Coz I need to meet one of her friends to make her silent.

Leslie saw me in a motel with someone. As of now, she hasn't say anything to my daughter.

But I need to prevent this before it gets worst. So I welcome them now to my house, Leslie and Mette, my daughter's friends.

My eyes meet Leslie's eyes. And she cannot look straight at me. She's uncomfortable seeing me.

"Go watch Netflix. I'll just prepare our dinner." I say.

As I prepare in the kitchen, Leslie enters and asks for a water. I get the pitcher in the fridge and fill her glass. She's about to leave when I hold her wrist. That's when the time my daughter comes in too.

"Hey, dad. We need chips." She gets in the drawer.

I release her hand.

As soon as we finish the dinner, the girls decided to stay at my daughter's room.

"Les, can you help my dad first? Mette and I will prepare my room." My daughter said.

"Sure." Leslie replied.

I smile. I can corner her now. Leslie helps me bring the dishes to the kitchen.

As I get a solo time with her, I push her on the wall.

"I know you saw me." I ask immediately.

She just looks at me. "Did you tell anything to my daughter?"

She grins. "Why? Are you afraid if she might know that her father fucks other woman? While her mom works abroad."

"Are you blackmailing me?" I ask.

She wraps her arms around my neck. "Aren't you gonna ask what I did in the motel when we bumped into each other?"

I actually bit wondering what she's doing there too.

She continues. "I work as an escort service, daddy." And she kisses me.

I stay still. I'm still absorbing what she said. I feel her hands roam around my body as she continue to kiss me. And I hold her face and reciprocate her kiss. Our tongues play each other.

She pushes me a bit. "I thought you invited me here because you want to taste me, daddy."

"Of course..." I say.

She plays with my beard. "I need to go upstairs now. They're waiting for me." She touches my bulge before leaving me in the kitchen.

And she's in my head as I watch series in the living room. I'm hearing them upstair. "I need to fuck her." I say to myself.

I bring them juice and more snacks upstairs. I waited for more hours. When I feel that they are all sleeping I sneak in their room. Leslie sleeps in the bedside.

She's wearing cami and shorts. My hand explores her body. I touch every part of her body as I stick out my cock.

I play the head of my cock around her lips while my hand gets in her shorts and start to massage her pussy.

She moans and open her eyes. She smiles when she sees me. She tries to check her friends before grabbing my cock and start to suck me.

My finger starts to enter her pussy.

My other hand is caressing her boob. I never thought I could do this inside my house and my daughter a few feet away from us.

She lifts her butt as I remove her shorts. "I'm gonna eat you." I whisper. She just nods.

I go down her and start to eat her pussy, a pinkish one.

She spreads her legs wide so I could her eat properly. I suck her clit while fingering her. I see her holding her moan but I will not stop.

My other hand reach her tit and I'm pinching them alternately. She reaches my hair and pulls it.

"Aaahhh..." She moans and squirts her cum.

I went on top of her and kiss her. "I put sleeping pills on their glass earlier." I said.

She smiles. We continue to kiss. She wraps her arms and legs around me as I carry her outside the room. I bring her in the couch downstairs.

"Let me fuck you here." I say.

"Sure, daddy."

I like the way she calls me daddy.

We're naked. I push her in the couch while I'm still standing in front of her. She spreads her legs up high and I hold it both as I lower myself to her and my cock go inside her pussy.

"Fuck this pussy." I say as I fuck her hard.

She smiles.

I put both her legs on my shoulder so I can caress her boobs. I continue to fuck her hard.

"Go daddy. Fuck your little girl hard." She's making me crazy. I never did this to my wife and other girls.

"Come on, daddy!" I can go wild to this girl.

I push my cock deeper her cunt.

She's moaning loudly now as if her 2 friends upstairs can't hear her. I pull her up again like I'm carrying her. Both legs are on my arms and she's holding my shoulders tightly.

I'm fucking her in the air. And I'm sucking her boobs alternately.

"I'm cumming." She says.

"Just cum, baby." And she did. Her body shakes.

I sit on the couch now while she sits on my cock. I continue to fuck her while we share our kisses to each other.

"You're an escort service, right baby?" I say in the middle of our kisses.

She nods. "So I can cum inside you?"

"I want all you cum inside me, daddy." She says.

I carry her again and put her on the floor. So I could have a good fuck as I shoot all my cum insider her.

"Yeah..." I'm moaning as I cum. I lay beside her as I finish cumming in her.

"You enjoy me daddy?" She's seducing me.

"I think I like you now, baby Les." She lays her head on my chest. Plays the hair on my nipple.

Her hand goes down my cock again and start to caress it. "You can fuck your baby girl always, daddy Rod."

I'm hard again. "You're mine only, okay?"

"I'm only yours, daddy Rod."

She rises up and put her legs in between me. She position my cock again in her pussy.

"We're not yet done, daddy." She lowers her pussy and my cock gets inside it again.

She's the one moving up and down while I watch her beauty. I still see my cum comes out her pussy.

She's breathless. So I help her. I pull her into me and hug her. As I lift her butt and start to fuck her faster again.

As I fuck her hard, her tongue lick my nipple. She's making all my hair in my chest wet by her saliva. She even licks my armpits. I should keep this girl.

She will satisfy my lust. I will make her my temporary wife.

You can hear my balls slapping her. And you will feel the viscosity of our sweat and juices.

We change position. We're doing doggy. She already cum twice. I'm about to explode again.

But this time I remove my cock.

I flip her so her back on the floor again. And put my cock inside her mouth. I fuck her mouth as I shoot all my cum again. And she swallows all of my cum.

And yes, we're not done yet. I carry her again in the bathroom. We shower together. And of course, I fuck her again.

We ended up having a relationship. I actually pay her every time I fuck since she's escort service before. She uses her money for her school. So I could be the only one to fuck her.

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