It's not always the husbands who cheat, sometimes the wives too.

- Gino

- Claude

- Fiction

I'm 21 and I rented a room that's near my workplace. Only the landlady and her 5 year-old son who live there since her husband works abroad. For the mother and child have someone to be with them, they decided to rented out their guest room.

And here's where it started it all.

One morning, after my jog, I saw my landlady trying to put out the defective bulb at the living room.

"Claude, lemme do that." I assisted her to step out the chair.

"Thank you, Gino." I step up the chair. As I removed the bulb, I handed it to her and she gave me the new one.

I tiptoed so I could reach the receptacle. She holds both my legs to get my balance. As I'm putting the bulb, her one hand move to my crotch. She squeeze it. I glance at her, and yes, her hand and eyes are on my crotch.

After I put the bulb on, I step out of the chair.

She's blushing. I'm gonna tease her more.

"Do you need me to do something more?" I grin.

"N-no. That's it. Thanks, Gino." She handed me her towel. "You're sweaty."

I get it and wipe my body. I'm shirtless by the way. I'm still looking at her. And she's watching me.

I flick the waistband of my underwear. I'm grinning.

She's lost. "Oh, I need to go." She left me alone in the living room.

That night, I woke up for I need to pee. As I went back, her room is slightly open and the light is on. So I peek.

There she is, naked and masturbating.

I enter her room slowly. She's not noticing me because her eyes are close. I immediately put my hand to her wet pussy.

She's surprised. I put my hand to her mouth.

"Ssshhh..." I say.

"Gino, this is wrong." She's trying to stop me.

I insert my middle finger and she moans.

"This is right, Claude." I say as my thumb plays her clit.

She grips me tight. My other hand caress her left boob. And I kiss her. My tongue is looking for her tongue.

I insert my forefinger too. I'm fingering her fast. She's trying to moan but she didn't want to wake her boy.

I feel her body tensed. She's cumming. I finger her faster. My other hand pinch her clit. That's when she moans louder. I feel her cum in my finger. So I lick my fingers.

I look at her and grin. "You enjoy it?"

"Fuck. You're just like my son." I hate it when she calls me son.

I lick her boobs up to her mouth. "I'm not your son. I just finger you. I can even fuck you. Or make you bore my child."

She shakes her head. "Get out of my room."

"You know what, if you want to get fucked. I'm in my room." And I left her.

The next day. She's in the kitchen.

Her son is watching in the sala. She's wearing a duster dress.

I grab her from behind. She's trying to fight me but my finger is already in her pussy.

She's holding her moan. I whisper. "I know you want this just like when you touch my dick before."

I continue to finger her.

Her hand touches my dick and starts to massage it. It grows. Good thing I wear boxer shorts so she can start masturbating me.

My other hand caress her boobs again and I'm licking her neck. "I want to fuck you." I say.

"No. But I can suck you." She removes my hands from her.

She kneels and starts to suck me. I'm fucking her mouth. I want her to suck my whole dick. I want my dick to touch her throat.

"Mom?" We're startled.

She's about to stand-up but I'm pushing her down. I'm still fucking her mouth.

"She just went upstairs to get something." I say.

The kid just nods and focuses back to TV. After minutes, I cum in her mouth. She runs to the sink and spit my cum.

And I sat beside the kid but still looking to Claude. She's massaging her jaw.

She's avoiding me the whole day. I respect that. But I'm seducing her.

I walk in the house in shirtless. Doing my workouts in the house. I know she's going to beg me to fuck her.

And in the middle of the night, I woke up because I feel that there's a mouth sucking my cock. I knew it. Claude is sucking me in my room.

"Yes, Gino, fuck me." She begs.

I pull her and lay her on my bed. Without a word, I remove all our clothes. I eat her pussy. I finger her pussy. I play her tits and clit. And she's moaning loud.

She cums so fast. I drink all her juices.

"Fuck me now, please." She begs.

I position myself. I spread her legs.

"Say it one more time, Claude." I tease her.

"Fuck me, Gino!" She shouted.

And that's it. I fuck her so hard. I feel her nails on my arms. I don't know if she's hurt or she enjoys the moment. But I'm enjoying watching her.

It's my dream to fuck an MILF. And it came true.

She just keeps on moaning. We already shift positions. I'm lying on bed and she's on top of me. I'm sucking her boobs.

She has a big areola so I keep on biting it.

"Aren't you gonna cum yet?" She asks.

"Not yet, Claude. I still want to fuck you more." I continue fucking her.

I carry her this time. She's quite heavy but I want to fuck her in the air. Both her legs are on my arms and her arms are wrapped around my neck.

"Fuck Gino. My husband never fucks me this way." I grin. I like her compliments. So I fuck her hard.

I'm feeling my cum now.

I throw her again on the bed. And put my dick out her pussy and shoot the cum on her belly. We're both panting.

She's about to sit but I push her again on the bed. I insert my dick again in her.

"Gino..." She's stopping me.

"Ssshhh..." I just kiss her and fuck her hard again.

This time we're doing doggy style. I grip her waist tightly. I even slap her butt. She's moaning very hard. I like how she moans. It makes me more horny.

I see our reflections on the window. It's as if I'm her husband. We're making love in the middle of the night.

She cums.

After how many minutes, I cum too. I shoot it on the bed sheet.

We both lay on my bed. Her head is on my arms and she's hugging me. We're still naked.

"You're fucking good at bed." She says.

I kiss her on forehead. "Because you're fucking good at bed too, Claude."

She smiles.

We sleep together. I woke up alone. I went straight to the kitchen. She's there preparing the breakfast with her son.

Good thing that her son is busy playing. I hug her from behind and kiss her neck. She turns around to face me. She glances at her son before she kisses me back.

I lift the hem of her dress, she's not wearing undies. That makes me hard so I insert my cock right away. I'm fucking her behind her son literally. She's biting her lips so she won't moan.

"Let's continue this in the bathroom." She whispers.

So I fuck her in the bathroom.

We live like a couple. We fuck at night. She even sleeps with me.

|To be continued|

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