My boyfriend has this good look, hot body and big dick. But his way more than he has.

- Amanda

- Daddy Eugene

- fiction

My boyfriend and I had a fight last night. On the next day, I drove to their home to surprise and to make up with him. I even bought his favorite chicken wings on the way there.

As I reached their house, it seems locked. So I texted him, "Where are you?"

He replied, "With mom."

When he says his with mom, it means they are in an outreach program since his mom works in a Social Welfare and often do this once a month. So he's gonna be there over the weekend.

I just replied, "Enjoy."

As I about to leave, I notice that there's a light from the living room.

He's lying to me. I came out of the car and went to the door. I twist the door knob slowly and it's not locked. Every move is in silent so to check if he's cheating.

I move slowly to the living room. The TV is open. It's light the one that reflects outside from the window.

I'm shocked. It's a porn that's playing on TV. And there is a guy on a couch naked and masturbating.

"Gosh!" I exclaimed.

The guy immediately gets the pillow to cover his cock.

"A-amanda?" He's shocked too.

I slowly open my eyes. "U-uncle Eugene."

He's my boyfriend's dad.

I sat on the couch a bit far from him. "I'm sorry." I said. "I'm not supposed to go inside."

"No, no. I'm the one to say sorry." He's still naked and his dick hides in pillow. The porn's still playing. He's ashamed. "I can not turn it off. The remote is bit far. And I'm naked."

"You have to continue dad." I said. He's confused. "You need to release it 'coz it hurts."

He slowly nods. I sat beside him now. I slowly massaging his thigh. "We do it, your son. And he says if he didn't release it, it causes pain."

I'm about to touch his cock when he holds it.

"Amanda." He's serious. "I can do it alone. Masturbating will suffice."

I grin. My other hand removes the pillow. He sighs.

"Wow." I said upon seeing his cock. "You are bigger than your son."

One thing I like about his dad, even he's 45, he manage to maintain his good body.

By the way, I'm 16.

I'm holding his cock now and stroking it up and down. "God, Amanda." His reaction.

I kneel down now and started to eat his dick. His son is 6 inch while him is 7 inch and so damn thick. His hair is everywhere.

"You need to stop. They might arrive." I grin.

"They will be back tomorrow. I know, dad." I continue stroking and eating him.

"Why you watch porn and masturbate when you have a wife?" I ask.

He just watches me and the audio from porn adds up. He holds my hair now cause it slips though my face while I blow job him.

I smile.

"I'm horny at all times baby." He calls me baby.

He gets me on the floor and makes me stand on the couch. I'm wearing a skirt and a thong. His face is on my pussy.

"Hold the hem of your skirt." He commands so I did. He torns my thong and eats me.

He's a fucking eater.

He eats me while his hand plays my clit and the other fingers me. He's doing it all at once. And I need to hold his shoulder tightly because my knees wobble.

I see our reflection in the mirror. Him sitting on the couch while me standing on it and my pussy is on his face.

"Fuck you!" I scream. He's the best.

He lays me down now on the couch. He still continues to eat me since I'm not cumming yet. He removes my shirt now so he could play my boobs.

I now feel my body tensed. I'm cumming. "Fuck!" I scream 'coz he bites my clitoris while fingers me.

"Sweet juices." He says.

He lifts me so I could sit on his lap. I kiss him. I like the sensation of his trimmed beard and mustache on my face.

"We are not faithful." I say.

"I'm not." He confessed. "I fuck new flesh once in a while. I'm just good at hiding it."

He stands now.

He carries me so my arms are around his neck. My legs are on his arms.

"Are you ready?" He asks and I nod.

He enters me right away. He's fucking me in the air. I keep on moaning because it hurts and fucking good.

"You're the first girl I fuck in my house aside from my wife."

He's fucking me so fast. And I'm moaning so loud.

"Sorry, I'm so loud." I'm out of breath.

"That makes me want to fuck you more." So he did.

The porn stops now. But we are still not in the climax.

"I like you better now than your son." I kiss him.

"I love my wife." He says.

"I know." I respect his wife too but..., "Just fuck me always."

He just smiles and stops. "You're not cumming yet." I said.

"Yeah." He removes his cock and put me down again on the couch.

"I just need a condom." He says.

I pull him to me. "No, don't. I need your flesh dick."

"You're wild, baby." He kisses me and carries me again.

This time we are in the kitchen. I'm lying on the corner of the table and he stands there fucking me while my legs are on his shoulders.

He plays my clit and nipple again. I cum, this is my third time while he's not yet.

I observe his body. He has abs, good biceps and triceps, and even has a V line. He's Thor.

"You're in love with me now?" He kissed my leg.

I nod and smile. He lifts me again and put me on the floor to kneel.

"Suck me." So I did.

I feel his dick grows more. He's cumming.

"Swallow my cum." He moans and I feel his hot cums in my mouth and swallow them.

I open my mouth to show him I swallow him. "Good girl."

He carries me again and brings me to their bathroom. He gives me a spare of tootbrush.

"Brush and follow me here in the shower." He says.

Water is pouring in me while he eats me again. I cum for the 4th time. He stands and turns me around facing the wall.

"I'm gonna fill you with my cum." He whispers to my ear.

He fucks me again. He turns the shower off so he could hear me moan again. He plays my clit everytime.

His other hand wraps around me 'coz my legs are gonna give up. He bites my shoulder that makes me moan loudly.

He stops. We're both panting.

He turns me again to face me. He kisses me torridly. He searches my tongue and plays it.

"You're the only one I fuck this way." He says.

"Fuck me the way you want, daddy." So he did.

He push me on the wall, lifts my leg and fuck me hard while kissing me and his other hand plays my boob. Every piece of him is busy in me.

We change position. He's on my behind, fucking me, while my hands are on the floor.

He grips my waist so tight. "I'm cumming, baby."

"Impregnate me, daddy." I command.

He moans loudly, fucks me faster and shoot his cum inside me.

He lifts me again. We hug each other and he turns the shower on.

"You're not safe, are you?" He asks.

"I'm not." I reply.

We clean each other then went out to the living room. We're still both naked. I pick up my clothes.

He gets my thong. "I torn your thong, baby. I'm sorry."

I'm on my clothes now without my thong. "You can keep that, daddy."

He smiles and went near me to kiss me again.

I push him on the couch and sit on his lap, my legs spread around him.

He massages my belly while I move my pussy on his cock. It grows again.

"Drink medicine for this okay? So it won't continue." He says and I nod.

He lifts me body again and shoot his dick in my pussy.

I move my skirt higher in my belly so he could fuck me. He fucks me slowly.

"I'll fuck you every now and then." He says. "So drink your pills so I could cum inside you."

I'm nodding while following the rhythm of his slow fuck.

I lift my shirt too so he could eat my boobs.

"Teach my son to fuck you like what I'm doing to you." He continues to say his rules. "Stay over here always and we wake up in middle of the night so as to fuck. It will be a quick fuck since they are here but during their outreach program, don't join them, join me here, baby."

So I usually stay over here and we escape in the middle of the night and fuck me in their basement. During the outreach program, we fuck wildly in their house.

We even book an hostel if we really miss each other. I still have relationship with his son and I'm still his mistress.

This continues even I married his son. To tell you a secret, I got pregnant not by my boyfriend but his dad. Daddy Eugene actually wanted to get me pregnant so there'll be a proof for our love.

We still fuck each other behind his wife and son which is my husband now.


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