Never would I have imagined that I will be fucked by a security guard. And it's true, they are good fuckers.

- Agatha

- Woden

- fiction

I usually jog early in the morning. After that, I buy groceries for my meal the whole day. Today, I bought much that I couldn't carry it.

I pass by the guard house of the condo.

"Good morning, Agatha." The guard greeted. Not in his uniform.

"Hi Woden!" I replied.

"Oh, you need help?" He noticed my dilemma.

"That's fine. You're on duty." I said.

"I'm off-duty now." He gets my groceries.

"Thank you, Woden." And we take the elevator. "Have you taken your breakfast?"

"Not yet. But I'll do when I come home." He replied.

"Oh please, join me in my breakfast. I'll cook." Then I saw her wedding ring. "Sorry, your family is waiting for you at home."

He smiled. "They're in the province. I leave alone for now."

"That's sad." The elevator stops on my floor.

He helps put my grocery in my kitchen.

He's about to leave when I said, "I insist, Woden. Just stay in my couch."

I prepared the breakfast. When I wash my hands, the faucet got broke and the water spills all over my body. I shouted. He came to the rescue and closed the tube underneath so the water will stop spilling.

We are both so wet. I automatically remove my sports bra, exposing my boobs. I reach for the towel and wipe myself.

He faces me after he fixed the faucet. He turn around when he saw me half naked.

I laugh. "Sorry, Woden." I turn him around again. He's avoiding to see my boobs.

"You've already seen boobs, Woden. I mean your wife's boobs." I wipe him.

"I-i can do it myself." He stutters.

"No, let me help you." I'm about to take off his shirt when he stops me.

"I-i'm fine."

"You're wet! I'll put it in a dryer." He just took off his shirt.

He has this dad-bod built, not a mascular one. They are still hot I can say.

"And your shorts?" I ask.

"Hmm...I only have brief underneath." He's shy.

"Your dick has a cover still. So I will not see that." I tease him.

He removes it. I put he's clothes in a dryer.

I went back to kitchen. Still wearing a cycling shorts and I put on a bra, him his underwear.

I give him a bathrobe. "Let's eat."

He eats in silent. So I do the talking. "Hope you are not bothered me wearing only this."

Okay, I'm getting horny...horny to a security guard.

"Much better than being naked." He answers.

I grin. "As if you don't wish to touch it a while ago."

He didn't respond. He just continues to eat.

"So, when do you usually visit your family?" I start again.

"I take a 2-week leave every December." He answers.

I grin again.

"You're not seeing your wife for a year. How's your sex life?"

He looks at me. "I just watch porn and do hand job."

I just nod. We chit-chat for 30 mins. more. I check his clothes and it's not yet dry. He yawns.

"You want to take a nap first?" I offer my room but he declines.

I hold his hand and pull him to my room. "You need a good sleep after your night duty. Take a sleep."

"But.." I push him in my bed. And I join him.

"You don't have work?" He asks.

"I'll take a leave." I answered.

He lays down. And I spread his arm and make it my pillow.

"Is it okay for us to sleep like this? I'm used to do this with my boyfriend." My face is near to his face.

"Yeah, I saw him leave early. Won't he get mad if he knew this?" He's being serious again.

"Who will tell? Besides he'll be gone for a week." Then I remove my bra.

"What are you doing?" He's shocked.

"I can't sleep with a bra." I then wrap my arm around him.

He's tense. "Can I remove my bathrobe?"

I smiled. "Of course!" I help him remove it.

He's on his underwear only. And I touch the bulge. He holds my hand and put it on his chest.

"Why?" I grin.

"You're like my younger sister to me. So stop." He commands.

"I'm 26. How old are you, Woden?" I ask.

"I'm 38 and married. So stop." He's in it again.

"Married man fucks bitches like me." I touch his dick again.

He stares at me. So I move his hand to my boobs.

I feel his dick grows. I move my face closer to him. Before I hate mustache, I think I'm gonna love it now. So I kiss him.

It's only his cock who's responding to me. "I'll suck you."

I go down and remove his brief. Gosh! It's a 7-inch dick. I didn't waste time and suck it.

He has a smooth skin dick. His hair is trimmed. His ball is quite big. His veins is thick that my mouth feels it.

I want to deep throat his dick. But's it's too long for my small mouth.

He's just watching me. He holds my head and push it. I feel his dick in my throat.

He fucks my mouth. I'm having a hard time breathing. So he stops.

He carries me so I'm lying on his top. He massages my throat. "Does it hurt?"

I nod. He then kissed me. It's so passionate. His tongue plays my tongue.

"I'm sorry. It's my dream to be deep throated." He says.

I smiled. "I hope I made you happy."

He smiles. "More than my wife. I'll be gentle now."

My heart flutters. "Be wild to me."

He grins. So he flips me on my back. "I'm gonna eat you."

He did. He's starving that he eats me so wildly. His mustache has added to the sensation.

So I keep moaning. He fingers me, he eats me, he plays my clitoris and nipple all at once.

And I came. He sips all my juices. He lays on my top and hug me. His mustache is wet. So I kiss him. We kiss again.

"I like your pussy." He says.

"More than your wife?" I tease him.

He smiles. "It's my dream pussy. Pinkish, soft and clean. I just thought I could only see this on pornhub."

"You can fuck it now." I command.

He flips me again. He's on my behind.

"Is it okay to fuck you without condom?" He asks.

I nod.

"Are you safe?" He asks.

I shake my head. "You can cum outside." And I feel his dick enters me.

"Does it hurt?" He asks.

"Continue." I say but it hurts.

He fucks me. Very hard. He pulls my hair from behind. I hear his balls slap my skin to his. His other hand plays my nipple.

"Let's change position."

His taking over our sex. I'm following him. My back is on the wall now, my legs on his arms, and he fucks me while kissing me.

It's so wild. We change position again. I'm lying on bed again and his on top. We've been fucking for about 20 mins but still he's not cumming.

I already came thrice. Now, I feel his dick grows more.

"I'm cumming." He mouthed.

Before he can remove his dick, I wrap my legs around him tightly.

"Shit! What are you doing?" He's trying pull his dick but he already shot his cum inside me. So he continues.

He stops. I feel his hot cum inside me. He's not pulling his dick yet. He just shakes his head. "Why you did that?"

"I want your cum." I'm massaging his arm.

He pulls his dick and some of his semen spill on my butt.

He lays beside me. "I need to sleep now." He cuddles me.

He woke up after 4 hrs. He wears his underwear and check my pussy. He gets a wet tissue.

"There're dry cums." He wipes my pussy. "It's swollen. It hurts?"

I smile. "It hurts for good." He's gentleman.

"Your boyfriend cum inside you, too?" He's worried for cumming inside me.

I sat and kiss him. "He uses condom. Don't worry, I have a medicine for this. So you can still fuck me."

He kissed me. "You want this again?" I nod. "Can you take pills? So we're safe if I cum inside you again."

"I will do that." I play his dick again.

We fuck again.

I broke up with my boyfriend eventually. Woden is secrelty living in my condo. The management might fire him if they'll know since he works for the condo.

After 2 years, his wife got to know this. Woden broke up with me and divorced his wife.

I came to his place after 3 months.

"I'm pregnant." I say

He kisses me. "I know." I cried.

"Come back to me." I plead.

"Let's get married." He says.

We continue supporting his kids while building our family now.

|The end|

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